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To post questions, help other DIYers and reduce advertising (like the one on your left), join our DIY community. Then from the top corners, Measure out from the corner both up and down equidistant, frame in a 2x4 cut on 45 degree angles and install against the interior of the side jam and the top of the opening.
Clean water is actually a pretty poor conductor of electricity, not that it's a good idea to mix water and electricity. You should protect the generator not so much as to protect the outlets, it's more to protect the generator itself. I don't want to build a shed or other shelter for it because I have no room in my driveway.
Also I wanted to double check that it will be okay to just cover the top of the generator only. If you are just dragging the gen out in the rain a piece of plywood and sawhorses would be fine.
If you cut a sheet of plywood in half and install a pair of folding table legs it would take no space at all. Does anybody know if the rain is coming sideways will that affect the generator since all sides are open.
Extend the cover far enough to the sides or ends of the generator so that the driving rain will not hit the machine. Here?s my generator shelter, made in part from wood (including pressure-treated 6 by 6 beams) that were washed into my field during Hurricane Irene. Other options are to put a stone base on the ground to allow better drainage or run some drainage pipe undergoround to divert any water away from the shed. Couple of reaons why I did not want a concrete pad is that it would require a permit and considered a permanent structure and in fact would b (also would be taxed). The company that installed the bldg said If I pour concrete before it should be 1foot smaller than bldg to prevent water standing or coming in under metal channel.

I know it would not be good to have the earth in direct contact with the treated wood so I was going to build a stone wall in front of the wood to buffer the earth from the wood and allow airflow to continue. I may still consider using a layer of 2x12x12 pavers with a layer of 6x8x16 blocks (lalaid on the 8" side), with Loctite PL Landscape Adhesive to stick them all together.
Well, I searched the internet extensively and by far the most common way to do this is with some sort of pressure treated lumber - 4x4, 4x6, 6x6 or bigger. If you are trying to post, the administrator may have disabled your account, or it may be awaiting activation.
If you are using a power miter saw it's not a problem just measure to the outside edge of each piece of wood. The only issue is I only have the bay door and it's a swing door, so full open or full closed and it faces north. I have ran the generator in the rain once before but I payed a nice price for my genny so I want it to last.
I am just double checking because if the rain is being blown sideways by the wind alot of water can hit the generator.
I want the opportunity to possibly relocate it or remove it completely if the occasion should arise. The construction was with a permit and has mobile home anchors and extra bracing.Also sits on concrete blocks. Are you trying to edit someone else's post, access administrative features or some other privileged system? If you are using a hand held circular saw use a tri-square to draw the 45 then line up up your saw blade to the line and clamp a piece of wood so that the shoe of the saw stays at the correct distance you are using this piece of wood as a fence. From what I understand the reason is so electrocution does not occur if water gets into any of the outlets. I think my best bet is to have my two sawhorses and a piece of wood to go over top of the generator.

I then ran a tarp from hooks on the supports of the shed roof to some poles that I rigged lke spinnaker poles on a sailboat. I want to put a pressure treated floor and am considering digging up front half and moving dirt to rear to get some leveling. Also when I decided to rebuilt the new shed I had the oppoprtunity to redesign the shape and was not locked into an existing pad shape or location. I did not want to build a shed because of price and I am afraid that my engine gets to hot and the wood shed will catch on fire. That way I can move them easily out of the garage when using the generator and back in the garage when it is not in use.
The first unit lasted 20 years + and the only reason I replaced it was because the siding was deteriorating and not worth repair vs rebuilding.
It is certified for 120 knot wind and 35 lb sq ft snow load, I was planning pressure treated 4 X 4s on 4" concrete blocks. I was wondering since I use the 30 amp 240 volt outlet can't I put a weatherproof cover on the outlet on the generator and this will solve my electrocution issue? My question is what clearance should I have for the sides and top so my wood sawhorses and wood sheet will not catch on fire?
If your opening isn't perfectly square then you would have to compensate and not make perfectly 45's.

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