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Drawn entirely in 3D, chair & upholstery frames are then easily translated into working, sub assembly and piece part drawings.
All you need to do here is draw in the detailing on the sides of the couch, and then draw in the detailing to the cushions. To fill in the gaps, just draw the sides, and front part of the couch until it is all complete. Here you will start drawing out the cushions and as you can see since there is only two cushions that means this is only a two seater or a love seat.
Now that you are done, you can erase any guidelines you drew in step one to clean up the drawing.

Full size sections are prepared where necessary, compound angles are easily calculated for jig making fittings are drawn true to scale. Where the piece is to house any equipment or to incorporate fittings, these are drawn accurately and where necessary to allow for ventilation.
For instance, I already have a couch, but I drew another sofa anyway just because it is more updated, and easier to follow. I think it's important teaching yourself "how to draw furniture" because you can draw room scenes a whole lot easier if you know how to make things that can fill a room.
If you want to draw a bathroom than it's a good idea that you know how to make a toilet, bathtub, sink, and even a shower.

Anyways the piece of furniture that you will draw is a sofa, and the best part is, you can color it, decorate it, and even draw three cushions instead of two if you want. All I can do now is let you get busy with this tutorial on how to draw furniture in the form of a couch.

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