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After research on outdoor buildings we decided to buy the one from Costco and build it our self as a family project. I wanted to show everyone what we did and pictures in case it will help you tackle building it on your own.
Very important ~ measure corner to corner to make sure it is square before you attach to your 4 x 4 runners!

Once we dug the footings and put the rock in, which we bought at Home Depot in bags, then we added blocks and had to go around to all of the corners and center to adjust as we went to get it all level. All of the Milwaukee power tools that I bought for my Hubby for Christmas came in handy for this project.
Due to our Tennessee weather we had to wait until January to finish the building in between rain, snow, ice, winds and bitter cold!
Once we got the roof decking on we worked on the loft in the inside back and collar ties (we added extra collar ties).
I went around and caulked the whole entire building to seal up the cracks so the building looks like it has measles…ha! This is while the roofer was here putting on the GAF Lifetime Timberline Dimensional Shingles.

We went with the GAF Lifetime Timberline Dimensional Shingles & ridge vent to match our house. If we added up all the time we spent on this project it would have probably added up to 2-3 days of work with 3 of us building it, including the roofer taking 1 full day! Its a nice building already but we did a few upgrades as my Hubby wanted to make it even better! Note: We didn’t use the press board floor that came with it, along with other upgrades!

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