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Yesterday was a long haul day from Louisiana to Nashville, Tennessee, giving me plenty of time to test out the Sherpak Go 15 Roof Bag on my Mini Cooper. After I wrote that post, I decided I really needed to get extra straps for it to make sure it stayed in place, so there was a record speed fast stop at Target to get ratchet straps. Then I had to stop to unload the bag, reposition how I had it tethered, because it was sliding back on the car.
Then there was the moment when one of the straps across the top (in addition to my ratchet straps) opened up while driving on the interstate, beating the straps on my windows for a mile or so as I pulled over to fix it.
One other thing I learned last year that if I need to drive long stretches, the best way to do it is eating sunflower seeds and listening to an audio book. A photographer of over 30 years, Christine launched her professional wedding & boudoir photography business in 2007. Or just a single cabinet for one side of the sink and a piece of art above a towel rack (or other wall-mounted accessory) on the other side to create a feeling of balance.
When you’re taking a road trip in a small car, adding extra storage can be so important!

When I’m the passenger, I can go 4-6 hours without a stop, even longer if I have to do it.
As I mentioned yesterday, I had purchased a Sherpak Go 15 Cartop Storage bag (aka a roof bag) to go on the top of my Mini Cooper. Once I repositioned it, the noise was unbearable as I started driving, so another stop to position it a third way. I managed to listen to the entire Audible version of How to Flirt with a Naked Werewolf between Houston & Nashville. Then we are off to Charlotte, North Carolina on Saturday – with our roof top cargo bag fully loaded up!
We had a big plastic thing that looked like a small canoe, but this bag seems better (and more collapsible for storage when not in use).
In 2015, she made the choice to return to her tech roots, coaching other entrepreneurs on how to run their business online with ease.
Shopping for bathroom furniture without a bathroom designer or contractor (who can go directly to a wholesaler) can be tough, though.

As we renovate our bathroom, I find myself gravitating toward pedestal or console sinks, but I am not ready to give up all the wonderful storage space our current 1980s double vanity provides.
Except I didn’t have a bag far enough in the front of it, so it kept blowing up in the wind. Because our master bath also happens to be the main guest bathroom, we need a place to hide away our family's medicines and toiletries.
I have been scouring the internet for tall storage cabinets that have a little footprint but provide a lot of cabinet and storage space.
To limit visual clutter and mess, I prefer shelving with cabinet doors that close to open shelves. At least we had somewhere to put her bag so that she didn’t have to roll it alongside the car down the interstate!

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