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Rooftop gardens have been popular for a long time in Europe, and in recent years they’re also popping up in the U.S. The Extra Space Storage facility at 8301 River Road in North Bergen, New Jersey contains a rooftop garden featuring several shrubs, grasses and some flowering plants.
While the North Bergen storage facility escaped damage from Superstorm Sandy, the rooftop garden didn’t fare as well.

Think about this: The EPA says that on hot days, the surface of a green roof can be cooler than the air temperature, but the surface of a conventional roof is up to 90° F warmer! In addition to the beauty provided by green spaces, the rooftops also offer other advantages.
So, rooftop gardens are not only aesthetically appealing, they also make sense from an environmental standpoint.

Rooftop gardens can be created using containers, or planted directly on the roof using a waterproof membrane, insulation and a root barrier.

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