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I grew up in a city (Corning) full of factories, and I know too much about New York State's rich industrial history to be happy about the steady decline we've seen here over the course of my life. Stickley has a distinguished history, tracing its roots back to the family companies that put Arts & Crafts furniture on the map, as well as purveying ideas that had a major impact on architecture, textiles, and all kinds of fields. After visiting the small shop where they create samples and custom furniture, we stepped out into the lumber storage area, which is vast. Next we saw the amazingly automated process Stickley uses to cut complex patterns and joinery into wood. Stickley has a small upholstery shop in the factory (which we didn't see) as well as a larger upholstery factory (and I think a leather factory) in North Carolina.
It's clear that the Audi family (who now own and run Stickley) intend to keep this going for a long long time, and in upstate New York at that. If you'd like to take a factory tour, they start at 10:00am on Tuesdays at their factory at 1 Stickley Drive in Manlius.
If you'd like to see more pictures, I've posted a gallery, or you can visit Stickley's own factory tour site.

A rare look: Join us on our tour of a cutting-edge video-card production line in Dongguan, China. On a Tuesday morning in June 2011, a small troupe of Western tech journalists—groggy from a week of chasing hot new technology around steamy Taipei, Taiwan, at the massive Computex 2011 trade show—awoke in a hotel in Dongguan, China. The day that we visited the Dongguan facility, we were given access to several of the SMT manufacturing, manual-assembly, and quality-assurance lines. I went to college with one of the Audi's children and I've had the chance to meet the Audi's and they are a class act family.
Claiming to be among the top five contract manufacturers of PC boards, the company has done or still does contract work for the likes of AMD, Sapphire, Dell, and many others. SMT stands for “surface mount technology,” the term used to describe part of the manufacturing process used for circuit boards of various types, such as motherboards and video cards. If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly.
PC Partner is also the mother company of Zotac, its house brand of motherboards, video cards, and mini-PCs that it began manufacturing as a hedge against the vagaries of the contract-manufacturing business.

Whether you’re making a motherboard, a graphics card, or another kind of PC expansion board, many of the basic SMT manufacturing processes remain the same, as we learned when we also took a tour of Gigabyte’s manufacturing facility at Nan-Ping, Taiwan, during Computex 2011. Zotac has grown steadily since its inception in 2007, with especial success in Europe and the Middle East.
It’s now an international brand; the company proper is based in Hong Kong, with part of its manufacturing happening in PC Partner's plant in Dongguan. Zotac specializes mainly in compact, feature-dense Mini-ITX motherboards for home-theater-PC (HTPC) and similar uses, as well as the ZBox, a series of fully configured and bare-bones mini-PCs for HTPC environments, built around low-power chips such as the Intel Atom and AMD Fusion E Series.

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