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While the custom metal buildings available from Heritage can be used for a variety of agricultural purposes, one of the most common is farm storage buildings.
Supplies Storage – Based on your storage requirements, metal farm storage buildings can be customized to provide the space needed to store the supplies that keep your farm running.
Animal Storage – Whether the cows on your dairy farm need a place to call home or you’re looking into constructing metal horse barns, the farm storage buildings available from Heritage offer a cost-efficient, durable alternative to traditional barns.
Equipment Storage – While different farms use varying sizes of equipment, chances are every farm has at least some piece of large machinery. Call us today to speak with a Heritage representative, or fill out our Standard Building Quote Request Form or the contact form to the right, and we’ll get back to you right away. Farm Equipment StorageOur farm storage buildings are made with the highest quality materials and are fully customizable to fit your needs.
A Longlife Farm Storage Building provides maximum storage space at the most economical price and are ideal protection for crops, livestock and other agricultural supplies. The high profile Q-line quonset hut buildings are ideal Farm Storage Buildings for either square or round hay bales. The Galvalume steel comes with a 35 year warranty and will provide you with years of maintenance free use without repair expenses and down time.
Since every model can be designed to be erected without ends, they offer tremendous savings and advantages for certain agriculture applications. The benefits of Longlife’s heavy duty design allow their Farm Storage Buildings to be permanently erected without any visible ends are ideal for round bale hay storage applications.
Since there are no beams, posts, or pole barn like trusses in the building design, Longlife Farm Storage Buildings are ideal for crop storage. The Q-line is also very effective where preexisting concrete walls or silo bunkers are in place. Do you have a special agricultural application or a preexisting slab with nonstandard dimensions?

Those in the farming industry have long used steel farm storage buildings to help them maintain an efficient working environment. Whether it’s space for animal feed or a place for short or long-term crop storage, steel farm storage buildings offer farmers a low-cost, versatile means of storage. From tractors to combine harvesters, farmers need a place to store and maintain their equipment when it isn’t in use.
Since the heavy gauge and deep corrugated panels are engineered for strength, many models can be used with open ends for ventilation. Call Longlife now and see how our Farm Storage Buildings can satisfy your farming & agricultural needs and save you time and money! If you are operating on a tight budget and need to maximize the building size, your building can initially be erected with open ends, conserving your funds. The completely open ends allow for critical ventilation to prevent spontaneous methane fires from tightly stacked bales that may be a little green.
The large equipment can be pulled in the center area of the building and the work benches, tillers, discs and general storage can be put along the sides.
Wheat, corn, and other grains can be efficiently top loaded into the building through intermittent access vents. Providing that the concrete is structurally sound, the Q-line full arch model often has been installed on these walls as a roof system. Options such as steel barns and our Clear Span metal storage buildings give farmers the extra open space they need to effectively use and maneuver equipment within the structure itself. We provide the best solutions to keep your investments protected and safe from the elements. Our easy do-it-yourself kits and the quick-build plans make it simple to build a barn, equipment garage or farm storage shed without expensive contractors. Longlife’s buildings can also be designed for low cost potato, grain and corn storage with aeration and conveyor systems.

Factory prefabricated ends or customer supplied ends can then be installed at a later date when the funds become available. This application also allows easy access to the complete width of the building’s end in order to maximize the round bale stacking with three complete rows. This scenario saves money as you don’t have to setup an oversized building to accommodate just one piece of large equipment. This allows for uniform loading of the crops into the building; maximizing storage capacity.
This has been employed on many farms where abandoned poured concrete walls have been put back into use for crop and equipment storage.
Manufactured with only US Galvalume steel and heavy duty steel hardware, Longlife farm storage buildings are engineered to withstand extreme hurricane winds and heavy snow loads.
The open end design is also useful for pulling in equipment with extremely wide attachments or planters without time consuming adjustments or disconnections.
This also dramatically lowers the cost per square foot, giving you more building space for your money. Special aeration tubes can be laid in place on the floor to enhance air circulation and prevent mold. Our 100% clear span steel structures are ideal for any farm building use as there are no beams, posts or rafters to get in the way. If there is a lot of tall equipment that must be parked at the sidewalls, the S-line model can effectively meet this need. Many crop storage models allow for storage right up against the side walls without any expensive side cables, bracings, or reinforcements; this makes Longlife buildings one of the most economical crop storage systems available today.

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