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Philip Howard specializes in handmade heirloom quality fine woodworking in all styles.
Fundamental to building a career in furniture making, as a designer and as a maker, is the cabinet. Andy used bog oak to great effect in this small cabinet – the colours are captivating and deep. Ian Milnes has proven that dedication and hard work mixed with original thinking can lead to exemplary furniture making. Ian Milnes’ vanity unit features blue ribbon draw string draw handles, that contrast perfectly against the warm beautifully figured English Walnut carcass. A detail shot of the gorgeous figuring of this English Walnut – French Polished as taught on our 50 week intensive furniture making courses. Maria was here at Rowden for only six months – in that time she designed and built this small cabinet with a dovetailed piston fit drawer and mitred carcass.
Adam began his 50 week course with no knowledge of woodwork but has left us now as a competent new woodworker.

Kirby worked incredibly hard and with intense dedication, pushing herself to meet her own expectation of what she could achieve. Sandra took her time to develop her furniture making skills and it really shows in the final result. Ross Norgate’s Cabinet was made on commission for a private client to house a collection of pocket watches. Hone your skills at one of the largest and most comprehensive fine woodworking & instrument-making programs in the country! Specializing in original furniture designs, authentic marquetry artwork, traditional joinery, carving and unique woods. We combine the efficiency a modern shop full of tools and machinery with traditional hand work to build furniture pieces that will last for generations. His piece, a curvaceous hand shaped and impeccably detailed vanity unit, is made with English Walnut and sycamore detailing. Her visual design sense is clearly very strong – the use of shapes and balance creates a wonderful illusion.

Sam’s copy is a faithful replica in Rosewood veneer with thin boxwood lines inlaid to a Serpentine curved surface. This cabinet has such subtleties, tapered legs and a faltless finish, with impeccable choice of surface figuring. The legs are reminiscent of a ballet dancer doing pointe work, or of a lady wearing high heels. We use traditional, time-tested methods of construction and apply finishes that are both durable and beautiful.

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