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CDC Whistleblower Summaryblack baby boys may be at 340% greater risk for developing autism when receiving the MMR vaccine before age 3. We hear more and more stories regarding the lack of informed consent and the overreach of medicine into our children's schools and our own workplaces.
Have they provided the proper information for the students’ parents to make an informed decision? Is the school prepared to handle an adverse reaction situation if it were to occur at the school? Rebecca Carter is a wife, mom and vaccine rights advocate who despite forgoing the FluMist vaccine for her own children went out of her way to make certain that other parents had the information they need in order to provide true informed consent. Although, I think totally putting down on PA, Mrs Love and our administration for a financial gain?
If you do your research which is what it seems she knows how to do, she would know PA makes not one nickel off of this vaccination.
The original blog post has been edited to omit the comment regarding financial gain, our apologies for the misinformation. As a final step before posting your comment, enter the letters and numbers you see in the image below. If you see the list of ingredients common in vaccinations it should be clear to anyone that vaccinations are and remain toxic at least for an amateur like myself. Zam Zam water can, Allah willing neutralize many toxins at least in small concentations found in drinking water.

If you are not a Muslim ask advice from your creator or ask a knowledgeable Muslim how a proper Istikhara is done.
Every single book about vaccinations that is not written by Big Pharma is against vaccinations. One more Girl, A documentary about many girls losing their health or lives when taking Gardasil vaccinations.
Thank you for being a parent who cares enough to take action and make Mississippi a healthier place for our children.
If you or someone else has questions about the vaccine then use the brain God gave us all and research it!
Red means Bad, Green Good and Yellow is NeutralThe Fig Leaf:Up to the left on the fig leaf in the picture above is male fertility. It stated that a consent form was attached so that parents could review and agree to have their child vaccinated while at school on October 16.
We are horrified that a children's clinic together with a private school would act so carelessly and irresponsibly regarding the children in their care.
Everyone has a choice and making other parents feel like the suck as parents to vaccinate or not is wrong! Schools are not medical clinics and we maintain that the proper place for medical treatment is at a doctor's office. So if you want to study more about true undisputed symptoms from vaccinations study her "authorized" information.

As a parent you don't feel like PA has your child's best interest at heart go to another school!
Parents do have valid concerns and the school administration should realize the potential liability surrounding this. But remember even if a vaccination is so called Mercury free, it really in reality often is not. Many of these children have allergies and asthma and other immune conditions that make them more vulnerable to infections.Don't parents have a right to know other children are contagious and are spreading the flu?
I make decisions for MY children they gave you a choice to take it or not, they are a school not a clinic although they are offering this through the children's clinic linda love probably doesn't know everything and detail about the vaccination!
I'd go so far as to say that recently vaccinated children should stay out of the classroom until they are no longer contagious. David Rockefeller dirige aussi les riches et puissantes du Conseil des Relations EtrangA?res (CFR). Ce fournisseur de vaccin H1N1 est parmi les entreprises les moins dignes de confiance dans le monde. Reuter et Murdoch Nouvelles Corp contrA?le pratiquement tout l'Ouest de propagande mondiale, dont l'Associated Press, qui dirige Murdoch comme un membre du conseil.

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