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Bill aka the GraybeardI am not a lawyer and do not give legal advice.Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life anyone who believes in Him will have everlasting life! Part of the roof framing was complete when we last posted, but we also needed to frame out the roof over the deck, which is connected to the main roof. In this picture we noted that the front rafter tails were truncated to accommodate the deck roof.  It looked a bit lopsided, but now you can probably see there actually was a method to our madness. With some minor roof framing modifications, we could have installed the metal roofing directly over the roof rafters (we did do that over the deck), but metal roofing can be deafeningly loud during heavy rains, so we opted to install the plywood underneath for a little sound deadening inside the barn.
After discussing our fence requirements with the installers, we worked together to design and install an enclosure to help keep the goats safe from all the predators that wander through the farm, day or night.
We have a couple of areas left to tweak once the deck is installed, to ensure that predators can’t dig under where there’s a sudden change in grade, but other than that, the enclosure is finished!
Instead we’ve constructed vented openings, and are using shutters to help regulate air flow in the barn.
The barn’s dutch door is also finished, and the hinges will be installed tomorrow once the rain finally moves on. The goats will likely sleep on these benches, and jump around on them for fun, but as they're redwood, they should last a long time!

The goats can use them either in the barn for sleeping, or outside as play structures, in addition to the various stumps and rocks we’ll add to the goat yard for them to climb on. This week we’ll need to stock up on bedding straw, and hay, and next time we show you the barn, the inside should be finished, the last of the trim will be stained, and the deck installed. Well, our bench isn’t quite as fancy as the one in your post ?? However, it is sturdy, and expect it can handle almost anything our goats will throw at it! The girls will definitely be going for walkies, for some exercise, and browsing on the property. I like sheep, but this property is much better suited to browsing goats, than grazing sheep. If so the way I did it was by tying one end to my existing barn and then I had a mid support and far end support. In my personal opinion too many lions are depredated each year as a result of livestock kills that could have been prevented, but I digress. The Galvalume was a pain, but on the upside, once it was cut, it installs very quickly, and I quite like the look too.
These goats are so lucky to have you as their caretaker, and this structure seems as if it will last a long time.

We have plenty of places to take them, we just need to be careful of having them run loose in some areas though.
We have a couple of finishing touches to do, including building the deck, and installing the corner boards on the siding, but it feels good to have it mostly done! When we had our pet boer goat, Wee Davey, I loved having him follow me around when I was working out and about. Nigerian Dwarfs run quite low to the ground, and plants like our enormous thorny blackberries have the potential to cause udder injuries, so leash walking will give us more control over the girls roam.
I don’t have an issue with the lions at all though, this is their home, and their habitat in this area is already fragmented. In my case I used 16' 2x6 and used metal plates to tie them together and rafter plates to tie them to the supports.

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