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Cyan Lighting has been a manufacturer of lighting and home decor accessories for over 25 years. Small table was difficult to assemble because the screw holes were close to the drawer guides.
Becoming increasingly popular over the last few years, their widespread approval is the result of several positive features. LPC Furniture has put together a list of the 5 major essential reasons, to help explain the oak nesting table’s appeal.1.
Oak Nesting Tables provide Storage Solution Typically small to begin with, these practical oak nesting tables consists of three differently sized tables, each one just small enough to slip underneath the other.
This is the perfect way to save floor space, whilst still having three tables at your disposal. Nesting tables are extremely useful for when guests come over, especially when teapots, beverages and snacks need ample space!

Oak Nesting Tables are Aesthetically PleasingClean and minimalist, nesting tables blend seamlessly with most sets-ups. These understated, stylish nests often incorporate a sleek, modern design and have become increasingly trendy over the last few years. Oak is classic look, easy to care for and uniquely fits both contemporary and traditionalist homes, proving practicability can be attractive. Available in a variety of options, there’s an oak nesting table suitably designed for every home.3. Oak Nesting Tables display Fine CraftsmanshipThe sleekness and restrained beauty of the fine oak craftsmanship in nesting tables is the attribute most overlooked. Sturdy and stable, the reliable nesting table are uniquely designed and harder to make than most other living room furniture. Oak Nesting Tables are Rock Solid and Feather LightMost bulky, solid oak furniture is a treasure to behold, but of course, you overlook this when you’re trying to move it from its stubborn location.

The 3 solid tables together, would weigh approximately the same as a wide sturdy coffee table, but separately these tables are light enough to move effortlessly with great ease.5. Oak Nesting Tables are Reasonably PricedThe price tag of an oak nesting table varies of course on the type of wood, craftsmanship and dealer. However if you compare its price tag to that of its furniture siblings, you’ll find the cost to be a little less than the price of a standard coffee table. For example LPC Furniture’s Natural Oak Coffee Table’s recommended retail price is ?249, compared to the recommended retail price of the Natural Oak Nest of Tables which is only ?219.

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