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Andy - I believe your picture is of an octagonal gambrel rather than a 2-hexagonal gambrel.
The guy has a computer or with protractor, mechanical pencil and let's not talk about tax returns right now oK? Never trust fresh seafood or math calculations being sold from the back of a pickup with Oklahoma plates is what I was taught. The argument is for every retail or even personal academic priced piece of product sold, I and others have Chinese 3-year-olds in my spare room duplicating copies?

This differs from Andy's picture above (if I converted inches to decimals correctly), and I don't believe it is rounding error. And should I not find it insulting that software companies would assume I would steal and distribute their products?
Your college or university probably will let you have a disc and a site license of the whole thing for like $10---even if you are an English lit major or something. Software people never catch on that it just looks bad to the average consumer to see $10 and $1200 in the same day, for the same product.

My copy of the full office suite, for personal use but purchased with academic credentials, was under $80.

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