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Easy to assemble, each bay comes with five fully adjustable shelves that can be spaced at levels every 40mm. If you are uncertain about which type of racking or shelving is right for you and your business you could probably use a little advice. With over 40 years’ experience at providing storage solutions we know that we can help you find the perfect match for your company. So, pick up the phone and give us a call today on 02920 23 00 00 and find out what our staff can do for you. WE ARE HAPPY TO HAVE BEEN ABLE TO HELP SPRINGHILL HOSPICE IN ROCHDALE AND HAVE REPLACED THEIR FUND-RAISING OFFICES FLAT ROOFS AT NO COST TO THEM AND SAVE THEM OVER ?10,000. In the 1950's - 1980's, hundreds of thousands of cement fibre sheets reinforced with white asbestos fibre (Chrysotile - white asbestos) were used on British garages.
VSF have gained a successful working knowledge of replacing this potential hazard and deploy approved fitting teams of appropriately qualified personnel to ensure that you can fully benefit from the VSF replacement roofing system. VSF will dispose of any debris including your existing corrugated asbestos sheeting using up to date health & safety recommendations.

All aspects of your installation are carried out to the very highest standard using all health & safety recommendations. It is your responsibility to engage competent and qualified personnel to carry out the assessment, inspection, removal and renewal of your asbestos roof. Just a short message to congratulate James Smith Fencing Ltd on such a friendly and most competent Company you have. On Friday past I travelled through from Stranraer for a few lengths on Box Section Roofing, I was greeted by the owner who offered me 2 cover sheets at a knock down price and gave me delivery and fixings free of charge. Chipboard and MDF can be adversely affected by excess moisture, causing shelves to warp and buckle. These shelves are capable of holding up to 200kg UDL, making them the perfect solution to your storage problems.
This 'Asbestos Cement Roofing Sheeting' typically contains a maximum of 15% Asbestos and does not normally present a health hazard, although if disturbed, the asbestos fibres can constitute a deadly risk. Our approved installers are fully trained, certified and updated on a regular basis, with the latest asbestos awareness.

All asbestos is taken away to safe storage by the installers who all hold registered waste carriers licences. We look forward to seeing the wooden gate hung when it arrives from your supplier this week. Encapsulation or covering is nothing but hiding this deadly risk from future owners of your property and would possibly be condemned in a surveyors report. 1 week ago Lucy and Emma are back in the office after a fantastic visit to the IAE1969 factory in Staffordshire!!

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