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Despite the fact that I have buddies that have spent hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars restoring vintage Airstream trailers only to see them rot away in the driveway without use, I am not immune to the novelty and romance of the polished wonders. The pace is still slow, but there is still a pace… After getting the concrete work done in preparation for the Bendpak flush mount lift, I was finally in a place to deal with the floors.
The drawers are dead ass solid and smoothly glide open and closed with a solid clunk – even when empty.
Also, unlike the boxes these tops were obviously used or possibly abused in shipping at one point or another. I'm tempted to make a sacrificial plywood cover that can be put over this so I could do woodworking on it as well. For us poor, small 2 car garage guys, it's a luxury that we can't really use, but I do like the idea and construction.
I have a small metal table I made with a 4" craftsman vise attached, I put wheels on one end so I can roll it around, it serves as my welding and grinding table as it's easy to move in and out of the garage - plus it doesn't take up much space when I'm not using it. I have been thinking about doing this and planning since shortly after I found the garage journal and started looking around. I, like a lot of people here on Garage Journal, have been inspired by many of the projects and garages that fill this site. One of my first project posts is going to detail getting rid of this bench and replacing it with a work surface that I can hopefully keep a little cleaner and more usable. Garage House Shared Wall to Front With Special guest appearance by the oldest of my 3 sons.
I thought I should take a little time to explain a little bit about who I am and what my garage will be used for. However, I am a home owner and most importantly the father of 3 small boys so I wanted to have a place to do things with and for them and for my home. Here are a few pictures of projects, items or garages that have inspired my garage and where I am headed (I hope). Here are 2 more work tables, both of which were found in the show us your workbench thread, elements of which will make it into my welding table that is in the works right now. One of the first projects I wanted to tackle was getting a better cart for my little welder. Since I didn't want to damage the craftsman box I attached some left over drawer liner to the back of the bottle holder to keep from scratching the craftsman original paint. Once it was ready and screwed to the former uprights from the welding cart I put it back on the Craftsman box to check fits. To keep the gas bottle from swinging out when I moved the cart around a mounted a rubber coated sheet metal hook to the bottom of the bottle holder to keep it snug. The clamp shown held it all together while I placed about 20 sheet metal screws between the sheet metal uprights and the bottle holder.
As noted in my first post I have a had a craftsman work bench that was undersized, didn't have enough storage for the space it took up, and like most work benches was constantly covered. I spend a few months constantly checking craigslist and socking away pennies trying to find Vidmar or Lista cabinets to make workbenches from. So I called up the scrap guy and took a half day off work and set about ridding myself of the remains of the car. I know a few of you car guys may notice there is a complete Ford 302 and C4 on that scrap pile. You guys that share your work space with your families know its important to keep the harmony as best you can.

Given that it’s been a year since our last update on the Atomic Garage, I thought it might interesting to have an update of sorts. Somewhere in Mexico a man started to built a shop and then decided he needed a house too… Things gat crazy. By a large margin, the most often asked question I get in my inbox is, “Where can I find plans for a set of DIY carriage doors?” And you know what? So I spent some time in London last week and ran into a bit of history while doing so… An English buddy of mine and I were standing outside a pub when I noticed a gorgeous set of old carriage doors on the building. The drawers don't have that many dividers in each drawer but I think these cabinets will be a big step forward in organizing my accumulation of parts.
Even if you choose not to put wheels under them, at least put some feet or spacers under so you can get a hand truck under them to move later. I took all the drawers out and got down inside the cabinet so I could take some shots of the Latching Mechanism from the bottom. I retrieved this pin and a few other pieces of small hardware and then I cleaned out the interior with the shop vac.
There's some work to be done on these but, all in all, I think they will serve me well and the negotiated price was acceptable to me. If you put the cabinets together after you level them, make sure that you can get them apart easily.
You know, a spot where you can store your guns, work on small projects, drink a beer or two, and write drunken letters to all your friends down south.
In the office space that is connected to this shop, you might remember that I used a Legacy Industrial product. Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers.
Essentially, these are Lista boxes that have been returned for one reason or another by the original purchaser. So, I got the credit card out (yes, I paid for this stuff) and bought a few pallets full of Lista stuff. I’m still playing around with ideas to use these, but plan to eventually build a hardware box at one point using the dividers to create separate compartments within each drawer. I also bought a couple of leg units and two huge Lista sourced stainless bench tops (dense MDF cores) from Joe. Although it can be nice to have that extra depth at times, it makes any storage on the wall above the bench very hard to reach. You are currently viewing our boards as a guest which gives you limited access to view most discussions and access our other features. Halfway through the pictures I forgot that this was a model, but the shot of the big hand snapped me back. I am a mechanical engineer, I have been lucky enough to make my living designing power tools for the past 10 years. A while back I found this great vintage craftsman roller cabinet and I wanted to make it into welding cart with out adding any holes to the cab so I could reverse it later if I wanted to.
Furnace and water heater, 2 man doors, car door, and metal pole too keep me from driving into my furnace I guess.
The above video isA actually some test footage taken for another project, but in it you can kind of see how the space has progressed. What struck me most was the hinges… I asked my buddy about them and a history lesson began.

That floor has been absolutely bullet proof and still looks as good as it did the day it went down, so I decided to go back to the boys at Legacy Industrial for the flooring in my shop. Despite the unseasonably cloudy and cold weather we had here in Austin, we decided to tackle my building with some brushes and 1 Shot.
In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois). Let’s say that you want a deeper drawer up top, a couple of shallower drawers in the middle, and your deepest drawer on the bottom. To correct that, I laid them flat on the shop floor and put a ton of weight on them for a few days. By joining our free community you will have access to post topics, communicate privately with other members (PM), respond to polls, upload content and access many other special features. I'm going to incorporate the jack plates in reverse so I can heave on the vice without it moving around. In that time I have worked for a few of the companies you may have heard of but I won't drag their good names into my mess. Kids cost money and my wife and I decided that we are all best off if her job is taking care of them so I don't have a lot of extra funds to spend on a garage. With the setup clamped together I used the two open threaded handle holes to screw it to the side of the Craftsman box, THE HOLES LINED UP!
Once i saw one in Seattle for $80 so 3.5 hours drive away but it was gone in seconds so the search continued. Admittedly, it’s a mess at the moment as we just finished a major thrash for a local show. Some of you feel like it’s a material reserved for those that actually do drink tea in their garage while they watch their big screens mounted above. Stainless is just so damned expensive and it scratches so easily… Why spend the dough? From there, I then mounted the legs one side and mounted the other to the top of the two smaller boxes.
If you have any problems with the registration process or your account login, please contact contact us.
And I will start a Project index for the stuff I am working on or have worked on in the Garage. If the drawer gets accidentally locked, or the lever inside gets tripped, you can go in through that hole with a long rod and trip the lever the other way to get the drawers open. And it's possible to get the lever to trip accidentally by pulling two drawers open at the same time. If I had to do it over again, I probably would have bought new bench tops of the exact depth that I wanted.
The lever would partially trip when a drawer was out and it would not go back in, so you had to pull a secondary drawer out, then push them in at the exact same time. I knew that if I developed a community of interested people they would help me stay motivated and help ideas and project grow and improve.
Also as my little shop grows up in its use and functionality and hopefully expands in size over time.

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