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If you live in New Jersey and need a professional, custom built pole barn building for your home or farm contact the pole barn builders and CHA Pole Barns.
Located in Paradise, PA, CHA Pole Barns is capable of travelling throughout the state of New Jersey to plan, design and build a custom pole barn building that will suit your residential or commercial needs. Pole barn buildings are multi-purpose structures that can be built in a few days and provide years of high quality storage protection for a variety of equipment and machinery. During new construction or building renovations, it is often necessary to install a sidewalk bridge, or shed, which will provide protection for pedestrians walking under the contractor's work area.
When erecting a sidewalk shed, York Scaffold is careful to work with the building owner or the contractor so that the shed will be a a€?good fit" with the site.
Sidewalk sheds are usually eight feet in height, but York can provide sheds of varying greater heights as individual needs may demand.

At times, a sidewalk shed may also provide the base on which a supported, or frame, scaffold will be erected. With years of experience designing and installing a wide variety of pole buildings including horse barns, run-in sheds, storage facilities and garages, CHA Pole Barns has the skill to plan and construct a sturdy and durable pole barn that will make your life much easier.
Whether you need a small shed for storing lawn tractors and other gardening equipment or a full-size multiple door garage for parking large trucks, bulldozers and flat bed trucks, CHA Pole Barns has the experience and skill to take your ideas and construct a pole barn building that will meet and exceed your expectations.
From hay bales and farm animals to heavy equipment and building materials, the pole buildings constructed by CHA Pole Barns are designed to be affordable and durable structures. Whether you need a shed for storing equipment and machinery, a garage for storing multiple vehicles or a retail shop to conduct your business, CHA Pole Barns is ready to build a reliable pole barn building on your New Jersey property.
We take great pride in our professionalism and hard work ethic and approach each job with the same passion and attention to detail as all of our projects so you get the best service possible when adding a pole building to your home or business.

We have worked on a number of residential and commercial projects throughout New Jersey and are confident we can deliver to you an expertly crafted and functional pole building that will make your life easier.
Customize your pole building with any of our post-frame building options including entry doors, overhangs, porches, Dutch doors and cupolas to make your pole barn unique.

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