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If you want to know more details of The place description, just Here to back on discussion page. Garage Storage Cabinets - Shelterness Search for: BEGIN TYPING YOUR SEARCH ABOVE AND PRESS RETURN TO SEARCH. Garage cabinets are an ideal solution for people who don’t want everything they own on display. As you weigh your cabinet options, the most important consideration is the material used to manufacture it and the strength it offers the garage cabinet to store heavy items. Given that space is almost always at a premium when organizing a garage, naturally we aim to use every inch of available space.
Onex steel cabinets come in 21 powder coated colours while Ctech cabinets offer 9 powder coated colours.
We recommend a few brands of garage cabinets including Hercke (good), Onex (better) and Ctech (best).
We found Rick to be both helpful and knowledgeable in design decisions and formulating an efficient plan for our garage space.
Our 100% satisfaction and willingness to further use Rick’s services are the highest marking for this skillful tradesman.
We are very impressed with the outcome of our well organized and clean garage now that Nuvo Garage and Rick have completed the job both on time and on budget. Rick built a workshop for my husband, I wanted to surprise him with a space to have his tools all organized. The reason there will be so many smaller components is because this is a do it yourself (DIY) project.
Since this is a one man project, the plywood needs to be cross cut to make it easier to handle. Once you have cross-cut all of your sheets, it’s time to move to the table saw to rip and cross-cut the upper wall cabinet tops, sides, shelves and bottoms. After drilling for the cabinet assembly holes, you will need to drill for the adjustable shelf holes. Using a five millimeter drill bit or ?”, depending upon the size of your support pins, drill the holes in the side of the cabinets using the template. The horizontal pieces of a face-frame are called rails and the vertical pieces are called stiles. Layout the face-frame and mark the pieces on the back of the frame where they will need to be clamped into the Kreg jig for drilling the pilot holes. Cut the doors by allowing for three quarters of an inch of molding to be added all the way around. This is an excellent video demonstration on how to build an affordable upper cabinet for storage in the garage.

Here we find examples of quality, American made garage storage cabinets by GSC. Cabinets by GSC are simple yet elegant, providing some of the most aesthetically pleasing storage solutions.
As well, they offer safety for small children or pets as cabinets protect them from having access to things like sharp tools and toxic chemicals. The materials used will affect how secure the cabinet and how much weight it can bear on its shelves and in the drawers. To do this, cabinets that are custom fit specifically to the space in your garage means that you can maximize the use of garage storage area within the space, as opposed to using pre-fabricated sized garage cabinets which may under use the potential storage space available. Any of these cabinet choices are sturdy, look great, are resistant to animals, won’t rust and are easy to clean and maintain. This is important because garages have sloped floors for proper drainage but cabinets need to be level and square (or plum) to work properly so adjustable legs are the key to level cabinets which will stay safely upright even after they have been filled with heavier storage items.
Here is a chart outlining the various cabinet features and how they compare with each other. He has converted freshly built, relatively usable, three car parking garage into the high capacity, clean, versatile storage and two car & boat facility. Rick gave us a number of ideas that we had not considered and that worked well for our garage.
I can park in the garage now, which is really nice after the nasty winter we’ve been through.
This video demonstrates how to take back some of that space by building a wall storage cabinet. One man, from start to finish, can handle the fabrication and installation of this large storage wall cabinet. The sides of the units get drilled with a five millimeter drill bit or ?” for shelf pins to support adjustable shelves. One of the safest ways to cut sheets with a skill saw is to support the sheets with several horses underneath. Then, run your skill saw along the fence edge so that it cuts the other part of the template off (refer to image).
Take a piece of hardwood like oak, maple or poplar and mark it for the adjustable shelf hole spacing. It’s important to be consistent with the end of the jig being in line with the top or bottom of the upper cabinet sides. The clamp inserts into one of the Kreg holes to hold things tightly in place while you drive the screws.
When you assemble the bottom of the upper storage cabinet, let the pilot holes be on the inside of the cupboard. The outer stiles should be cut to the overall height of the frame and the rails fit between them.

Obviously, you want the better part of the material to be facing outward and the pilot holes will be drilled on the not-so-good side of the frame pieces. Cut your molding pieces and glue and staple them to the wall storage cabinet plywood doors.
You can draw a level line, locate the studs and support them with a temporary hanger cleat while screwing them fast.
There are many professional tips given in this clip on how to build an upper cabinet cheaply and yet maintain a high level of quality. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Constructed of natural wood, all GSC cabinets are sturdy, stylish and built to last. Available in a variety of depths and modules, GSC cabinets can be purchased in several different finishes including Natural Wood, White, Almond, Folkstone Gray, Light Maple, or Dark Woodgrain. We have these completely filled cabinets so our mess continues to built up outside of them.
Rick transformed it within a week into a pleasant, well-lit and insulated space with attractive storage and quality finishes. You will discover some basic construction methods and the use of simplicity in gaining strength through the use of Kreg joinery.
You want to ensure that when you complete the cuts, with your skill saw that the piece doesn’t drop causing pinching of the blade. You only need to use common sense during this step to ensure that you assemble the parts correctly.
While probably less expensive, the price tag often reflects their respective strength and flexibility. Storage of things are now where they should be and we can fit 2 cars in the garage which is fabulous particularly in the winter.
Face-frame cabinets are durable and strong because of this additional frame that gets attached to the front of the boxes. The sides of the cupboard will also need to have Kreg pilot holes drilled along the front edge for attaching the face-frame. Check out the images below for ideas and when you’re ready visit the GSC section of our store to purchase any of the modules you see here.

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