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Are you looking for a solution designed for use in harsh environments, specifically the garage? We custom build every one of our cabinets in top-of-the-line manufacturing facilities in order to ensure the finished product you receive meets our own high-quality standards and your expectations as well.
RedLine garagegear garage cabinets, closets, and other storage solutions can only be had through our local authorized agent, StoreHouse Caseworks, in Sioux Falls and other surrounding communities in Southeast South Dakota, Southwest Minnesota, and Northwest Iowa. The entire staff at StoreHouse is prepared to design and install a garage or closet storage system. RedLine garagegear is delighted to introduce our local authorized agent serving homeowners in parts of South Dakota, Iowa, and Minnesota. The idea to bring RedLine garagegear to South Dakota was first conceived by the owners of StoreHouse Caseworks.
So the guys went searching for an answer to their problem and eventually came across RedLine garagegear garage cabinets.
After requesting and receiving a RedLine sample kit, they were certain that the RedLine product was everything they thought it would be. After getting so excited about the quality of their new storage system, they had to start telling other people about it.
With a focus on service and providing you with exactly what you need, StoreHouse is ready to go over and beyond your expectations.
RedLine Garagegear Garage Cabinets were designed for the garage environment, and offer features most other manufacturers can’t match. Garagegear is custom-built in state-of-the-art facilities, ensuring your finished cabinets meet exacting quality standards (and your expectations). Garagegear is offered only through Man Cave Solutions in Fort McMurray and surrounding areas in Alberta. Let the professionals at Man Cave Solutions design and install a garage storage or closet system for you.
Mancave Solutions was was started to meet the garage customization and storage needs of homeowners in Fort McMurray. The continual growth of the product and service offerings of Mancave Solutions has been fueled by local demand. Designed with the garage enviornment in mind, RedLine garagegear garage cabinets have the sort of quality features most other manufacturers can only dream of offering. We build every RedLine garage cabinet in our own manufacturing facilities to ensure every finisehd cabinet is up to our exacting standards for quality.
In Bristol, Maine and the surrounding area, RedLine garagegear is only available through Custom Closet Solutions. Twenty years in the Airforce, several years building log homes, and 8+ years in retail sales has given Greg the background to understand the inside story of what a customer needs, how to build a relationship, as well as make each customer feel comfortable and satisfied with a product. Custom Closet Solutions was born from his own family’s needs while building their first home. Over the past ten years Greg and his wife Brandie have created custom storage solutions not just to build great closets, but to build lasting relationships.
They understand that each client is unique, and seek to help homeowners with their current needs, while also taking into account what their needs may be in the future. A short time ago, Custom Closet Solutions was looking for additional products to add to their existing product lines, with an eye toward a better answer for the garage environment. They had the opportunity to hear RedLine Director of Sales, Bill Garrity, speak at the 2015 Cabinet and Closet Conference & Expo in Chicago, IL about the many benefits of offering a line of garage storage solutions to their customers. Whether you’re building a home, just starting out with a new home purchase, or have been living in your home for years Custom Closet Solutions can design and install the perfect storage system for your garage, closet, or any other area of your home!
Featuring a natural wood grain finish with a host of options such as Slat-Wall and Slat-Wall accessories, flooring and other garage storage and organization accessories.
Slide-Lok of Billings, and Garage Cabinets Billings, serves the following areas around Billings, Montana: Roundup, Big Timber, Red Lodge, Laurel, Miles City, Hardin, Columbus, Lockwood. An experienced StoreHouse design expert will visit your home to learn more about your space and storage needs.

StoreHouse Caseworks offers full, turn-key design and installation services for garage cabinets, closets, and a number of other home storage solutions.
They found it to be a quality product capable of holding up to the temperature changes of South Dakota; plus it came with a great warranty.
The powder coat finish could last through the rigors of the garage, and the warranty was something Midwesterners would give anything to have. And since they knew they wanted to tell others about it, they figured it just made sense to offer RedLine garage cabinets and closet systems to other homeowners in their community. From durable powder-coated finishes to our wall-hung, off-the-floor design, garagegear storage cabinets are built to last. One of their highly experienced design experts will come to your home to discuss your needs and budget and will design a custom solution for you.
Homeowners in Fort McMurray and surrounding communities of Alberta now have a local source for quality garage cabinets, floor coatings, and closet systems. At its inception, the focus of Mancave Solutions was to offer products capable of standing the test of time. After conducting a good deal of research, the decision to offer the RedLine product lines was an easy one to make. Their design and installation experts understand that every homeowner and space is different. With heavy duty hardware, powder coat finished cabinet panels, and our wall hung design, you can rest assured your RedLine storage system is built to last. These are nothing like the inferior off-the-shelf solutions manufactured overseas and shipped over by the container load you might find in your local big box store.
One of their highly trained project managers will visit your home to help you create a custom system design that fits your space, needs, and budget. With the full turn-key design and installation services offered by Custom Closet Solutions, you should be able to get your garage organized without even breaking a sweat! Together they work with individuals as well as architects and contractors to design the storage systems, which provide most efficient use of storage space. Greg and Brandie know, we all accumulate possessions over time and everyone would like to keep them organized. Greg and Brandie were both intrigued by the wood powder coating process and decided to speak with Bill at our conference booth.
Slide-Lok's Overhead Storage allows you to buy one unit or multiple units to suit your overhead storage needs. Look no further than Slide-Lok's customized cabinets, overhead storage, closet cabinets, flooring systems, slat-wall and accessories.
With quality features most other cabinet makers can’t come close to matching, you can rest assured your new storage system will last a long time. From there, they will design a custom storage solution for you that fits your needs, your space, and, most importantly, your budget. After doing some brainstorming, they figured out that the best way to make the clutter go away would be to put it all behind closed doors.
Homeowners in South Dakota want the job done right and they want solutions that will last forever. They pride themselves on providing exceptional customer service and building genuine relationships with each of their customers. With more than 500 cabinet choices, Garagegear offers wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling storage for maximum use of your space. When your cabinets arrive, their professional and courteous installation team will install everything for you.
They also sought to work with manufacturers offering excellent warranties and exceptional support. And since we have more than 500 cabinet choices to choose from, you can take advantage of all the storage space your garage has to offer with a system that extends from wall to wall and floor to ceiling. After you place your order, we custom manufacture every part and have it ready to ship out for installation in less than a week.

After we manufacture and ship your cabinets, the professional Custom Closet Solutions install team will complete the install for you! Greg designed storage which filled each person’s needs without compromising the unique elements and cohesion of each room.
Their job as designers is to help you create the perfect, affordable storage space for the way you live now, with the flexibility to build and change in the future.
Each of Slide-Lok's garage storage products are designed to be mixed, matched, and stacked with other Slide-Lok cabinets allowing you to create that perfect storage system for any room in your home. This easily installed solution will not interfere with garage doors or openers, utilizing space you never knew you had.
RedLine garagegear garage cabinets are the original (and best) wall-hung powder coated wood cabinet made for the garage. Once the design has been finalized, ordered, manufactured, and shipped, the professional, courteous StoreHouse installation crew will install all your storage solutions. Watch the video to the left, seen on the Hometime TV show, to see what RedLine Garagegear could do for you. Since getting its start, Mancave Solutions has evolved to offer floor coatings, multiple cabinet lines, and options for wall and ceiling storage as well. Plus, every RedLine garage cabinet comes with a manufacturer’s warranty that is good for the lifetime of the cabinets! From there, they attended our new agent training to officially become local authorized RedLine garagegear agents and the rest is history. Plus, RedLine garagegear offers well over 500 cabinet choices so you can create a customized storage solution that takes advantage of all your space, from wall to wall and floor to ceiling. Check out the video on the right, as seen on the hit home improvement series HomeTime, to get an idea of how our storage systems work. Where our tech-series shines is in a gear heads garage filled with toys of all sorts from bikes, cars, hot rods, to off-road vehicles and more. Just click the ‘Play’ button on the video to the left to see how we helped out the HomeTime crew for one of their projects! Slat-wall complements any cabinet configuration in matching color and is great for holding tools and much more!
Call us today for professional help designing a custom storage solution for your storage needs. For the refined looks of a finished home, garage, basement, closet, or kitchen, let us help you get the best quality products in your home at the best possible prices. Our modular designed cabinets and patented dove-tail joint design makes our cabinets unique and easy to assemble and install. The modular design of our plywood storage cabinets make our cabinets easy to mix and match for any storage needs.
If you want to build a little storage now, and add more storage cabinets later, that's no problem! Our cabinets will mix and match accordingly and are easy to mount together for seamless looks. Our plywood cabinets outlast and out-perform our competitors cheaper and inferior particle board cabinets.
Not to mention, if you get particle board wet or in a moist or damp environment it will sag and fall apart on itself effortlessly. Whereas plywood is much stronger, made of sheets, and some of the most durable materials to use in cabinets and home furnishings.

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