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OfficePOD is a prefabricated garden office space that is designed to be self contained and modular – allowing it to be easily installed in ones garden with minimal disruption. Our clients based in Tring were downsizing from a larger property but wished to continue to work from home.
Mr Brace needed to get back to work quickly and looked at several companies before deciding to work with us at Green Studios because we could deliver everything required.  Near the top of the list was IT accessibility as lots of connectivity was required, in particular to be connected to the house. Living in a green belt area the Brace’s options were restricted by planning permission i.e. In particular low maintenance Aluminum framed windows were a top priority as was the use of sustainable and environmentally friendly materials. This visually stunning self contained unit has resulted in increased productivity and a better quality of life for our clients. Since we finished the installation Mr Brace has also fitted his own alarm, data and telecoms cabling and has hooked up a web-enabled infra-red security camera to the studio allowing him to log anywhere in the world and still see his garden office.
Join our online community, get inspiration for your garden room and build your dream space.
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DST are a bricks and mortar business in a ever growing virtual world we are proud to  genuinely hold stock of the products we sell and we operate a state of the art stock handling system to ensure we minimise stock outs.
If an order due date is crucial for you we have three ways of ensuring you are not let down in the rare event an item is not available. You may use “live help” to confirm the item is available we can do this because our office and warehouse are combined and an operator will genuinely check real time for you. The DST stock handling system controls availability from our range of suppliers and within our own warehouse as such we are confident that this information combined with our own “can do” approach to customer service will get your order to you as fast as possible. Basically our mission is to supply your order correctly as fast as possible, to offer accurate and helpful pre sales advice and to be contactable if you need help on any aspect. DST does not sell everything under the sun, we only sell items we think will add to our portfolio however if you really want “it” we will get it for you and at the right price! If you work from home, there are plenty of 'pros' for wanting to take your work outside, but there are also several 'cons' to doing so too.
If you're going to get some serious work done, you're going to need access to all the usual digital bits and bobs.

Garden offices are a neat way of working from home, whilst still offering a personal, private space. The glass office is a new design from Decorated Shed which, as the name suggests, features a lot of glass: window sliding doors on the front lead round to glass windows from top to bottom the whole way round.
Join our quest for exciting news and trends from the world of workspace design, innovation, technology and the startup ecosystem. Email us about your office space, something cool you’ve seen, or any office-related topic you think is of interest! A garden room was the answer and an external office would mean fewer interruptions reinforcing it as a separate workplace. In addition to this the garden office studio can easily be converted later to enjoy during their retirement. Three carriers plus royal mail are used and we select the best option for each specific order automatically based on geography and order size. If we get it wrong we will do all we can to put it right and if you are not happy with an item you may return the item within our terms and conditions.
Already we're seeing flashes of cloudless blue skies, bright and hazy sunshine, and fragments of warmth when out of the shade.
Here we'll take a look at some of the factors which might affect your working in a garden office. After all, you'd expect a traditional office to be structural sound and protected, so the same goes for garden offices. That means plug sockets, phone lines, computer and internet access. Rather than having a zillion wires running down the lawn, you could always opt for wireless telephones connected to the main house. It's separate enough to be considered 'work' and close enough to be called 'home'. Do your research, know exactly how you'll make your garden office a successful venture, and enjoy working out there amongst the beauty of nature - especially now summer's on the horizon.
The show was a huge success attracting lots of attention to what truly was a stunning show piece.
Inside the OfficePOD provides a cleanly designed and comfortable workspace, key features include the innovative storage space which is unique in that it creates a stylish yet space saving solution. Interactive 3D drawings (used with their existing software) helped with the planning and decision stages and we were able to provide everything requested whilst echoing our client’s views on sustainability. The partition walls that created the utility room area were formed with a double layer of Fermacell and medium density rockwool for additional sound insulation.

For export orders we offer a ex works or fully shipped service whatever suits the client best. These are issues you need to address before you can even begin setting up your garden office.
Whether it's an existing structure or a purpose-built one, that means installing durable floors, walls, ceilings, as well as adequate lighting. It featured our new corner window concept which received lots of positive feedback giving us the drive to feature again at next years Grand Designs Live, so watch this space! Other new designs from the company - which has recently redesigned its website - include a version of the glass garden office but with glass solely at the front, a flat-topped garden office and another with a curved roof with a nod to the shepherd's hut look. Of course, business must go on - and that's why you might begin to consider a garden office. If the office is large, but the garden isn't, then you're going to lose a fair chunk of land to it.
But it also means insulating the office from the elements, otherwise, in the summer you'll be working whilst drenched in sweat; in the winter, you'll be shivering too hard to type. You're going to be spending a fair amount of time in there, and you don't want to hate every minute of it! Likewise, if the office is too small to accommodate your business, then it may seem foolhardy even attempting to work in those surroundings. Make the space truly yours with designs that encourage you to want to work, rather than just slogging through until you can make your escape.
That way the second cordless phone, set up in the office, will be in range - so you'll never miss that important call.
Please feel free to contact us for further information on any of the garden buildings shown or arrange a FREE Garden Office Consultation.Garden Writing Studio, KensingtonThis small garden studio is situated well away from the distractions of the house, allowing our client to write in peace and quiet, with views of the garden acting as inspiration.Garden Office, HertfordshireOur first ever A garden office! Want a garden office, garden cabin, garden studio, garden lodge or garden building of your very own?

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