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Because this was a small project (112 ft2, 10.4 m2), 10 mil polyethylene was used as the waterproofing membrane. Once the refuge of middle-aged men and their toolboxes, the garden shed has had a makeover. Forget the traditional flat-pack variety - we're talking weird and wonderful bespoke creations that cost anything up to A?30,000 and would put many people's homes to shame. Planning permission would be required in some cases, depending on the proximity of your neighbours and the size of the shed.
Here, Jenny Stocks brings you a selection of the most impressive and outlandish - and chats to some of their lucky owners. It may look like somewhere the Teletubbies would live, but this is actually a very fancy home-office belonging to Trevor Drawbridge, a 60-year-old IT consultant from Harrogate.
The creation is built out of fibreglass, plywood and red cedar shingles, and comes with a curved desk, porthole window, Perspex roof and carpet on the floor. Design company Roost worked wi th 57-year-old artist Chris Hedley-Dent from Crediton, Devon, to develop this asymmetric art studio for the end of his garden. Made from local red cedar wood, every wall is at a different angle to the next, while the large sliding doors let in plenty of light - vital for Chris's work.

This glass-fronted elliptical pod is designed to make people feel that they are still in the garden, come rain or shine. Dave Hughes, 48, who runs Rosemary Cottage B&B in Newchurch on the Isle of Wight, bought this Arctic cabin - so-called because it's made from Scandinavian wood - for his garden three years ago, complete with a large centrepiece open stove. There's no electricity in the 10 metre-square pine building; it's lit solely by candles and the glow of the stove.
Dave says: 'It's just a lovely place to escape to, especially in winter, when my wife and I sit snuggled up, mulled wine in hand and kebabs on the barbecue. It's inspired by traditional shepherd's huts, but full of modern comforts such as insulated sides and roof, a wood-burning stove and electricity.
Malcolm Jones, a GP, is the proud owner of this sleek shed, which takes pride of place at his Penzance home.
The structure was created from insulated panels and cedar cladding, with eco-friendly recycled rubber on the floor.
Made from cedar, oak, copper and glass, this original shed was created by artist Jayne Tarasun, who is reviving the eccentric English tradition of building follies. No, You haven't just stepped into Lord Of The Rings - this is a family-sized pod from EcoHab, a design company producing energy efficient living and work spaces.

Buying now costs less in nearly half of UK cities - and the biggest savings are in Glasgow and Coventry. Help at last for flood victims as long-awaited scheme arrives to help find affordable home insurance. Catherine Casey, 54, a marketing consultant from Farnham, Surrey, doesn't have that problem. It has double-glazed windows and skylight, as well as three rows of spotlights on the ceiling. Her 10ft tall creations feature a wooden stepladder up to a raised platform, where you can relax away from the rest of the world. Her powder-blue shepherd's hut is by the vegetable patch in summer, then close to the house in winter - and she can even take it with her if she moves. As well as absorbing CO2 from the atmosphere, the herbs and grasses help make the buildings more waterproof.

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