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SM Garden Sheds are extremely grateful to our web promotion partners SJP Building Services, Wigan, for this opportunity to inform visitors to their website about what we do. While customer reviews of products and services are certainly helpful, they cannot be totally relied upon.
There is always a great deal of excitement amongst the team at SM Garden Sheds, when we discover a range of garden storage that we know our customers will love.
These best selling sheds are manufactured using high tensile, hot dipped galvanised steel, and have been the subject of prolonged research and development, by the experts in outdoor buildings. We also have an extensive selection of plastic outdoor storage sheds and other garden buildings, along with garden furniture, bike stores and log stores. These heavy duty plastic sheds have a ten year guarantee, and come with a skylight, front and rear screened vents, a 1.8.
At SM Garden Sheds, we supply every outdoor storage need, from large metal and plastic buildings, to small solutions. For a heavy duty UPVC storage box, try the Lifetime 300 or 500 litre choice, in double walled polyethylene and affording a storage solution for every need including outdoor toys, gardening equipment, cushions, garden lights, tools and anything that requires a clean and dry environment.
SM Garden Sheds are extremely grateful to our web promotion partners Gugs Conservatories, for this opportunity to inform visitors to their website about what we do.
Perhaps one of the first considerations when thinking about purchasing a garden shed is its main intended purpose or use.
There are certain requirements which every high quality garden storage building should provide in order to claim maximum functionality. Ventilation is also an important feature ensuring that stored builders materials like plaster do not become damp, and that metal does not corrode. Last but not by any means least is the fact that Lifetime garden storage buildings from SM Garden Sheds, are competitively priced.
The plastic garden sheds manufacturers has uploaded 1524 plastic garden sheds pictures for their plastic garden sheds products for sale, 1-20 plastic garden sheds images are displayed. It is common knowledge how influential the internet is in our daily lives, especially where purchasing is concerned. Although the good news is that unsuitable products can usually be returned in their original state, for a small postage fee. This is the case with products like the Lotus collection of garden storage, which have broken the mould when it comes to light clad steel sheds.

Perfect for applications such as caravan sites and holiday homes in coastal areas, as they will not rust or corrode, are non combustible and have a smart appearance with their smooth cream and mist green colours.
One star of the show is our Lifetime range of top quality UPVC sheds and outdoor buildings. Weatherproof, garden storage comes in the form of steel roller shutter boxes like the Biohort Storemax 160 and 190. These outdoor storage boxes can also double as seating and their lockable lids have a 90 degree opening for ease of access and a controlled spring for added safety, preventing the lid from slamming shut on small fingers. They need to be adequately robust and secure, meaning they should deliver good resistance against damage and burglary.
This is why Lifetime plastic buildings incorporate well designed ventilated gables into all of their models.
This is a big plus for most people who demand excellent quality along with pocket friendly prices.
When looking for garden storage items for instance, it is a simple process to type what you want into a search engine or comparison site, and the work is done for you. We at SM Garden Sheds, are delighted that this is a rare occurrence for us, due to the quality of the metal and plastic garden sheds we supply. Comprising of innovative design and high performance components, these sheds ensure a long lasting and durable outdoor storage solution. With tall wall heights, ventilated gables and strong and efficient door glide action, the Lotus range has been designed to provide the least hassle during assembly. Double skinned, steel reinforced plastic storage products from Lifetime, feature high density polyethylene [HDPE], and incorporate additions such as steeply pitched roofs for water drainage, and integral stain resistant floors for robust sturdiness. Strong hinged double doors are pad-lockable and have button catch mechanism handles and internal bolts for versatile door use. These tough products are perfect for keeping your treasured motorbike or cycle clean, dry and rust free.
There are a limitless amount of things which can be stored in a secure shed, and you can safely house items like lawn mowers, cycles and even motorbikes.
Lifetime heavy duty UPVC sheds from SM Garden Sheds, have a tough construction with powder coated steel reinforcements, and can be securely locked. We are members of the award winning Garden Industry Manufacturers Association [GIMA], who support and assist their members enabling them to focus on customer need.

A common mistake often made is to concentrate on the price aspect of products like garden sheds and outdoor storage buildings.
SM Garden Sheds are committed to delivering high specification garden storage at impressively low prices, along with excellent customer service. UV protection also means no cracking or fading when exposed to sunlight over time, so you wont have to replace your shed any time soon.
A combination of coated aluminium and hot dipped galvanised polyamide coated steel plate work together to bring a smooth action, effective storage building. Machinery and tools are frequent occupants of the garden shed and building materials are also to be found.
You will also want your shed to last a very long time so the Lifetime 10 year warranty will appeal to you. GIMA has an unrivalled reputation for attracting the best in the industry, leading to highly informed industry professionals. There is a big difference between cheap inferior sheds, and competitively priced superior quality sheds. The Biohort Storemax is ideal in any setting with its winning looks, and security is assured by a twist handle cylinder locking system with spare key. Plus, if like most people you don’t have the time nor inclination to treat or paint your shed regularly, you will love these maintenance free storage solutions. But all to frequently the lowest possible price is the main consideration, and clever advertising and glossy pictures will prevail over common sense.
Similarly, the Biohort Leisure Time storage box produced from hand pressed steel has invisible, integrated ventilation and a gas assisted operating spring.
This robustly constructed box in a choice of three colours, can be used as seating for a practical edge and has a 20 year manufacturers warranty.

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