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Super Security LTD, specializes in safety cabinets, dry cabinet and other safety equipment.
Prompt delivery time for container order, customized demand for different usage, safe storage for environment. Flammable Liquid Storage Cabinets are designed for the safety storage of flammable liquid containers.
SUPER CO LTD offers a full line of cleanroom-safe polypropylene cabinets for today's most demanding manufacturing and laboratory environments. Polypropylene  is the material of choice for acid and corrosive cabinet chemical storage.

All acid cabinets are welded inside and out, have PP safe locking and a 50mm deep spill containment base area to provide a 100% liquid-tight safe environment.
Heavy duty storage cabinets by Lyon are one of the most popular all welded storage cabinets because of their durability and 14 gauge all welded design. More sizes and styles available, please call 1-800-325-5522 for a quote if the cabinets you are looking for are not listed here. These cabinets include but are not limited to storage cabinets, wardrobe cabinets, and combination cabinets. Browse our extensive selection of Lyon heavy duty storage cabinets, including Clearview cabinets with see through door panels, extra wide steel storage cabinets, 4-Door metal cabinets and many more. See through is also a great feature if a customer needs to see what employees are putting inside these cabinets. According to Ed Stairman, president of A Plus Warehouse, “The See Through Metal Wardrobe Cabinet is a very popular product.

It does not surprise us that it is popular considering that it is manufactured by Tennsco.” As Ed suggests, Tennsco is a very trusted name in manufacturing. Please call 1-800-325-5522 if you need assistance choosing the correct Lyon storage cabinet for your heavy duty storage cabinet application. On the same token, the items are also carefully packaged so that items are hardly ever damaged. Tennsco invest in the most advanced production methods in the industry including items such as laser cutters and roll formers.

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