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Given a bright, well-organized area with plenty of laundry room storage space, folding and sorting clothes can be a pleasure.
That’s what Jen Jones was thinking when she and her husband took on a project to create extra laundry room storage in their home.
Here, she shows us, step-by-step, how she designed and built her gorgeous laundry room storage area. For years now, I have been dreaming up a laundry station where I can sort out delicate pieces and linens, quickly fold clothes for our boys, hang important blouses to dry and even do a little sewing. Storage in this area of the room has come and gone, but as of late, it was looking like a big blank slate. The most time consuming part of the process was measuring our space and creating a supply and cut list. The process of building each frame was essentially the same, the only difference being the final measurements.
To be sure the shelves remained level and lined up equally on both walls of the unit, the horizontal pieces were clamped together, and lines were drawn across both boards with a carpenter’s square. Throughout the entire build process, we were sure to combine wood glue with our brad nailer for strength and reinforcement. Another way to ensure our shelves were going in level was to create more guides out of clamps and trim pieces.
Once the glue set and dried, the piece was sturdy enough to be carried and placed into our laundry room. As you can see from the photo above, we removed a few pieces of our trim in the room to be sure the unit would fit square to the wall.
Our plans for the doors were to simply cut ?” MDF pieces to size, and finish them off with simple pieces of flat oak moulding. Once the molding was cut to fit the size of the door, it was attached with wood glue and the brad nailer. The doors and the main unit were wiped down with a tack cloth prior to being primed and painted. We used a few pieces of the MDF scraps screwed into the sides of each unit and the back wall, to act as a ledger board for the counter.
The installation of the counter was sturdy on its own, however I was looking to add a little extra visual interest to the entire piece. Because the posts we selected were not tall enough on their own, and only had a small portion of decorative finish, we purchased four and combined two posts into one. The final steps to calling this project complete were to reinstall our trim, install the clip hooks and clothing rod and finish off the edges of the counter with the counter finishing kit. Words can’t express how excited we are with the final outcome of this laundry storage project! Inside the cleaning closet, the grip clips hold all of our taller cleaning essentials, while the added shelf is the perfect place for our mop bucket and extra vacuum attachments. To free up the counter, we cut down a small piece of pegboard and placed it inside of a photo frame which I spray painted with my favorite gold paint. The open access cubbies on the right side of the unit have made sorting and accessing our laundry baskets a daily breeze. We worked on this project on and off for about a week, and although it may seem grand and complex, it all came together pretty quickly.
Use this easy DIY pendant light how-to to learn to add these sophisticated lights, great for bridging tall ceilings and lighting up specific work areas, to your own home.

This cute rustic-look backdrop would be great for a photo booth or behind the guest book table, or just to add a little extra charm to the wedding decor.
If your deck is looking a little weathered and worn and in need of some TLC, revive it with a good cleaning and application of DeckOver. Indulge and be inspired with this delightful and creative patio makeover that includes accents of bohemian and mediterranean elements. This dream deck is quite an achievement when you see the work that needed to be done to make the backyard ready for the structure.
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Follow this step-by-step tutorial on creating a DIY mirror frame with gold accents for your home. The oversized poured concrete pavers were a challenge to make, but you can see that the resulting patio is simply beautiful. This backyard entertaining space relies on an airy blue color scheme and decorative gravel to create a relaxed and inviting vibe.
Plastic, woven, or fabric, no matter what’s your favorite variety, having plenty of extra baskets on hand will make your life easier.
Shelving above your machines is a no-brainer spot to store your detergents, stain removers, dryer sheets, and any other must-haves you need for triumphing over your dirty clothes pile. Not every laundry room will have a space to add a folding table, but if you can squeeze on in, it will immediately become some of the most valuable space in your laundry room.
If you have stacking washers or a tight space, a vertical wire shelving unit could be a life saver.
Turn ordinary wooden crates into a cool organizer for towels, soap and other bathroom necessities. Each of these interactive photos contains links to shop the appliances, flooring, cabinets and countertops in this dream kitchen renovation. This beautiful hall tree is great for organizing coats, hats and boots, and it's an attractive piece of furniture, too. She ought to know a thing or two about storage and organization, too, considering she writes a popular blog called IHeart Organizing.
The Home Depot is always our one stop shop for home improvement projects, and they really came through for us in making this little dream of mine a reality. The goal was to build something simple yet stylish and functional: concealed storage above to hold our beach gear and towels, paper products and extra bulky linens. We have used MDF for previous building projects and have always been happy with the quality and end result. To set the shelves, we added a bead of wood glue along the shelf edge, inserted it in-between the exterior boards and attached with the brad nailer. Once everything was in place and secure, we installed the icing on the cake, also known as the crown moulding.
The holes were also filled with painters caulk and everything was given a good sanding between coats.
To do so, the top of each post was cut, the center was found and pre-drilled and a double-sided screw paired with wood glue combined each end to create one fabulous counter leg.
Once everything was dried and cured, we added hinges and pulls to the doors and popped the decorative counter legs in place.
It acts as a wonderful way to keep my sewing tools within reach for quick clothing repairs and projects.

The key was having a plan, measuring twice five times and having many of our pieces pre-cut right at the Home Depot store. Follow our Storage and Organize board on Pinterest for more great storage ideas and DIY projects, too. It's funky and earthy wall decor using Mod Podge, craft paint and a few pieces of iron pipe.
Now it has new outdoor seating, string lights, outdoor curtains, and maybe best of all: outdoor flooring to cover the cement! Whether you carry one around the house picking up dirty socks and dish towels, or you use them to help you distribute clean clothes once they’re folded.
Whether you go for something simple like wire shelving, or you choose something a little prettier like the white wooden shelves above, open shelving will help you keep things organized and right where you need them. It’s obviously perfect for folding and sorting, but it also comes in handy if you have need to lay something flat to dry, or even just rest a pile of dirties before they go into the wash! Add some wheels, and you can tuck the shelving away when you aren’t in the middle of loads. Since you can choose what cabinet knobs to use, you can match your decor and express your own style.
A tall cabinet would be created to act as a cleaning closet, storing brooms, mops and our vacuum.
Because we had measured our empty wall and drawn a planned diagram, we were able to provide our Home Depot helpers with a cut list.
To cut the counter without damaging the surface, a simple strip of painter’s tape was used for protection. We could use an interior newel post for around $30 each, or piece together two exterior cedar deck posts which we found on sale for around $5 each (down from $20!).
But we can’t help but see the irony in having a messy space that is essentially meant for cleaning!
Have a couple of spare baskets around to help you tackle all the chores of laundry business. This DIY kitchen command center features just about everything you'd want-- a magnetic chalkboard, a strip of cork board for pinning items, hooks for keys, and a rack for holding papers and folders.
Check out our ideas for making your laundry room the lovely, functional space you’d like it to be. The far right portion of the unit would hold baskets for sorting our laundry and provide a shelf for my sewing items.
Once we had loaded up our cart with wood supplies, they assisted in cutting the larger MDF boards down to our pre-determined size (this would vary for everyone as we built this to fit our wall and baskets specifically).
A couple of clamps and an extra piece of trim acted as the perfect guide for achieving our cuts with the circular saw.
A counter for working and folding and a bar for hanging clothing to dry would finish things off. Choose smaller cabinet knobs or draw pulls, and you could hang keys and other small items from it.

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