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Custom Utility Building – Ontario, CAJanuary 12, 2010 by adminComments are offThe city of Ontario, California required a small-sized utility building to house a municipal water well treatment facility. Practically brand new home built in 2010 featuring , stainless appliances, gas oven, vaulted ceilings, large master with huge bath and walk in closets, forced air heating, gas fire place, fully fenced backyard. This wonderful West Eugene home offers a spacious open floor plan with distinct architectural design elements,stunning gas fireplace, dining area next to kitchen, large master bedroom, indoor laundry room with ample storage, single car garage, fenced backyard with small patio for summer entertaining. As a full service management firm, we offer comprehensive and cost effective management solutions for residential properties.
As a full sevice management firm, we offer comprehensive and cost effective management solutions for residential properties. Whether you are a large investor or a small landlord, the cost of making a mistake is very high so it is critical that you select a proven, reputable partner to help mange your investment. Full House Property Management does not discriminate against any person because of race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status, national origin, sexual orientation or gender identity. Now you can log in anytime, from anywhere and make payments, schedule payments, view your payment history, and more! The Boat House holds boats with trailers that measure under 20 feet in length and are low profile. Allgeier Martin’s Electrical Division provides transmission design, distribution planning and design, mapping, substation design, municipal distribution and services, protective relaying and control, communications, and SCADA. The Civil Division provides a complete range of engineering services including water and wastewater systems, transportation infrastructure, stormwater management, site development, and surveying services. A supply of quality water is critical to any community, yet securing a reliable and ample source of water is becoming increasingly difficult with each passing year. Surface water supply or ground water under the influence requires additional planning, but is well within the capabilities of our professional staff. Carl Junction, a growing community with a population of 7,410, is served by seven deep wells, six elevated storage tanks, and over 36 miles of water distribution lines. Allgeier Martin has also assisted the City with many distribution system improvements, assisted in evaluating water rates, and been integral in finding funding sources for projects.
The report concluded that significant improvements to the Girard water system were needed to ensure that current and future water supply needs are met.
Allgeier Martin and Associates, Inc. was retained by the City of Seneca for improvements to their water system which included water line extensions,drilling of a new deep water supply well, addition of chlorination to the system, and the addition of a booster pump to increase pressure in a defined portion of the system.

Allgeier Martin prepared the preliminary engineering report, which was a comprehensive study of the entire system, as well as provided design, bidding and construction phase services. The Carthage Water and Electric Plant (CWEP) is responsible for operating and maintaining the municipal electric, water, and wastewater systems. The water systems serves a population of approximately 11,000, as well as a large number of commercial and industrial users. CWEP retained Allgeier Martin to conduct a comprehensive study of immediate and long-term needs relative to water supply, treatment, storage and distribution.
Assessment of anticipated regulatory treatment requirements, and  their affect on the existing system and proposed improvements. They required a heavy-duty structure with a substantial slab and walls that provide noise reduction.
Designed by international architects pbel city offers a lifestyle on par with high living standards abroad.
If you’ve moved to a new home but have not been successful in selling your old one, there may be an alternative to making a mortgage payment each month on a vacant house. Whether that supply is obtained from deep wells, surface supplies, or a combination thereof, availability of safe and abundant water supplies is a constant need. Planning for storage receives a thorough analysis relative to the capabilities to meet the needs of a community, rural water district or industry for peak demands and fire flow, when required. Center Creek running through the middle of the community acts as a dividing point for two unique pressure zones in Carl Junction’s system that are completely isolated from one another. It was recommended that the City undertake water system improvements that included the construction of two 250,000-gallon elevated storage facilities, the addition of two booster pump stations to more efficiently fill the proposed water towers and the installation of a backup power supply at the Water Treatment Plant for high service pumps. A computer model of the entire system was developed to analysis the hydraulics of the system for the study. The system’s water supply consists of several deep aquifer wells, which produce raw water that is treated by a water softening plant. It is a blend of excellent architecture, and endearing aesthetics and world class lifestyle.
Maintain compliance with fair housing and landlord tenant law – Oregon Landlord Tenant Laws and Fair Housing Laws are complicated and confusing. Compliance with state, federal, regional and local requirements receive thorough attention throughout the process of planning, design and construction of potable water supplies. In addition to serving as the City engineer, Allgeier Martin has assisted the City with planning, design and construction phase services for both major and minor improvements to the City’s water supply and storage.

As part of the report, a computer model of the water distribution, supply and storage system for the City was generated so that the system could be evaluated for various operating scenarios.
As part of the improvements, one existing elevated storage tank and one existing ground storage tank were dismantled and taken out of service due to their age and condition. A diaphragm pump was provided at each well and detention was accomplished by either modifying the existing tower piping to allow the tower to be utilized for detention or adequate time in the distribution piping before the first customer was provided.
After review and minor revisions to the original report, design of the improvements commenced. The highest quality materials, finishes and fittings will ensure that your home is impeccable and offers ultimate comfort. Professional property managers stay current with all of the nuances and will help to maintain compliance.
The computer model was then utilized to evaluate current operating capabilities of the system as well as the effects of various proposed improvements to enhance the operational characteristics of the water system and to allow the City to meet regulatory standards.
Design of the improvements included drilling a new deep well, construction of a new pedestal type tower, modifications to the existing elevated tower, installation of a SCADA system, construction of chlorination facilities for both wells, and modifications to the distribution system to improve pressures and create two pressure zones within the system. In addition to use on this project, the computer model will serve as a tool to evaluate the system in the future. Design of the new facilities anticipated future growth within the system, and attempted to optimize availability of fire flow from both wells in both pressure zones. WaterCAD was utilized to create a computer model of the system during the initial review and design of the project. As a part of the project, Allgeier Martin assisted the city with applying for grant and loan funding, and assisted in evaluating the City’s water rates. Recommendations were provided to increase the rates in order to increase revenues from the water system to cover the loan for the improvements. Easement preparation and assistance with easement acquisition was also provided as a part of the project.

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