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The goal here is engagement – you want users to get to the point where they are so engaged with your app that they are willing to pay real cash in order to reach the next achievement. Candy Crush Saga – Released in late 2012, Candy Crush quickly surpassed Farmville as Facebook’s most popular game. Flappy Bird – Developed in under a week, this game became instantly popular, grossing nearly $50 grand a day shortly after its release. Clash of the Clans – This is the perfect example of how app developers have leveraged gaming tactics to make an app that is free to play, but enjoyable enough to make in-app purchases. The simple fact of the matter is that the best monetization strategy is a combination of all three. The world of app development can seem as cutthroat as the Wild West, but the good news is that there is a guide, and we have a name: Software Developers India.
In days long past, gaming was a light-hearted, easygoing, and good-natured way to pass the time. Nowadays, however, gaming is a major platform for intense competition.
Games have changed, players have changed, and so, too, have the minimum system requirements that are put in place by game developers. And with these improvements have come drastic changes to the system requirements your computer needs to meet in order to play these games at their intended settings.
While the new high-requirements being pushed out by today’s PC games may seem like a burden to us gamers, it can also be viewed as an opportunity to take advantage of those still muddling around on their internet-browsing-oriented PC. We say almost always yields better results, because you just never truly know with electronics. As long as you choose quality components and put your computer together correctly (which isn’t tough to do), you will come away with a much better computer. Often times, Alienware will skimp on some of the most important parts in your build, like your power supply, your hard drive, and your motherboard. If you build your computer yourself, though, you get to choose which parts go into your computer. Now that we have that settled, let’s talk about what the kind of advantages you will have over your competition if you are playing your game with a good gaming computer and they are using a standard PC.
There are many advantages that a gamer with a high-end computer will have over those who don’t have one. And, even though a mid-range computer can come with a good processor, you are basically stuck with that processor and the rest of the components that that computer comes with. While standard computers are completely fine for web-browsing, sending emails, and word-processing, when it comes to gaming, they simply do not cut it. And, since most PC gamers out there are playing on these standard systems, you have an incredible opportunity to gain an advantage over them by building your own high-quality gaming computer! So, now, we will get to the whole point of this post… and that is to let your know how you can make a gaming computer that will blow your competition out of the water.
The first thing you will need in order to build a good gaming computer, is a fairly decent budget. With that being said, be sure to get at least an Intel Core i3 processor, but if you can afford it, get an i5. If, however, you also plan on using your computer for video editing and rendering, then we recommend getting an i7 in order to utilize Intel’s hyper-threading technology. Typically, $125 or more will get you a video card that will play your favorite game on decent settings.
To get the best performance possible out of your computer, you will need at least 4GB of RAM. You should also buy your power supply from a trusted manufacturer and make sure that it is 80 Plus certified. These parts will definitely play a significant role in your gaming experience and should not be overlooked.

We also recommend using our complete computer-building, 5 Steps to a Legendary Gaming Computer, to help you through each step of the building process. After you have assembled your computer and got it up and running, you will then be ready to dominate the competition! It’s definitely true that a high-end gaming computer will not turn a noob into the best gamer out there. And since most people have computers that are barely up to par, you and your new high-end gaming rig are sure to be a success.
So, if you’re looking for a good gaming computer that will blow your competition out of the water, then follow the advice given in this article. For more information on how you can build your own gaming computer, please contact us today. Sign up for our newsletter and get our free 30-page guide that teaches you how to build your own gaming computer step-by-step.
With Instructables you can share what you make with the world, and tap into an ever-growing community of creative experts. In today's video I'm going to show you a cool idea on how to make a gaming wheel for a mobile device or tablet. Step 2: Such a device will pick up your spirits and the spirits of your children, grand children, brothers, sisters etc. Like most app developers, igaming app makers rarely charge to actually download their app – and they don’t need to. People would spend hours trying to get to the next level, or earn the next piece of equipment. A simple match-3 puzzle game, King monetized their app by offering new “lives” when a user runs out.
Just from the 1st to 2nd quarters of 2015, Big Fish increased their revenue stream by 14% – an increase of $105 million in a single quarter.
The game was vaguely reminiscent of the early Mario Nintendo games, and was free to download.
It’s a much more traditional game than Flappy Bird, known as an MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online). People will often pay good money to buy new levels, lives, equipment, etc; even better, making a purchase also means buying more investment. However, less than 1% of viewers will click on an ad banner and even then app developers make a fraction of a penny on each click.
For those people interested in making a quick investment with a huge ROI, this is your best bet.
Ad modules can help generate a small amount of income right way, while in-app purchases make scalability easier and increases your revenue stream dramatically. SDI’s team is composed of developers, marketers and business managers with one united vision: to create high functioning apps that make money.
They’re incorporating better graphics, more options, more in-depth gameplay, and bigger landscapes. You can no longer pick out a mid-range computer from your local electronics store and expect it to perform well on the modern games of today. And in the modern world of gaming, even the smallest advantage can end up meaning the difference between victory and defeat. This is because pre-built machines from companies like Alienware aren’t assembled with the best components possible for the price you pay.
On the other hand, if you build your own gaming computer, you can choose a higher-end processor and still be ale to pick and choose what other parts you want. And the lowered performance they present ultimately results in a reduced ability to play your favorite game.

Gaming computers can be built for just over $400, but we recommend $600 as a starting point. You can get an i7 if you have an unlimited budget, but as of right now, the advanced hyper-threading technology that comes with the i7 processors is not fully utilizes in modern games.
Obviously, the more you spend, the higher settings you will be able to play on, and the smoother the graphics will flow.
That seems to be the sweet spot of where video cards perform the best at the price you pay.
Motherboards that fall in this range typically come with a wide range of options, and will allow you to make upgrades further on down the road. If you don’t plan on overclocking or running dual video cards, you should look for a power supply between 500-600 Watts. You can typically find good power supplies from companies like Seasonic, Corsair, Antec, and PC Power & Cooling. If you’re overclocking, you will need an aftermarket heat sink to keep your processor extra cool.
We recommend that you have a second computer (preferably a laptop) by your side while putting your computer together, so that you can quickly access Google search engine in order to find the help you need. We’d be happy to answer any questions you might have about your next gaming computer! Not only are gaming apps some of the most popular apps out there, they are also some of the easiest to monetize. However, if the app is even marginally liked, it’s a simple matter to keep ramping up the game until people are invested enough to contribute financially.
King did an excellent job of balancing purchases with freemium deals – you don’t need to buy lives to keep playing, but it does make the game faster and more enjoyable. Similar to the famous MMO World of Warcraft, Clans was listed as one of the App Store’s Top 5 Most Downloaded.
Ad modules are a good option to use in conjunction with in-app purchases, but as a stand-alone strategy it will not make a revenue. Get your downloads, bring your app up to phase 1 (generally a number of downloads set prior to launch), sell it, and let someone else spend time and money to bring it to phase 2.
Finally, selling the app after initial launch makes you a ton of cash and you don’t to worry about it losing popularity, constant updates, or growth.
And, in any case, a no-skilled gamer with a solid gaming rig will be able to beat the best gamer in the world if their computer can barely play the game they are playing every single time.
The majority of apps don’t even generate much of a revenue from for-pay downloads; most income comes from advertising and package upgrades. Less than 3% of its 46 million users pay to play – and it still makes $633,000 every day. Flappy Bird has since been taken down from the app store by its creator (Dong Nguyen), so the market is wide open for an app similar in style. Even more importantly, it was the 3rd highest revenue generating app offered by both Google Play and the App Store in 2013.
Do you have a casino gaming app idea or would like to introduce additional features to your existing app, email experts in Silicon Valley today and get started.

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