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October 2013 update: Our basement project won Just Basements the 2013 Housing Design Award Winner for Basement Renovation from the Greater Ottawa Home Builder's Association (GOHBA).
My wife and I spent considerable time prior to contacting Just Basements, trying to figure out how to how to fit this all this in and not overcrowd things or end up with an odd arrangement.
The bar area will be larger than before and include 8 beers on tap (4 on tap previously), storage for red wine, and a small fridge (beverage center) for white wine and other drinks. Seating will be the same 2 rows of 3 I used previously (Jaymar 56000 series) with the fronts of the seats at 9' and 16' from the screen. The Home Theatre equipment rack will be set in the wall behind the screen just outside the bathroom. Ordering the products listed above (or any other product) using our affiliate links helps support our site at no extra cost to you.
Note: Ordering the products listed below (or any other product) using our links helps support our site at no extra cost to you. I did a lot of research into towers and went through 2 or 3 designs before settling on this T-design mostly for the narrow width. These faucets will be used to serve something that mimics somewhat flat english style beer. Beer pours better in a wet glass and the rinser is also great when someone wants to sample 2-3 beers. In my previous setup I used BevSeal product line and made my own trunk line with 4 beer lines and 2 copper glycol lines.
My total run is under 15 feet so a small 1.5 gallon Rubbermaid Cereal Keeper container in the serving keezer with a simple little pond pump will be used to recirculate.

To get the antifreeze to and from this freezer, the glycol tubes in the main trunk are cut and spliced to a second line with only the glycol shooting off to a freezer. Note: Ordering the products listed above (or any other product) using our links helps support our site at no extra cost to you.
You laugh but it's partially true: I promise that every red cent we earn through the support that people give us by using our links is 100% funnelled back into beer goodness.
So for every dollar you spend using our links (at no additional cost to you), think of it as an investment on the next set of instructions I create, to show you what you should be buying next! I'll be looking forward to learn more on your Glycol system and having both CO2 and Nitrogene. After many months, the design has now been finalized and construction starts tomorrow and is expected to take approximately 3-5 months. They're incredibly robust and well sealed to keep in the cool as you run glycol through them continuously. It's a liquid that you're supposed to pour into your toilets in the RV or cottage for the winter to stop them from freezing. Many players think that Poison Arrow Build has been decreased in the new update and it may become less popular. Equipped with advanced technology and high-tech materials, it stands in a league of its own.
It'll likely be a JVC RS46 or RS56 (digital) with a 17'9" throw to put it over the second row of seats.
It's not uncommon for bar owners to have to squirt water into their 'regular' taps at the start of the shift to get them unstuck.

Stout faucets, by the nature of their design, are already 'forward sealing' so sticking shouldn't be a problem. Sounds really effective, but still don?t know much about it, let?s wait and see more about it, it may bring us surprises on POE Bow Build. It actually has a better opportunity in Mana increased and aura effect, which is important for Poison Arrow and Trap Build. The chassis offers a variety of adjustment options thanks to variable track, camber and shock absorber characteristics. Fortunately Just Basements has experience doing just this and they were able to make it all fit and work well ergonomically. On my old setup I'd have to get out the brush and scrub the dried beer build-up out of the drip tray once every few weeks.
The beer will only have the residual carbonation in it from fermentation, but pushing it through the restrictor plate in the stout faucet knocks out most of the remaning C02 and gives the beer a nice creamy (Guinness style) head and next to no carbonic bite. I will need new stout faucets and a regulator + tank (not yet ordered - I can get them locally). The copper glycol lines mean more efficient cooling of the shanks, though all towers seem to use copper.
Since I`ve used your links for all my build and live only 3 hours from you, I`m looking forward to sip a beer at your bar and have a long chat on how amazing this whole adventure is.

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