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Maybe it's due to spending an inordinate amount of time watching shows like Star Trek or Minority Report, but I've always wanted to be able to control my surroundings via computer.
The L293D is a 16-pin Motor Driver IC which can control a set of two DC motors simultaneously in any direction. For a long time I wanted an arcade cabinet to relive the old classic games from my childhood. I wanted to make my computer case light up, but after reading some bad reviews on cold cathode lights I decided to make my own LED lights instead.
A random number generation is very important in computing devices which helps them to do task in random manner. For my first Instructable, I posted my first Instructable about a fun trick I had learned back in junior high for taking the cube roots of large numbers (6 or more digits) mentally. This instructable describes in detail the steps required to create an Arduino-based ECG simulator. The First thing that needs to be done in any design process in decide what you want to include in the design. Every once in a while I come up with an idea for a circuit or device that has applications where a battery may not be the best or most convenient option for a power supply.
I have been involved in a local school (Portland Waldorf School) which has a blacksmithing program.
How to connect an mp3 player, or other stereo source, to a tape player in order to listen to the music.
From our build night sponsored by Jameco, this is a fairly basic and common 555 LED Flasher Circuit.
The goal of this ible is to show you how to fix the most common problem with small electric scooters. Instamorph, Shapelock, and Polymorph are all brand names for pelletized PCL (polycaprolactone), a relatively tough, non-toxic polymer with a melting temperature around 60C. I have inserted a mini video to demonstrate what I am changing and clear symptoms of its need.
This instructable is a general overview and comparison of different restoration techniques. After about five years and three cross-country moves, the arm support on our three-seat Karlstad sofa gave out and needed repair. We decided to upgrade our workshop in the garage so we looked on craigslist for some good quality cabinets.
Fix a Hole in Drywall (Sheetrock) and use a Hot Glue Gun to Do It!Whether it's the doorknob whacking a hole in the wall.
Our MakerSpace Maui Makers (yes on the Island of Maui, HI) has this Marble Vortex (actually a demonstration of how a gravity well works). Sometimes it hardly feels worth it to fix an old pair of shoes, especially flip-flops, which are pretty cheap.

In this instructable, I'll show you how to make plastic plates, from PVC pipes!You 'll need:-a PVC Pipe-an Angle Grinder-a pair of protecting Gloves, Glasses and a mask-a Heatgun-a piece of wood , plywood or any flat surface Chose your PVC Pipe First, you need to choose your pvc pipe! Confession time: for the vast majority of my time as a woodworker, I stayed far away from most hand tools. I recently purchased a well made cordless model from a thrift store with the objective of converting it to my favorite type of power pack: the Harbor Freight 18- volter. The portafilter handle for my ROK Espresso maker cracked from me being a bit overzealous with the knock box so I thought I'd just make a new one, a bit more fancy though : )I used my lathe to shape the handle because it was quick and easy but you can use anything you like to carve out the handle. This instuctable will show you how to repair a starter motor off a Toyota  Corolla FXGT. The L293D is designed to provide bidirectional drive currents of up to 600 mA (per channel) at voltages from 4.5 V to 36 V (at pin 8!).
The servo driven mirrors steer the UV laser leaving a phosphorescent trail on the glow-in-the-dark vinyl sheet.
I didn't have anything to do so i'm thinking hey, lets mess with some scrap electronics i had in my closet. Not only is this light unique and cool to look at, but the air bubbles make quite a relaxing sound. An ECG simulator replicates the cardiac waveform that can be measured by attaching three electrodes (RA, LA, RL) to the patient's chest.
It is easiest to simply make a list of what you would like the case to do and sort it by importance. One of the most common types is a cylindrical cell called an 18650 cell, named so because it is 18 mm in diameter and 65 mm long.
You end up having a mess of wires running around and setting up the software is a challenge in it's own right.
We wanted something built solid so we bought old oak cabinets that once belonged in a science lab from a salvage lot. Maybe there are better methods to do small reparations, so leave your suggestions on the comments box. The previous owner had it looked over by a proffesional instrument builder, that more or less declared its death. You might notice that your electric bill spikes up more than expected or that your house is just having trouble staying cold.
This means your machine will long outlast the tread on your tires, making your once self-propelled mower a push mower and making your job much harder. First Instructable so please be kind!About two years ago the self propel cable on my Toro lawnmower snapped. I bought a North-East Electric Company ahooga horn from an antique store and after taking it home I realized why it was there in the first place.
I put the kettle on the boil and go to do housework or play on the computer and forget that I have water boiling.

Since there is a small pin that fixates jack within female connector, I couldn't get it out just by shaking my laptop.
It will allow you to control Philips Hue lights using a Raspberry Pi.Conventionally one would control their Hue using either their computer or a mobile phone app. The goal of this project is to get a single LED light blinking based on a Python program running on a Raspberry Pi.
Here is a simple solution to start using your own Arduino Shields with the Raspberry Pi in under 10 minutes. Putt up the wooden bridge into the mouth of the volcano and trigger an explosion that just might roll your ball in for a hole-in-one. All the information in the video but if you want even more, follow all the steps and check out the whole description and pictures of the details.
Not all steps are in detail, but information can be found elsewhere on the web for exact instructions on different techniques. Its an open staircase, from my ground floor leading up to the first floor, so it's used heavily. This instructable will show you how to reattach a separated sole quickly, easily and cheaply. Instead of ordering a new one I did some DIY which worked out pretty nicely until a couple of days ago. Videos will play once but if you select a playlist and set it to loop, it will play each song then repeat. It was my grandfather’s chest and he gave it to my father when my dad was about 15 years old. Whether you are looking to re-side and create the log cabin of your dreams or simply looking for an ULTIMATE Man-Cave, call today for a custom quote. With mosquitos carrying EEE and West-Nile disease, a screenhouse may give you some peace of mind while enjoying the outdoors. CONTACT US today !CUSTOM DESIGNS AND SIZESWe can design the perfect shed for whatever your need. We gaurantee equal if not superior quality likely for less (sometimes much less !) than the others charge.
Custom work is where we really excell and we never shy away from a challenge !A CONTACT US today for a speedy estimate.Our Solid Pine storage shed.When your need is STORAGE, the solution is right here ! With the extensive list of high quality features coming standard starting at only $27 a square foot weA provide aA great product that will last many years at a price that solidly beats the competition.

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