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Don’t be that person who spends thousands of dollars having a website built only to find they have to do it all over again in 6 – 12 months! This service has literally saved me thousands of dollars in web development fees, as well as hundreds of hours in agonizing do-it-myself development and troubleshooting. I could talk for hours about the amount of time and money I’ve lost trying to build my website. Ask questions directly related to your specific situation and get one on one help when you need it. I am often frustrated at the assumptions made in tutorials…about a higher level of knowledge than I have going into them. Easy to follow videos that teach you how to build your site, customize it and make it interactive. With the help of your videos and some extra advice from you when I got stuck at one point I have now managed to redesign my header.
Just a quick note to say thanks for the fantastic tutorials and for your help in the forums with building my e-shop. Save $200 on Membership Now!Start learning today for as little as$0.82 PER DAY!THIS IS A LIMITED TIME OFFER!

The whole purpose of having an optin box is to build your list of readers, subscribers, and potential clients.  It should be the focal point of your WordPress website. Please fill out this form if you are interested in a custom optin box design for your website! DPK Graphic Design is run by Dawn Papandrea-Khan a multiple business owner and mother of 4 small children. This video training is perfect if you want a professional website without spending a lot of money and you’re a small business, a solopreneur, or if you’re an individual who would love to have a professional website to serve as an electronic portfolio or resume for getting a job. You’ll not only learn how to purchase website hosting, how to choose your own domain name, and how to build a website with WordPress, you’ll learn that this is all simple enough that you can do it in 3 minutes! Imagine Having Your Own Website (finally) and NOT Having to Pay Someone 1,000’s of dollars to Create It! WordPress “Themes” are essentially templates that give your website its unique and professional look.  They can also add additional functionality when customizing your website. Professional Web designers create themes and then make them available for free or for a small fee. Companies such as StudioPress (who I highly recommend) offer a solid framework with a great selection of theme designs.

In 3 days, I have learned more from this site than in the last 18 months watching YouTube videos, reading blogs, and how-to-guides. It will walk you through a step-by-step checklist for building your own website that you can print as a reference. They even offer multiple themes for one low price giving you the option to try several on your site!
So what I have learned from experience is that buying a professional theme early on is well worth it long-term in terms of professionalism and customization options. I sincerely hope you found the Building a Website in Three Minutes video and this checklist helpful.
We understand that some of you may not have these accounts, if not, no worries, just specify that below.

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