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Rotten Tomatoes is the most popular online aggregator of movie and TV reviews from professional critics and fans. With this acquisition, Fandangoa€™s combined audience reach will grow to more than 63 million unique visitors per month, according to its release, which did not specify how much it acquired the brands for. We have collected 50 jQuery mobile tips and tutorials, 10 mobile plugins, 10 mobile website demos, 10 free mobile themes, 10 new mobile frameworks, 10 mobile cheat sheets and more stuff to help you get that mobile website started and up and running in no time!
If you want to modify things on the page before the mobile plug-in was triggered, the recommended solution is to simply put traditional jQuery calls before the reference that loads the mobile plug-in. If you wish to optimally structure a single page for multiple devices, you could find yourself combining the media query tricks above with the “columns in any order” technique. Now it is time to build the Speakers page as a continuation of my series on how to create a Website Using jQuery Mobile. Here’s how to disable a button action (for eg: from opening a page), add the following JavaScript. This may sound simple but it took me a few minutes to figure out how to apply a background color to a page without having it overwritten by jQuery Mobile CSS.
Find out how the new jQuery Mobile framework can help you build great-looking, cross-device web apps with ease. I find the loading pop-up message a bit annoying because it gets triggered every time you load a different page.
Roadside assistance (RSA) company Cross Roads India Assistance(CRIA) has acquired car garage aggregator MeriCar. As per the deal, MeriCar founder Rakesh Sidana will join the team of CrossRoads to head a new vertical of point of sales and services network.
Established in 2008, MeriCar reportedly has 22 offices and 35 entrepreneur franchise partners across India.
It was reportedly planning to raise a larger funding round in the future.Its acquisition would help the 16-year-old Crossroads to expand its services through its digital platform beyond its traditional brick and mortar model. The number of branded garages under CRIA will surpass 1000 after the acquisition and the company aims to reach 5000 in the next two years.
Under the expansion plan, the company is now looking to enter Lucknow, Kanpur, Agra, Allahabad and Varanasi in the first phase of its expansion. It also aims to have over 1,500 employees with the 50,000-partner networks by 2017. DISCLAIMER : Images, logos and trademarks used on this website are properties of their respective owners. Today, we'll dive into jQuery Mobile, which, at the time of this writing, is in a RC1 state.
If you want to designate an icon for when users add your webpage to their iPhone (or Android) home screen, add a link tag, with a rel attribute of apple-touch-icon. The jQuery Mobile framework can be activated by applying unique data-* attributes to your code.
Further, the framework has specific settings and stylings in place for the header, main content area, and footer.
Now that the structure of our index.php page is complete, we can populate each section with our Tuts+ specific mark-up. Header: In this section, we're simply inserting the Tuts+ graphic, and providing alternate text if images are turned off. Content: In the content area, we need to list all of the tutorial sites, and apply a unique icon next to each heading. As jQuery will load local pages asynchronously with AJAX, we can specify any number of cool page transitions. Even though this is a relatively tiny app, we should still strive to follow best practices. In order to retrieve the desired RSS feed, we first need to capture the name of the site that the user clicked on initially. The in_array() function allows us to determine if a value -- in our case, the value of $siteName -- is equal to one of the items in the $siteList array. We begin by creating a new variable, $cache, and making it equal to the location of where the cached file will be stored. The code above points to the current directory of the file, and then into a cache folder, and, finally, the name of the selected site.

The key is the second part above; when the page loaded, we grabbed the name of the site from the querystring.
Assuming that $feed is now equal to the returned JSON, we can store the results in a text file. Next, we open that file, and write the contents of $feed (the returned RSS JSON data) to the file, and close it. As this template will be used for every Tuts+ tutorial site, we need to set the title dynamically. In the code above, we build up a list item, containing the title of the posting, the number of comments, and a link to article.php that also contains the site name and the permanent link (to the original article on the Tuts+ site) in the query-string. The difference with the YQL query, this time, is that we match the guid (orig link) with the posting that the user clicked on (or pressed). At this point, on your own, the next step would be to begin applying your desired styling to the article.
One last thing: in the footer section of the article, we link to the original posting on Nettuts+.
And, with relatively little work, we've successfully built a mobile RSS reader for the Tuts+ sites. AMD has announced that it will build custom x86 enterprise CPUs for the Chinese government, providing finished solutions as well as licensing IP. Under the terms of the joint venture, AMD will be working with THATIC over SoCs, as well as multi-socket CPUs that will primarily be used in data centers and servers.
The venture is geared to provide the Chinese government with custom hardware that can be tweaked to its liking. Entertainment will take a minority ownership stake in Fandango and serve as an ongoing strategic partner.
A great place to start your mobile development experience is to take a look at the way this is put together.
Luckily, web developers figured out long ago how to move columns around and by combining this technique with media queries.
In this first part of the tutorial I will explain the site’s characteristics, and I will implement the home page of the site. Normally, you’d set a background color to body element but if you are using jQuery Mobile framework, you need to set it to ui-page class. When we’re finished, you’ll have the ability to add this simple project to your iPhone or Android phone with the click of a button, as well as the skills to build your web apps!
The acquisition is primarily targeted towards expanding the network of car workshops on CrossRoads across the country. MeriCar is widely known as the country’s first online car garage aggregator and can be seen as the marketplace of car workshops and auto repair shops. The company had raised funding in two rounds, firstly from My First Cheque and then from Rajan Anandan. It offers its services in 12 cities and has a network presence in 30 cities across the country in the states of Maharashtra, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Telangana, West Bengal, Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh, Goa, Odisha, and Rajasthan.
To inform jQuery Mobile about the locations of these elements, we add the following attributes. We also link to a new page, site.php that will handle the process of retrieving the RSS feed. When applied to an image, it'll float it to the left, and apply 10px worth of margin-right.
The default is the basic slide-left or slide-right effect that most touch-phone users are aware of. Even better, we have access to theme-roller, which allows us, with the change of a single letter, to switch color themes. For example, looking at the images above, we can see that the tutorial icons need to be pushed up a bit. If you'll refer to a previous step, when we linked to site.php, we also passed the name of the site through the querystring. To prevent the user from automatically assigning a potentially dangerous value to the siteName key, let's ensure that the value is in fact the name of one of our tutorial sites.

As such, we can run a quick if statement, and determine the last time that the file was updated. In our case, we'll use it for a very simple purpose: grab the RSS feed, in JSON form, of the site that was passed through the querystring, via siteName. In that case, we run an else statement, and grab the contents of the text file, rather than using YQL.
Luckily, if you remember, the site name was passed through the querystring, and stored in the $siteName variable (like, "nettuts"). To dissect this object, you can either print_r($feed), or use the YQL console for a prettier view.
That's because we applied the data-counttheme="e" attribute to the wrapping unordered list.
A quick visit to Firebug shows that I can target the h2 tags with a class of .ui-li-heading.
In its current state, the reader will only see that when they reach the bottom of the article. It can certainly be expanded to provide additional features, error checking, and performance improvements, but this will hopefully get you started! The comany will team up with Tianjin Haiguang Advanced Technology Investment Co., Ltd, which is the investment arm of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Note: First, the target page must be a full-blown jQuery mobile page, as outlined in tip #1. If you find the loading pop-up message a bit annoying already because it gets triggered every time you load a different page. Fortunately, the library has a built-in column structure that can easily be put to work using a fieldset tag and the proper classes, as seen below.
When we're finished, you'll have the ability to add this simple project to your iPhone or Android phone with the click of a button, as well as the skills to build your own custom mobile web apps! Technically, you can create multiple pages at a time, by adding additional wrapping data-role="page" attributes.
Additionally, I'd like to use the Tuts+ red for the background color of the heading and footer, rather than the default black. Rather than having to learn twenty different APIs, YQL's SQL-like syntax allows you to only learn one. The only difference is that, this time, because there's only one posting from the YQL query to display, we don't need to bother with a foreach() statement. AMD is getting $293 million from the licensing agreement, and stands to make more over the year through royalties. Secondly, this will only work for external pages; it must be a full separate page to work properly. Views published in our guest stories are author's own, and all discrepancies should be addressed to the author of the article. Watch what happens when we do nothing more than apply this attribute to the wrapping unordered list. This file will handle the initial logic, and will then, at the bottom, load in our HTML template. However, though YQL does perform a bit of caching on its own, let's also save the RSS feeds to a text file on our server.
Thanks for reading, and be sure to refer to the jQuery Mobile documentation for more details.
Within this file, we'll reference jQuery mobile, its stylesheet, and any other assets that we require.

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