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PITCH&CO were briefed to design and build a new responsive website, that delivered the uniqueness of their message, was easy to navigate and was information rich, but not information heavy. A responsive website is one designed to work on any browser window size whether on your phone, tablet, desktop or laptop.
1- Start by looking into how most users find you for the first time and what they used to get there. 1- Native apps are a great way for users to complete a task quickly without having to open their laptop, navigate to a site, login, etc… All they have to do is load the app and get to their activity.
Now that I’ve shared my thoughts on this topic, let me know yours in the comments below. Diluted SEO Authority: With separate URLS, one for desktop and one for mobile, your SEO authority quickly becomes diluted.
Frustrating User Experience: When users on mobile devices share links from your mobile site with desktop users, the desktop user sees the small screen layout, tiny images and limited content that is optimized for the mobile experience.
Just to be clear, these are the reasons why not to have a separate site for mobile, NOT reasons why you shouldn’t pursue the amazing opportunity that mobile presents. But why is responsive design so appealing to web designers, marketing strategists and CEOs alike? Think about it: Only One website to build.
Less Maintenance: It is much easier to add and manage layouts for new devices than it would be to create and manage separate sites that are optimized for various devices. Search Engine Optimization: SEO authority will not become diluted as all links and bookmarks point to one URL.

Conversion Optimization: Your conversion goals are balanced effectively based on varying user intent and within the constraints of each specific layout to ensure optimal conversion. Technical Difficulty: Responsive design is a completely new and evolving concept with its own set of rules and techniques. Implementation: Production time can be extended as there are more kinks to work out than usual. Limited Resources: Resources that provide implementation guidance are still fairly limited. As with any new method, responsive web design comes with its own set of hurdles to jump over.
I recommend that my clients implement technology in phases so they can begin realizing a return sooner rather than later.
I have a client that averages 96k visitors monthly and less than 300 arrive via mobile browsers. Get a constant flow of Google Analytics help and digital marketing tips, case studies and more from Google Certified Partner Blast Analytics & Marketing. They have developed unique nano polymer drug delivery technology that has opened up huge opportunities to rapidly develop new medicines that treat inflammation and infection. Inflammation and infection is a delicate subject area, and rather than show lots of sore pictures and images, PITCH chose to focus on the healthy outcomes that this new technology can bring. It won’t be long before most users access the web via one of the many mobile device platforms, instead of a desktop.

It involves the creation of a single website that automatically adjusts to the user’s needs and the device they are using. From a designer’s point-of-view, it offers predictability and a huge reduction in workload. Inherent in this design approach, is deliberate consideration for multiple user experiences, which in the right hands will be thoughtfully designed to maximize the user’s experience on each targeted device. We are changing the way we communicate with each other and how we access information on a daily basis.
Feel free to join the discussion by adding a comment or two below. If you are curious about how we can help you out with responsive web design, send us an email or call us at (888) 252-7866 (Toll Free).
The best part is, responsive web design covers almost the entire spectrum of displays, from 40lb beige CTR monitors to whatever device Apple or Google dream up next. However, the advantages clearly overshadow the disadvantages; which is why we chose responsive for our own site and are in the process of developing it for a number of our clients. If you want to revert back to the desktop version, click the link at the bottom to see how users can still get the fully caffeinated experience. If you proactively respond to the needs, wants and expectations of your target audience, how could you go wrong?

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