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For you as a brand it becomes more and more difficult to get your message across to your targeted audience.
Smart marketers understand that the traditional way of advertising is less and less effective, that there has to be a better way. Let’s first start by talking a little bit about content marketing itself, what exactly is content marketing?
The goal of any company is trying to solve a problem that people are having; this can be done via a product or a service for example.
Content marketing is an ongoing process that is part of your overall marketing strategy, but instead of renting or buying media (advertising space) you own the media. Establishing a baseline will help you in the future to track how you’re getting closer to your goals.
Based on these numbers you can set yourself a set of concrete numbers as part of your goals. If you’re just starting out with your company, it might be difficult to determine who your exact audience is. By using things like Google Analytics and your current presence on social media you can help make a better definition of your ideal customer. Of course, you know all of your products and services by heart, but do you know what keywords your buyer personas are using when they search for your product?
Use Google’s Keyword Planner you can determine which are the “long-tail” keywords and phrases that are more specific to your needs and will get your better traffic results to your site. For example, if you’re selling classic furniture, it will probably be almost impossible to rank near the top on the organic search for the word “furniture”. Now that you know your goals, you’ve set your baseline, and you know your audience and the keywords to use in your content, you should be able to come up with different content types that will help you reach your goals. If your goal is to increase brand awareness, you want to create content with a bit of a broad appeal.
If your goal is to drive traffic to your website, you should focus on creating content that’s easy to find. If you’re looking for lead generation, you can create landing pages as gated content to white papers and specific guides you created. As you can see for each goal you’ve set for yourself, there are multiple content types you can use to reach your goals. Creating a content calendar for you or your team can help you structure your ideas and bring order to the chaos. At Inbound Rocket, we noticed this before and created an example content calendar, which is ready for you to use.
After all the hard work you did up until now, it should be fairly easy to develop your content. You can promote your content on your social channels, your email list, there are lots of different ways to start promoting your content. Some companies create interactive Excel sheets using Google sheets to combine all metrics; you can go as crazy as you want here. By looking at your statistics, you can see what (types of) content is working and what is working less. It almost sounds like a catchy pop-song ?? But just because you’ve set your goals once it doesn’t mean it’s set in stone. You left an open ended question about what you may need to clarify, and I have a suggestion.
Here’s the point, no content is created unless it has a return, however you choose to measure it. If you’ve been following my writings at all, you know how obsessed I am when it comes to working in  Frontier Markets. Download the High Performing Team Spiral that will help you go through the 5 stages to achieve your team's goal and strengthen it's soul.
In recent times I have received several mails specifically on how to build a successful blog, how to blog, creating a meaningful and relevant content. However, from business perspectives it is usually difficult to accept failure but you must take full responsibility for all that happens to your business.
However, the target market or audience you identify for your online content can be defined using one or multiple criteria, or various demographic characteristics. Aside the fact that you want to build a successful blog, commitment in every facets of your life is very important.
More so, you cannot start building a blog in a day and there are certain things you may not get right.
For you to build a successful blog you must ensure that you are fully ready to appreciate feedback, either by commenting or making any observations. I would like to share my step by step digital marketing secret with you from time to time – secrets I do not share on any blog. Get access to practical digital marketing training videos and get support from a community of entrepreneurs, business owners and entrepreneurs. ThemeForest  is your go to for over 19,700 Website Templates and Themes From $4 for HTML, Email, WordPress, PSD, Joomla, Magento and more. Mailchimp is has more than 8 million people who use MailChimp to design and send 600 million emails every day. Tobi Asehinde is the founder of SME Digital Hub and a passionate entrepreneur with an obsession for digital marketing. This article is a simple, concise, and easy to follow blueprint on how to make a successful Etsy shop. My name is Kelly, and together with my wife Bibi and father-in-law Noi, we run the Etsy shop JooJoobs. Over the past three years, our Etsy shop has been fortunate enough to have over 23,000 sales.
We made a lot of mistakes along the way and we weren’t successful on Day 1 but we persevered and learned what it takes to build a successful Etsy shop.
Most people don’t truly understand the time and energy that is required to have a successful online business. Putting in a full-time effort still doesn’t guarantee you success if you are doing it wrong. Do each of these steps in order and you’ll be on the way to a building a successful store.
Most of us jump right in and open an Etsy shop; we have a vision of the perfect business and we open our Etsy store.
You need to start asking hard questions from a third party point of view and you need to be blunt. The rest of this guide won’t help you, if the fundamentals of your business are flawed.
Traffic is getting customers to your store and Sales Funnel is getting those customers to buy.
If you make your shop awesome, the traffic will come, the sales will come, you will be successful. When a customer comes to your homepage (front page), they should instantly know what you are selling. I can hear some of you asking the question, what about using my friend, the photographer, to take my photos. Take the advise of a veteran, you don’t want to rely on someone else when it comes to pictures. You do need to have a professional looking logo and a name that reflects your position in your niche.
Branding instills trust and value into your product and quite often is the tiebreaker between a sale versus a no sale. There are far too many situations for me to give you solutions for each and every one, but generally, you should very politely contact the customer and try and resolve it privately. In the extreme cases, where I believe the customer is just a very negative person, I don’t contact them.
Lots of times, a 1 star, 2 star, or 3 star review can be the best thing that happens to your business. Ask for the sale – answer their questions and then ask them if they would like you to make them a private listing. Excellent customer service can push your brand past your competition and can give you great word-of-mouth referrals. On Day 1, even Day 1000 of your business, you are better off putting your efforts and time into something else. Facebook is important and good for branding and for offering deals and giveaways, but until you are a super duper internet marketing guru, I’d save your time and money and focus your efforts on by using the picture focused social platforms.
If you are reading this article, you are obviously interested in learning how to create a successful Etsy shop. Etsy will bring your all the traffic your shop needs, if you have an awesome sales funnel and an awesome product.
Sharing your products on Pinterest will bring you some nice extra traffic, especially during the holiday season.

This entry was posted in Blog Post, Internet Marketing Tips and tagged Etsy, Etsy Advice, Etsy Seller Tips, Etsy Success, Etsy Success Tips, How to Build a Successful Etsy Shop. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Link building might look easy but the truth is that it needs sustained efforts and a well-planned strategy to be successful. Successful Digital Marketing Strategy or escalating traffic to your web pages can be achieved with proper PR planning. Public relation is seen as an integral part of media and getting your business mentioned on media often works for marketing. Writing a highly relevant and quality guest post on a site that is related to your niche or industry gets your brand and name noticed. There are a number of ways that you can build resources and branch out to a wider audience but which is still relevant to your industry.
Finally no matter what Public Relations plans you chalk out for your Digital marketing strategy you need to ensure that you are targeting the niche audience. In the heart of Navi Mumbai, Vashi Downtown, our little office sits on the 13th floor of Platinum Techno Park building. Consumers are becoming blind for advertising, and otherwise they are installing more and more ad blockers to skip out on your advertising. Content marketing is about the same thing that your product or service is trying to solve, only then in a way of content. It’s the art of communicating with your customers and prospects without directly selling to them. It’s no use starting to spend a lot of time into the creating of content if you don’t set any specific goals.
For you it might be that you’re trying to grow your audience on one of your social channels like Facebook, or maybe growing your database with email addresses.
Try looking at your current Google Analytics reports, for example for your website traffic and how that is performing. Begin by creating Buyer Personas around your customers, Buyer Personas are a kind of imaginary persons, with a name, a history and an individual story who have a way of doing things. Keyword research is a vital process to content marketing because by knowing what your audience is searching for you can determine which are the items to focus on in your writing. There are dozens of companies out there who sell furniture and are competing for that spot. Content which helps you show to your audience that you’re an expert in your domain and are willing to help not just people who are using your product. You can use things like a guest blog post on popular blogs in your industry, email newsletters, SEO optimised blog content on your site, etc. Coming up with the right ideas to incorporate in all your content week after week can be difficult for a lot of people.
With it you can take a birds-eye view of your content and fill in any gaps, it can help you plan and organise around key events, dates and launches for example.
Writing and publishing your content though can be a bit frightening for a lot of people, though. We already wrote about that formula in more depth in an earlier blog post because it’s so powerful.
But remember you can create the most beautiful dashboard to measure your progress but if you don’t do anything with these metrics it is all a waste of time.
Based on your learnings you can get from your measurements you can optimise your content to have an even greater impact in the future. Over time everything changes, your ideal customer changes, Google algorithms change, Facebook and Twitter change.
Your email address will only ever be used for notifications regarding our blog posts and product releases. We never considered doing another book with the same editorial agenda, but our discipline drove us to do market research by gathering data on other slices of the market.
From how to be a Successful Entrepreneur in Frontier Markets to Leadership Traits Required in the Region I could go on for what seems like forever on the topic. You'll be able to set and achieve an aspirational goal while creating healthy and enduring team dynamics. He is the CEO and Managing Partner of Engage Consulting in Malaysia, Pakistan and UAE, where his focus is on helping top teams with leadership strategies and talent management in Asia's emerging markets. Have you even asked yourself why you want to blog, or do you want to blog because others are blogging, does your business require blogging? If your business is not getting ranked after building a blog by not Google, then it is nobody’s fault, it’s yours. The more narrowly you define your target audience, the easier it will be to identify those people, cater to their needs with your content, and reach them with your advertising and marketing messages.
For a blog to be successful, you must stay on topic and cater to the wants, needs and expectations of your target audience. Commitment in building a successful blog here applies to time consumption in the area of research and how often you post your articles on your websites. It’s the culmination of over 1,500 successful digital marketing campaigns in 5 countries. From marketing tools to easy-to-use website builders, they are with you every step of the way. He is also the founder of Vibe Web Solutions (a digital marketing agency in Lagos Nigeria) and a hands-on digital marketing expert with experience working with both local and International clients. Three months later, with minimal sales, we start asking ourselves, what’s wrong, why isn’t my shop doing better? If I only had $1,000 dollars to start my business, I will spend $1,000 dollars on a camera and product lens.
We spent our very last $1000 on a camera and lens because we knew it was a necessary investment we had to make.
When you make future business decisions, make sure to consider how those decisions will impact your branding. The traffic and sales we received from this one blog post generated $8k in sales over the next 2 weeks. If you have been getting the required traffic to your website then you obviously have a good marketing strategy in place. A lot of thought has to go into creating a media pitch and you should be aware of your goal and the audience you want to target.
An in-depth and informative article that is also interesting is likely to have a greater media pull. You could have authoritative expertise in your field so leverage that by contributing articles on good media blogs. If your link backs from media or reputable blogs are not relevant to the audience they might not show an interest in visiting your pages.
Even offline, people are using their DVR to skip advertising on television, or they just ignore advertising in traditional magazines.
So how do stand out from the crowd, how can you make sure that your consumers are noticing and reading your content?
Instead of just pitching your products or services you’re delivering information that makes your buyers more intelligent.
For some bigger organisations, settings goals can even be part of the justification process of getting the budget from your executives to start a content marketing program! If you set your goals right from the start it will help you focus on the types of content you’re creating, which will increase the chances of success.
Over time, when you start selling more of your product and when you attract more visitors to your site, you can better define your audience.
It’s important to try to find words with high numbers of monthly searches but with low competition.
In this case, you can use video tutorials, case studies or explainer blog content to explain certain topics like we are doing with this blog post. As the team grows bigger, it can also help you keep your topics organised and make sure that you got enough time to prepare and create your content. But don’t be, something published but not perfect, is better than a post that is perfect but not published at all.
You’re probably not going to write a scientific paper, try to write more like you talk to make the content more easily digestible. By learning, you know what content is working, and you can create more of that content and less of the content that isn’t working in the future. Of the 7-800 titles we published over the years (my grandfather started publishing in 1936), not a single one was brought to market without a significant amount of research and financial projection discipline.
We discovered that there were no recent books for children facing diabetes and the FDA was in the process of approving new therapies specifically for children, the American Diabetes Association was launching a new awareness campaign for childhood obesity and type-2. Likes, shares, thumbs up, views and visits mean nothing unless they have a clear path to conversions and profit. So today, I’ll let a picture speak a thousand words and share this infographic on 10 Tips on how Consulting Firms Operate Successfully in Frontier Markets.

Nevertheless, I will give you an in -depth insight on how to build a successful blog as well driving traffic.
But focusing on a niche audience and developing appropriate content specifically for those people helps to ensure there will be strong interest in your blog’s content, plus it makes promoting the blog easier. This means developing a thorough understanding of who your audience is, and then adjusting your focus as trends and demands change.
Learn the proven digital marketing techniques that works – already 24,232 awesome people are benefiting hugely.
Vibe Web Solutions helps businesses drive quality traffic, convert the traffic to customers and then turn the customers into brand advocates. Well, obviously they are little more complicated than that, but that is the basic idea around the two.
Clean up distractions in the background and make sure the images show off your product and its features. However, you cannot just rest on your laurels as marketing requires continued efforts and all the tricks you can pull out of the bag. It could be an in-depth article or you could have revamped your pages, added a new service page or a new blog post. You need to search out and target blogs, news outlets and social media influencers, niche websites and forums relevant to your industry and get the maximum exposure. When the digital world, relevant to your brand, notices your content and finds it relevant they will talk about it. Social media influencers have tens of thousands of followers and through their recommendation you can get exposure throughout their network which should get you good traffic as they are trusted and so bring credibility to your pages too.
If you can offer unique and different insights in your industry and become a regular contributor you could drive traffic to your pages. You could pitch your page to a web designing company to ask if they will provide a link back. So the media and the websites you pitch to must be specific to your niche so the resources you have on your pages will induce an interest in the audience.
As Marc Mathieu from Unilever says: Marketing used to be about making a myth and telling it. Content marketing by now is being used by even the big players in the world like Unilever, P&G and Microsoft.
Goals for the awareness stage, the consideration stage, the intention stage and the conversion stage. If you’re struggling to find places, have a look at our list of 33 different ways to promote your content. This way it will always meet the requirements for success today, not the requirements of yesterday. Obviously, I practice what I preach, building a successful blog is not requires a high level of determination and patience which most bloggers do not know. If you are able to honestly answer those questions then you are already making a bold step. If you are not enjoying these benefits then you really need to restrategize to start building a successful blog.
You’re better off promising new content once a week then posting twice or three times per week on occasion, as opposed to promising new content daily and not being able to deliver. Subscribe to other blogs and get updates, from there you can now start to work on those blurry areas. He delivers training and workshops on digital marketing, website conversion, eCommerce and tech entrepreneurship, as well as consult for businesses in need of online marketing strategy and plans the architecture of digital marketing that sells. The keywords you use in your media pitch should have a connection to the new content you have on your website. Time consuming as it might be, before you pitch gather a list of relevant influencers in the same niche as your page. It also allows you to use relevant keywords in your article around your webpage content and is an opportunity to promote that page. Keep a track of what works to draw traffic to your page and brainstorm so that you can get more ideas that will pull noticeable traffic to your pages. In today’s post, we will look into the different steps that are necessary to get you off in the correct way and give you a head start on your competitors.
However, it’s being used even more and more by small businesses and startups around the world. By creating content for all different stages, you can make sure that your audience is moving down through the Buyers Journey all the way to the point of sales.
But what we really mean when we say this is: don’t blog about something unless you have a unique perspective.
The best way to build a dedicated audience for any blog is to carefully and clearly define its target audience right from the start, and then create content that caters to that audience. Please feel free to click here to download 3 of my eBooks containing top secret of doubling your business online. For that you need to work on getting high-quality and relevant links back to the new pages you have created.
You could also impress on the media contact to use keywords mentioned on your pages so that they reflect your page especially if you want new audience. Look for other blogs or websites that are similar to yours but don’t have your unique pitch and request them to include your page as an additional resource on their story pages.
If your article content is relevant to your page as well as the article then editors could allow you to provide a link back to your page. You could have provided links to their pages so perhaps in future articles they could provide links to your pages. If you’ve embraced simple living and have a unique perspective, then by all means have at it. Once you have gotten acquainted with blogging, you will know that blogging takes a lot of time.
Websites that cannot build new links will soon find that they are losing out on Google search results. If someone wants to gather more information on the subject they are sure to click on your link too. You can get help from tools like Followerwonk that allows you to search for keywords through Twitter so you discover contacts who could be interested in sharing what you have on your pages.
Ask well known bloggers in your niche to write a guest post for you and they will mention that on their blogs and link back. It the same as trading banner advertising with a website that is complimentary to your niche. They should help your user solve the problem at the right place and time.By now, you would have done your competitive analysis.
Read blogs about your topic, research ideas and theories, invest your time and money in getting the right skills to running an online business.
Sure, we get a lot of negative comments and stupid questions from ignorant people who aren’t really our readers. Work out a careful plan in digital marketing that uses public relations to get mentions, visibility and credibility so increased traffic arrives on the newer pages. Build a relationship with other bloggers in your niche as they can provide organic inbound links as well as referrals to your page.
You could also mention social media influencers in your tweets when you promote posts if you have cites, quotes or mentioned someone in a blog post. Authoritative websites offer link backs to your pages once they find your credibility and visibility is useful to them too.
Please do not get me wrong, I didn’t say you should never be satisfied but always make sure that you have something to strive for; something to look forward to anytime. They will probably give you a positive confidence boost.However, are they really going to give you the most honest and reliable feedback?The best feedback you’ll get is directly for your target market.
You’re trying to anticipate what people are thinking.I know there are a lot of unknowns at this point. He brings a Marketing approach to every project by overseeing UX design, Co-ordinating market research, and consulting on core components of the launch. Connect with +Logan Merrick on Google+Latest posts by Logan Merrick (see all) 50 Dangerous (And All Too Common) Mistakes Startups Make When Building A Mobile App - April 21, 2016 7 Questions Most Startup Founders Are Scared Sh$tless To Ask About App Development - April 14, 2016 Should You Build Your App Yourself?
5 Things You Need To Know First 07: 10 Important Lessons For Building A Startup Quiz: Is Your App Idea CRASH HOT or TOTAL RUBBISH? We believe that through inspiring our people with education and by creating an environment where they love to be, we can generate more ideas, optimise performance and manufacture happiness.

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