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Ryan Boudreaux lists the criteria to be evaluated if you are deciding between developing a mobile app or using RWD to optimize your website for mobile devices. Most businesses and organizations have websites, and with the popularity and proliferation of all sizes of mobile devices, a mobile strategy for those websites is more important than ever. If your challenge is deciding between a responsive web design (RWD) overhaul of your website or having a mobile application (MA) developed, there are many issues to consider. The development dilemma catches up with just about every website stakeholder, ultimately asking yourself if you should you have your website optimized for mobile viewing, or should you start development into a mobile app?
The infographic details the benefits and basics of each design approach, the important differences between mobile websites and mobile applications, highlights some issues with user access in either design method, and also displays the time usages spend on both mobile designs.
The following table summarizes the twelve principles that define each of the associated mobile design approaches, comparing each method of use and implementation.
So many are quick to jump onto the mobile app bandwagon without giving it much thought; however, your current website, and your organizational needs and requirements will dictate which of the approaches to mobile interaction you choose. Ryan has performed in a broad range of technology support roles for electric-generation utilities, including nuclear power plants, and for the telecommunications industry.
The design of your website is a crucial stage in the website building process, this sets out exactly how your website will look and governs how easily visitors will be able to navigate your website. At this stage you can go down 2 paths, you either create the website yourself, in which case you will ideally need to have some technical skill or you get a company to design and build the website for you. Firstly we will tackle designing and building a website yourself, if this isn't for you then proceed to the section on finding a credible web design company. There are a number of free website template suppliers out there, however these often provide either a limited bank of templates or require you to link back to them and provide a credit.
You also may wish to incorporate some professional quality imagery for which I would recommend the use of iStock, additionally if you are not comfortable with creating a logo then you may wish to employ a logo designer. If you do not already have a knowledge of programming in these languages and aren't prepared to learn then I would recommend not designing the website yourself, rather using a template and a content management system (CMS) such as Wordpress. A good place to start if you take this route is to look at websites that are already established, a simple Google search will achieve this.
Navigation - Make sure that it is easy for the visitor to find the content they may or may not be looking for on your website. Emphasis on the important content - Is the visitor drawn to the content that is most important to you and your website objectives? After taking all of this into account, come up with a few different designs and ask friends and colleagues for there input, eventually you should come up with a design that fits all of the criteria above.
If you have a knowledge of HTML and CSS (programming languages) this gives you a great advantage in gaining complete control of your website.
When creating a small scale brochure website I would recommend hand coding the website using a tool such as Adobe Dreamweaver. If your website requires advanced functionality then unless you are adept at coding in dynamic programming languages such as Javascript or PHP you will need to use a CMS system. Take a look at the respective documentation on each of the websites and check that there are modules or in-built functionality that will meet the requirements of your website build. Even if the CMS does not have the functionality it is also possible to find or buy bits of code that can be easily slotted into your website to give you the functionality that you require. Additionally you may find that people have created drop-down menu navigations that you want to slot into your website, image sliders, or anything else that you can think of.
Before you even begin driving traffic to your website you must ensure that you are first able to measure it.
The 2 most powerful free tools for measuring traffic to your website without a doubt come from Google themselves.
Below I will outline the fundamentals for SEO that will be useful to beginners, for those who have a more indepth knowledge of the subject it might provide a helpful reminder of the basics that you should be covering. SEO refers to the process of making a website rank as well possible for particular keyword search phrases. Internal SEO is focused on making your website as friendly as possible to search engines in order to ensure that you rank as highly as possible for keywords that you are targeting. Ensuring that your metadata, including title tags, meta description and keywords are relevant to the page to which they belong. Using appropriate anchor text links when linking to pages on your website, add links into your page's content where appropriate. Now that you have taken care of the internal optimisation of your website it's time to focus on external optimisation. New trendy website designs, interchangeable design photos and colors, in-design content editor, SEO friendly, and new plug-ins including YouTube! The internet is made-up of billions of websites covering almost any topic you could imagine. A Domain Name is how the public, clients, and potential customers find and recognize a business online. Web Hosting provides you with the server space where the files that make up your website are physically located and stored.

Tip: The sooner your site is hosted, the sooner it will propagate through the internet and be found in search engines.
With the huge increase in popularity towards blogs all over the web, amateurs to professional photographers these days have chosen photoblogs as opposed to static websites which could not be kept up to date in a long time.
Building your website can be complicated sometimes, but knowing first your objectives and what you want to achieve with your website can get you started. Branding yourself isn’t entirely about who you are as an individual, but mostly as to what style of photography service and goods you can offer. Google will look on your site every couple of weeks to find out what’s new and include it with their search rankings. Aurora Gatbonton and the rest of the WPD Blog Team wants you to get hitched with creativity, style, and technology. London and Portsmouth based Cotton Candy Photography approached Flint & Tinder with the task of updating their existing html website and shifting the framework from static HTML and CSS to WordPress so that the complete site would function as a CMS. As the photography company needed to present a lot of information to their clients, Flint & Tinder proposed that a condensed version of the entire site was presented on the homepage allowing users to get a complete feel for all their services without needing to drill down to numerous pages across the site.
In order to give the site a more contemporary look, we suggested new typefaces to be used, but retained the existing branding colour palette. Since launching the site, Cotton Candy have seen both an increase in enquires and potential leads and also an increase in Google clicks and search queries. If you have a project and you think we can help in any way, then please fill out the form to the right and press submit.
From time to time we my send out beautifully styled email updates containing studio and industry updates and the odd special offer. If you haven't already begun to make those decisions about your own organization's mobile website presence, the time is now. Each choice has its benefits and its each has its shortfalls; nevertheless, selecting which option works for you and your organization depends on your circumstances. The basic principles, costs, implementation time frame, design approach, user experience, performance, and ongoing maintenance are concerns that need to be addressed before making the final decision.
Native mobile applications typically have a special purpose or some sort of user interaction in mind, and if that is your purpose and intention then a mobile app might be the way to go.
I would only recommend this if you have a good knowledge of HTML and CSS programming languages as you will need to use these to actually build the site from your initial design. You can choose from a wide bank of already existing templates and customise them for your needs.
Borrow some of the stronger points of these other websites but make sure that you differentiate your design from what's already out there.
This will enable you to construct your website with little fuss and avoids over-complicating the process. Take your time, be systematic and always check back to your original objectives to ensure that you are on the correct path. Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools provide a comprehensive range of tools that will enable you to measure all kinds of statistics and behaviours from every visitor to your website.
This is achieved through optimising the website itself, known as internal SEO, and building links to your website to increase authority, known as external SEO.
Our free web site builder has the latest technology and hundreds of new, trendy web site designs in many categories.
The wizard then hand-holds you through the rest of the building process by asking you to perform simple tasks, step by step. We will create a site for your company that will become it's most valuable and cost-effective marketing tool.
With our Hosting Packages you can make the most of your website with user-friendly and easy to install open source cpanel tools like blogs, shopping carts, free website templates and more.
Decide which keywords you want to show up best for when people search for your services in search engines. We will work with you to make the most of your budget, customizing you a website design package specific to acheiving your goals. Keeping a photoblog is an excellent means by which to improve connection with users and prospective clients through comments and reviews.
Here are 7 tips to building your website wherein I included an in depth infographic summary for further improvements. But if your preferred business name was already taken online, you may have to modify your chosen name to benefit from the best title. Most photographers use their names as their brand, together with a logo that is either off-the-peg or created by a designer. This Content Management System like WordPress is where you actually manage everything and upload your latest blog post.
Think about what you want the site to do, then reduce any sort of text that doesn’t perform that task. If nothing changes and you haven’t producing any fresh content lately, their visit get less frequent and your site drops down the list.

We did of course create standalone pages containing more in-depth information for all the sections as well, both in order to provide detailed information for their clients but to also help the site in terms of SEO. I have included several specific considerations that you should evaluate before you decide which approach will bring you universal mobile device user interaction. Recently, the MDG Blog put out a nice infographic, "Should You Build a Mobile App or Mobile Website", detailing most of the options and opportunities behind both mobile development methods.
If, on the other hand, you want to display your current website as it exists and on all devices, then the responsive approach might be your option. Some good software to use for the design of your website includes Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe Fireworks and Adobe Photoshop, however bear in mind that these programmes require a bit of familiarisation and aren't cheap to buy! There are some free templates available but I would recommend spending a small amount of money, as the ones for sale are generally of much better quality.
Additionally Google Webmaster Tools also provides some handy website analysis tools to improve the efficiency of your site. Build your website free for 30 days, and pay for web hosting only if you love the website you built. It is important for your website to be well designed and optimized so that you can build traffic. Having a website enables your clients and potential customers to quickly find the information they need to conduct business with you. These are single words or phrases that uniquely describe your business and will help people find you online. Templates will save you time and money, while still giving you a clean, professional website.
By continuing to keep a gallery of recently captured photographs, a photographer’s vision is shared together with the rest of the world online. Narrow down your domain name lookup into 5 words or phrases which will describe your market.
But if you do have a talent with a few CSS codes, you are better off choosing Thesis theme like what we are using on our website.
Every page should contain relevant link and describe who you are, your expertise and experience.
If you are offering videography service, you may add those cinematic videos as well and link them to various social media sites. Unless of course, you are spamming us and then we will most likely shun you and blow raspberries in your general direction. Once you examine the defining principles with considerations for each design option, only then can you make an educated decision for you and your organization. There is no point in me covering how to use both these pieces of kit as there is a vast amount of documentation that can be found through the Google website.
All websites must have web hosting anyway, so why not get a free professional website with your web hosting plan? The entire website building process is managed by simple, easy to use website wizards that help you build all parts of your website. We develop corporate websites, e-commerce solutions complete with shopping carts, and many other website designs for individuals and small businesses.
If there is a template that you like, it can be used to create your website and has the added benefit of helping to keep down design costs.
We will help you modify and select your keywords to find the most effective ones for your business.
The number of pages and depth of your site will affect the cost, smaller sites with less pages typically costing less than larger sites with pages deeper into the site. For example, if you are into shooting events, you might start with words and phrases like wedding photography, bride and groom portrait.
You can use wordpress to build your website and use the blogging part of the software for your latest news update section. If possible, use only sans-serifs like Arial or Verdana, since they are easier to read online. Alternately, you may choose to put a video slideshow of your images you created with Animoto.
Website cost will also depend on the number of Web Page Extras you want want to incorporate into your site, including web graphics, other multimedia interactions, and Internet & Development Services.
Then consider merging all of them with certain prefixes or suffixes to come up with an awesome idea.

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