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Many startuppers  who come from the business world, wonder how to set up their first website landing page, especially if they don’t know about coding. So, let’s get started and create our first website, that we can later use to test our startup idea, host our blog or whatever else we’d like a website for. Step 6: WordPress needs a database to store the information and you will need to give a name.
Step 10: Go again at the Azure portal an click on the URL of your website as you can see in the following screen.
Step 19: If you want to customize the logos, fotos, text etc, go tto “Appearance”, select the “Customizr” theme and click on “Customize”.

Step 20: This will open a new interface in which you can change the website according to your taste. Ok, now that you have your new website, you will have a ton of questions: How can I put a sign up box to collect emails? It will ask for your credit card but you are not being charged (I think it makes a trial charge of 1E which is then recalled). In the left bar you will find a menu that will allow you to interact with your new website.
I’ll try in the future to create a similar guide for more advanced landing pages with more functionality.

Now, there are some frameworks, like WordPress, which allow a non-technical person to make all the changes just with clicks. There are also many sites that sell bootstrap wordpress themes for startup launches with 20USD to 50USD (e.g. You just buy them, download them as a .zip file and upload them to wordpress with the same process we used for Customizr theme.

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