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Curly Teddy is a well-loved traditional light brown teddy bear with soft, lightly curled fur and a sweet smile.
This classic light brown teddy bear can be dressed up in countless outfits to make for a truly unique personalized gift for any occasion -- dress up Curly Teddy in army fatigues for a Veteran's Day gift or in a sports uniform to make a great birthday gift for a fan.
It is a partnership of the University of Michigan School of Education, University of Michigan Museum of Zoology, and the Detroit Public Schools.
This sweet How to Train Your Dragon 2 stuffed animal, Toothless toy dragon will fly right into your heart!
This cutie's plump belly and velvety paw pads make it extra sweet and ready to be a lifelong friend.
The Curly teddy bear can even be dressed in a Santa costume to make a great Christmas gift! The structure protects the developing larvae.Some moths and butterflies spin their cocoons into a curled leaf to help protect themselves.Spider WebsYou know there are many kinds of spiders, but did you know there are many kinds of spider webs? When you know the different kinds of webs that spiders commonly make, you can make a pretty good guess about the kind of spider that left it.The kind that you are probably most familiar with is made by Orb Spiders (Araneidae family).

To maintain that beauty, orb spiders have to repair their webs at least once every day.Triangle Spiders (Uloboridae family) make triangular webs. These webs sort of look like a slice of the webs make by orb spiders.Funnel spiders (Agelenidae family) make very interesting webs that mighta look like a bird's nest made of silk.
The spiders that make them are just better at moving around in their smooth funnel shape.Funnel spider webs aren't always cupped. They often make flat sheets with a small funnel-shaped retreat off to one side.Cobweb spiders (Theriidae) make small, random messes of silk string that are attached to their surroundings by long strings.
Cobweb spiders are also called comb-footed spiders.Meshweb spiders (Dictynidae family) make webs that are similar to cobweb spiders but have a little more structure. The spiders are usually found in small, messy webs at the tips of vegetation, especially in grassy fields. They can also be found under stones and dead leaves.Sheet web spiders (Linyphiidae) make many kinds of webs that are formed out of sheets of silk.
The sheets are wildly jumbled together and don't have many large gaps.There are several kinds of sheet web spiders.

The bowl appears to be sitting on a doily that is the second part of the web and is attached horizontally.
These kinds of webs make very effective booby-traps for unsuspecting insects.Spider webs are a sign that spiders have been nearby, but they aren't the only signs. These egg cases look like eggs but actually contain hundreds of tiny spider eggs.Some spiders don't make webs.
These spiders do use silk to make a little hiding place for themselves, especially females with eggs.

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