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Forum Samsung Android Phones Samsung Galaxy S4 Samsung Galaxy S4 running out of storage space!!! Ashish Bhupal Posts 3 Posts Samsung Galaxy S4 running out of storage space!!!
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Ashish Bhupal Posts 3 Posts Re: Samsung Galaxy S4 running out of storage space!!! Andragogy Posts 1 Posts Re: Samsung Galaxy S4 running out of storage space!!! I started having the same problem with my Galaxy S4 just after the software update, but after trying the clear cache and reboot suggestion the problem remained. I do have apps like dropbox and pandora but I cannot imagine it taking up the bulk of the 15.5GB that the phone claims I'm using. In this Video I will Show you how to Develope Professional Android WebView App using Android Studio.
While Chromecast may appear at first to only steam media from certain apps, that isn't necessarily true. This video demonstrates how to replace your Galaxy S5 screen with minimal experience and a few basic tools.
In this Video I will Show you how to Develope Professional Android WebView App using Android Studio.Convert Website to Professional Android App.
I was browsing through Instagram and my phone froze up, I took the battery out and turned my phone back on and when I did, my phone was in Safe Mode.
Android Enthusiasts Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for enthusiasts and power users of the Android operating system. If necessary, I'm willing to plug my phone into my computer and use developer tools to resolve this issue.

Here are a couple images showing that the biggest gain I could get for storage would be to delete some system files (which is why I'm guessing that the problem is accumulated log files). I tagged my question Galaxy S4 because I wonder if the problem might be specific to my phone.
Alternatively, installing a custom recovery (eg: CWM) and choosing to delete all backups in the Internal SD seems to have solved the problem for many users. You shouldn't need to do anything more than exploring your files, which you can do with the onboard MyFiles app or download OI File Manager. Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged samsung-galaxy-s-4 insufficient-memory or ask your own question. Why are there different values for enthalpy of combustion, depending on the calculation method? Htc desire internal storage, ' clueless -- , One problem i've noticed is the (at least in android froyo), the stock web browser caches to the phone storage. Resolve phone storage space android, Method : move apps sd card memory rooting phone. How fix android storage issues: check , One problems android device users encounter — devices ship -board memory, lack microsd expansion plenty.
Power off and follow this: [Guide] Rebooting into Recovery Mode for the Galaxy S2, S3, and Tab2. I am getting the "Storage space running out" error message in my notifications bar, and some applications have quit working or updating. Looking at what's taking up so much space on my phone, it does seem likely to me that the problem is my phone has lots of accumulated log files that aren't being deleted. I've attached a few screenshots below showing how my phone is using up space, though, and I believe that they show that my real problem is that there's something my OS is doing wrong, perhaps creating a lot of log files and not deleting them to save space. In particular, I know that the *#9900# trick only works on some phones, and I wonder if there's a different trick along the same lines for Galaxy S4s in particular.

2) If you're aware of the activity responsible for that hidden menu then you may use ADB to show that menu. But Before that, Select & Move your Videos, Images, Files, Audios from Social Media Apps Folder. This problem is not just confined to Galaxy S4, but to other phones too (Note 2, Note 3 Galaxy S3 S4 S5). Look into what exactly is taking up so much space in "Pictures, videos" and "Audio" and move some of it to the external SD card. The cached music was going to the internal memory, which caused my Applications storage to have 9.5 GB. I am happy with the functionality my phone has, even with bloatware and tied to my provider, and I don't want to take the time to root my phone for this one problem if I don't have to. Honestly, the specs on my S3 are similar to yours and I don't have this problem, so I'm just suggesting that any obvious differences are probably the culprit. If you only keep apps which can't be moved unless rooted to internal you will have more space.. Check the storage details for the device memory, it shows pictures and videos 6GB, so i transferred all media to SD Card. Again I have checked everything and there is no file in the device memory above 1GB and it still shows me pictures and videos 6.65GB.

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