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Optional additives of your choice like oatmeal, flower petals, essential oils, ground cinnamon, dried herbs, orange peel, fragrance oils (mine are from Wellington Fragrance). Immersion blender–not 100% necessary, but it cuts your soap mixing time down from hours to about 20 minutes. Be sure to get a photo of yourself in your protective gear.  I probably should have gone one step further and worn long sleeves! When the oils and the lye water are both at 110 F (within 1 degree either way is okay), it’s time to combine them.
At the end of 24 hours, your soap should be set up but soft.  Now is the time to lift it out of the mold and cut it into pieces.
Once they’re cured, they are ready to use!  Enjoy washing with your own homemade soap!
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ALL soap is lye soap, even if it is melt and pour…you just have it after the lye process was done elsewhere. Also, #5 plastic is far far safer than glass for mixing lye, and steel is fine with lye (NOT aluminum though, lye eats aluminum).
In the first installment of Finding More Space When Expansion Isn’t an Option, I discussed what causes space issues in the first place.
Outside the doors of your warehouse is land that can be used to host temporary storage facilities. Another method to make it through temporary space problems is to make an agreement with another warehouse to store extra inventory or ship orders to customers. 2.     Defined fixed barriers in warehouse construction including columns, walls, doors, clearance, and more. 5.     Determine auxiliary facility requirements for offices, dock staging, hold and inspection and more.
Finally, you can improve inventory management by receiving inventory information in real-time. Pallets filled with products sitting in the aisles, stacked in dock areas, or placed on rack end caps can adversely affect warehouse operations.
Warehouse executives may have a good initial feeling when the problem of too much of the right product arises. A warehouse working under these circumstances probably suffer such issues as pallets filled with products sitting in the aisles, stacked in dock areas, or placed on rack end caps.
There are all sorts of issues here that affect warehouse operation including blocked routes and visibility that can result in safety issues, problems in finding inventory, decreased worker productivity and multiple handling of products. In the case of too much of the wrong product, some executives’ projection of sales and their production planning to accommodate were way off the mark.
As a result, there is a loss of floor space and labor from other important warehouse functions. The Dollar Tree discount store chain has agreed to adhere to a strict set of rules and pay more $825,000 in fines after a federal agency found multiple safety violations at its stores, including blocked emergency exits, obstructed access to exit routes and electrical equipment, and improper material storage. The US Occupational Safety and Health Administration launched an investigation into the Chesapeake, Virginia-based discount chain after 13 separate inspections found numerous complaints about safety in many of its stores’ storerooms, according to Dr. Under the terms of the agreement, Dollar Tree will improve its safety procedures at all of its 2,400 stores nationwide, including improvements in management commitment, employee participation, hazard identification and control, education and training for its workers and mid-level managers, and program evaluation.
The chain also has agreed to publish and distribute a corporate newsletter covering safety and health issues.
The chain also agreed to internally inspect a cross-section of its stores for the next three years. Employees will be encouraged to call an anonymous tip line to report safety and health issues. OSHA inspectors found numerous safety violations in Dollar Tree stores throughout the US, including a store in Houston, Texas, in which boxes of products were stacked at dangerous levels and exit routes were blocked.
Nationwide, Dollar Tree has been cited for safety and health violations more than 200 times since 2009.
There are businesses who can stock a lot of inventory on site and then there are businesses that need to rely on a warehouse for back up. Manufacturing plants that use raw materials to make finished products are ideal candidates for having warehouse support. Raw materials can be defined as anything that needs to be purchased from an outside source that is necessary for use in the production process. Retail stores that rely on having merchandise available risk the possibility of lost sales and unhappy customers if those products are not present when the shopper wants to buy them.  A warehouse assures that the items are available when the customers want it.
The warehouse cannot only store the products, but it can also receive and ship out orders so that the manufacturing facility doesn’t have to worry about it. In short, a business needs warehouse back up to supply assistance to the manufacturing segment in the production process and to fill orders when the production facility can’t. Whether you are managing a brand new warehouse or one that’s been around for years, the one thing you can’t take for granted is shelving.
You need to understand how the warehouse operates; what type of products are being stored, whether or not the physical construction of the shelves assures efficient picking and loading, whether its size fits in with the physical layout of the warehouse, and on and on. Here are a number of things you need to consider when inspecting shelves either in person at a store or online. If you are looking for a multipurpose shelf that is strong and easy to assemble, you may want to consider the rivet shelf. Steel shelving is ideal for high-density applications and is offered in open and closed styles.
But any workspace can be quickly and conveniently organized with the addition of a few shelving units. The most common type of shelving is free standing shelves made out of steel, wire of plastic.
The biggest benefit of free standing shelves is that they can be customized to fit any space, regardless of how big or how small.
Free standing shelves also can be fitted with casters, which makes it a simple matter to move them around or rearrange them at will. Once your rails are installed, you also can fit them with brackets of various sizes in order to accommodate the storage of various sized items, such as plastic storage bins, cardboard boxes, or wire baskets. Drawer shelving usually is free-standing, rather than bolted to a wall, so it can be moved around to fit your space needs. The shelves on gravity flow shelving are angled downward so that the items stored on them are naturally pushed to the front of the shelving by gravity.
Whatever type of shelving you need to organize your shop, garage or storage closet, you can find what you need at Bahrns. Cardboard is fine for small stuff, but how do we take the next step to create truly recyclable packing crates and pallets? If you’re lucky, some enterprising employee is willing to give up his lunch break to tear apart a packing crate that he’ll take home in his truck to build a chicken coop, a kid’s club house or some other useful project. Shippers will be more willing to work with your load size specs if your loads weigh less, since they may be able to use smaller trucks and will save money themselves by shipping lighter loads the same number of miles and spending less on fuel in the process.
There is 40 years of history behind the success of carton board used for shipping materials.
Bins can be used to keep separate products, parts and other materials separated until you need them.

Bins are made from a wide variety of materials, from corrugated cardboard to plastic to steel. Corrugated cardboard bins offer one of the most affordable solutions to providing organization in your work space.
Cardboard bins can be used for shelving and benches, retail displays, and other storage solutions.
If you are looking for something a little more durable than corrugated cardboard, you might consider using poly, bins. Poly bins can be made of a variety of materials, such as fiberglass, structural foam or polypropylene. Moving materials such as lumber, inventory, or building supplies to outdoor storage facilities such as sheds, tents or under tarps can often free up valuable indoor space for more profitable use. Storage Sheds — Industrial grade storage sheds come in a variety of different sizes and materials, from sheds small enough to house riding mowers or landscaping equipment to enormous prefabricated buildings that can provide shelter and security for heavy equipment and vehicles.
Canopies and Temporary Shelters — For short-term protection from elements such as rain, snow and direct sunlight are required, canopies and temporary shelter offer an affordable solution that can be set up and broken down wherever and whenever they are needed.
Quonset Huts — These durable storage sheds can be made from lighter materials such as canvas or plastic or heavier-duty materials such as aluminum.
Outdoor Shelters — Shelters made of a combination of glass, plexi-glass, durable plastic or metal offer the ideal solution for outdoor smoking areas, bus stop shelters, and other employee uses.
Tarps — In some cases, a simple tarp tied with durable rope or chain is enough to provide the protection you need while freeing up valuable interior space for more productive use.
Bahrn’s offers a complete line of outdoor storage solutions to fit any budget or need. If your warehouse or manufacturing facility handles products that need to be held in sub-freezing temperatures, you probably are already familiar with the challenges that presents.
One solution an increasing number of companies are turning to today is outsourcing their cold storage to a third-party logistics provider (3PL). Because there are more 3PLs available to companies today than ever before, prices are down and the quality and level of services they provide are up due to the increased competition, said Carlos Oliver, president of Frazier Industrial Company, a manufacturer of steel pallet rack systems. As a result, manufacturers and warehouse managers are finding some of the best bargains and getting more services than in the past.
Many operators of 3PLs are currently updating their warehouse management systems (WMS) in response to changing US Department of Agriculture rules that regulate cold storage of food products. As the top operators of 3PLs scramble to provide additional services and better customer interaction, the beneficiaries are the companies outsourcing their cold storage. Given the growing number of benefits to outsourcing your cold storage to a 3PL, there has never been a better time to consider making the move that could both save you money and increase your operational efficiency. Your browser does not support inline frames or is currently configured not to display inline frames. You said not to use metal for the lye but then your photos show you pouring the lye mixture into the metal pot with your oils. One way to make this work is to build an alliance with another company that has different seasonal peaks, but the same storage needs. Moreover, since dock activity occurs in the lower 10-feet of the facility, then using areas above this such as above dock doors or the use of racks on the walls rather than on the floor. This can be achieved with a real-time warehouse management system to track inventory and transaction data. If that building is a warehouse, then what can a warehouse manager do when he finds himself in need of more space to accommodate more products?
These problems arise due to rapid growth, seasonal spikes, large discount buying sales campaigns, an inventory buildup due to manufacturers’ shutdowns, consolidation of a number of warehouses into one, and a slow selling period. In short, there is an abundance of the right product available to accommodate customer demand.
Moreover, there’s a real possibility that multiple SKUs of products may be mixed in single bin locations.
The good thing here, however, is that the bottleneck probably won’t last too long because the products are moving through the warehouse quickly. However, this scenario also suggests that the warehouse operation is not managing inventory levels or obsolete products well. That’s because the problem arises due to steady growth, changing storage requirements or change in product mix, and always expanding service requirements. Finding more space and improving inventory management can fix all of this and we will show how with the next blog.
Store managers will be required to correct any safety issues found within 21 days of being notified of them. OSHA inspectors had previously cited the store for the same issues, but they had not been corrected when they returned to the store months later.
The settlement will create safer work environments for both store personnel and customers, said Michaels.
The plant doesn’t have to waste space that may be necessary on something that they don’t need immediately. What happens if they don’t have enough of the finished product inventoried on site to fill the order? That can include chemicals, minerals, or grains as well as nuts, bolts, wheels, or ball bearings. Having enough inventories on hand or in the warehouse means that retailers don’t have to back order items causing customers to wait. These manufacturers may run their operation continuously so that there are always enough products available. Select shelves that fit within the confines of the warehouse and still allow you to pile inventory on the top shelf.  Make certain that the height of the shelf doesn’t encounter lighting fixtures, pipes, a sprinkler system, or any other objects that might be attached to the ceiling. Shelves come in a number of stock sizes one of which could prove appropriate to your specific situation. These shelves have a weight capability of up to 1,850 pounds, offers easy access, and good stability.
This style of shelf has open construction and open back and sides so there is access from all four sides. However, it is more expensive than rivet and metal shelving, there are a limited number of sizes, and its maximum weight capability is about 1,200 pounds. If you’ve ever tried to organize a workshop, garage, or storage closet, you probably are already familiar with this theory. Shelves provide a simple solution to organizing clutter so that you can increase productivity and efficiency and counteract the forces of the universe — at least in your small corner of it. These convenient and affordable shelving units can be assembled quickly and come in a wide variety of sizes, colors, and shapes. You can also add to their versatility by adding removable bins, baskets, or hanging baskets. These feature rails that can be bolted to a wall of inserted into footings, then fitted with brackets on which the shelving units themselves sit.
You can modify the height of your shelves or the spaces between the shelves instantly to fit items of various sizes. These space-efficient units let you keep items separated so it’s easier for you to locate exactly the item you need when you need it. You also can get drawer shelving units that are fitted with casters so they can be relocated quickly and easily.
These type of shelves can be filled from the back so they are convenient for storing items using the first-in first-out inventory system.

We offer the widest variety of shelving types, sizes and options, including storage bins and baskets.
So until the whole world switches to carton board, you’ll be a favored customer among shipping agents.
The future of efficient logistics is starting now on the ground floor of every warehouse where carton board pallets can be used instead of heavy wood or environmentally-unfriendly plastic.
A messy, disorganized work area will result in messy, disorganized work, which in the long run will cost you money. When items are organized and separated, clearly marked and held in a convenient location until they are needed, you can depend on being able to find them when they are required. Many are designed to fit seamlessly with existing, standard shelving and can be easily stacked.
The type of bin you choose depends on what it will be used to hold and how it will be used. While providing more durability than corrugated cardboard bins, they are still affordable enough to be used in practically any application.
They come in many different types, including extra long, clear window, quick pick, stack and nest, and multi compartment. Many models can be stacked for easy and convenient storage while others include decorative feature or space for listing product descriptions or prices for retail applications. These are durable, rugged bins that are made from one-piece steel construction and have a two-ton stacking capacity. Storage sheds can be customized with lighting, HVAC, and security equipment such as security cameras and motion-activated flood lights. Because of their unique shape, they are ideal for storing inventory, supplies or other materials that require protection from rain, snow or sunlight. They come with both domed or flat-roofed designs to provide optimal efficiency to fit any budget.
Tarps made out of heavy-duty plastic, canvas or other materials provide a barrier between materials and the elements while offering the least expensive solution to external storage.
Check them out here and start improving your business’s operations at the most affordable prices anywhere. These are outside storage facilities that are owned and operated by somebody else, but that will hold and manage your frozen inventories for you, often at a fraction of the cost of warehousing them yourself. They also are trying to integrate their WMS with their customers in order to provide additional services that will make them more competitive, according to Jeff Hedges, president of OPEX Corporation, a manufacturer of materials handling automated equipment.
In addition, warehouses have been known to actually store products on trailers for short periods of time. The two companies can make an agreement with a third party for storage base on a year-round contract. In addition, you can construct mezzanines above work areas or use mezzanines as work areas. When there are too much of the right product, warehouse managers can hire more personnel to speed up operations. An off-site warehouse permits the plant to handle variations in production due to the orders it receives. This business needs a warehouse where it can transport and store the finished product so that it has enough space for the production of the next batch of products. So if a shelf has the capability of holding 400 pounds, then it is best for holding 10 items of 40 pounds spread evenly across the entire surface. Common standard sizes include 18-inches by 36-inches, 18-inches by 48-inches, 24-inches by 36-inches and 24-inches by 48-inches.
It is easy to customize and accessorize and include built-in bin; and multiple types of dividers, doors, and modular drawer inserts. The rails and brackets are usually made of steel or some other durable material while the shelves themselves can be made of steel, wood, or even plastic. Swedish consumer retail giant IKEA has saved millions of Euros by shipping many of its goods on carton board pallets.
They are perfect for storing parts both large and small and will help keep any work space organized and productive.
With sturdy stacking rims, steel bins are ideal for heavy bulk parts storage that corrugated and poly bins couldn’t handle. Paying to keep inventory or supplies in a heated and maintained indoor facility may not be the most cost effective use of your resources.
They provide more durability than tents or storage sheds while offering mobility and flexibility.
Usually, they are permanently anchored into a concrete base for long-term durability and extended usable life and feature replaceable module parts for easy maintenance. Costs for power to constantly maintain temperature are already high and are always escalating. However, it takes the warehouse executives time before they realize that warehouse operations are well below productivity quotas and conditions in the work environment are not safe.
However, in the case of too much of the wrong product, inventories are not picked for months and even years. Instead of having to order the raw materials it needs to make those products, which can add down time to the production process, the manufacturer can simply call the warehouse for the additional raw materials it needs. Any items that are used in the maintenance, repair, or operation of a production facility are included in this category.
These shelves are more expensive than the other options, and they are a little more difficult to install. In your lean logistics environment, you barely have time to dump the cardboard and plastic into the recycling bins. Back when mobile phones were only mobile if hard-wired into cars-we’re talking circa 1975, and back then they were only in the most-expensive cars-a Finnish company called Eltite was experimenting with the idea of using plain old carton board-the light-brown stuff we see on the cores of rolls of labels, rolls of tape and countless other things in our warehouses and factories-to make packing containers.
We’re not saying that such an accomplishment isn’t very impressive and deserving of compliment-but let’s face it, it’s only a partial truth. And the regulatory oversight involved with holding products below freezing can be a significant concern. It is said that using a trailer could cost between $180 to $220, not including drop-off charges, trailer loading and unloading labor costs, and security risk. Warehouses are expected to adjust as customer demands change and become more efficient over time.
That not only includes spare parts for the machinery, it also involves oils, lubricants, and other items that are needed to service the production process. Anything you receive that requires a container more rigid than a conventional, corrugated box comes in some odd-ball container that can’t easily be put into the recycled waste stream. These pallets weigh a lot less and therefore it costs less to ship your load since the overall weight is lower. In this case, warehouses will execute short term plans over the long run including creating customized floor-ready merchandise, hand-pricing merchandise at the piece level or creating mix loads to speed up orders when products are usually shipped in full case or full pallet quantities. Often carriers will manage freight and store trailers in their yard as part of a freight agreement. A carrier might be inclined to make such a deal because he may be able to get a deal that includes guaranteed freight throughout the year and being able to charge a profitable rate for all routes.

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