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As you may know, there are many different types of shed roof styles, ranging from flat to multi-layered or sloped. Along the top edge of your shed’s walls, position four beams that are 1-2 inches wider than the walls flat across the top of each wall’s edge and bolt them in place at the corners. Measure the midline of the two end beams, making sure that the measurements are accurate, as both ends need to line up. Rafters should be 24” apart and need to be notched with a Stopper Cut on the bottom edge a few inches up the beam from the lower end of the rafter.
Installing a roof can be quite difficult, but you don’t have to be a master carpenter to install a basic gable roof; with some math skills and knowledge of angles, anyone has what it takes for building a shed roof.
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Have your new Log Cabin built for you whilst you sit back and relax.Building installation ONLY.
This elegant and compact 6x4 shed has a uniquely designed curved roof which protects your stored items and will look great in any garden setting.
In addition to creating beautiful dwellings, their business meets the highest standards of creativity, excellence, and elegance in everything they do, including their website design. The Decorated Shed range has been developed as a direct result of a need to create design-led, sustainable and innovative buildings.
Here at Decorated Shed we reject this trend, and firmly believe that products should be designed and built to last, giving a continued functional application as well as visual satisfaction day after day, and year after year. The best old wooden structures can last for hundreds of years and yet retain and develop character over time without degrading or losing functional performance.
At Decorated Shed the meticulous selection of materials and expert craftsmanship ensures that each design is developed to the highest standards, with a durability that will stand up to both the elements and everyday life. Beautifully Engineered Buildings for work, leisure and life. Every Decorated Shed design can be adapted to suit your needs so there are very few limitations for your garden building design. Green Benefits of the Garden Annex. Decorated Shed garden annexes and holiday homes – including the Barn – are built to exacting standards that meet and exceed current building regulations on energy efficiency and insulation.
With such class-leading efficiency – combined with a strict adherence to a sustainable material supply chain – our garden annexes represent truly green investments, providing low-impact living solutions.
The prefabricated build process – with highly-insulating composite panels developed off-site – enables the Decorated Shed team to complete a full project in around four days, massively faster and more efficient than a traditional build of similar proportions. As with all Decorated Shed garden buildings, our garden annexes and holiday homes are built to specification.
Increase Home Workers. The past year has been a difficult time for many of us and the number of people working from home has risen dramatically.
Decorated Shed have become strong supporters of the working from home theory due to the recession and carbon foot print solutions. When building a new house or retrofitting an existing one, choosing the right type of roof can be more difficult than most people would think. Also known as pitched or peaked roof, gable roofs are some of the most popular roofs in the US. Pros: Gable roofs will easily shed water and snow, provide more space for an attic or vaulted ceilings and allow more ventilation.
If a gable roof is used in high wind areas, be sure proper braces are used and have the roof inspected after a large storm to ensure no damage occurred. Suggested materials: Gabled roofs can be covered with almost any type of material including asphalt shingles, cedar shakes, Terra Cotta, metal, and clay or concrete tiles.
Crossed Gable: A crossed gable roof is two gable roof sections put together at a right angle.
Note: Proper construction and maintenance is a must to prevent minor issues from turning into major problems.
Suggested materials: Hip roofs, like gable roofs, can be with almost any type of roofing material, such as shingles, metal, or tiles. A mansard roof, also known as a French roof, is a four-sided roof with a double slope on each side that meet forming a low-pitched roof. Cons: A low pitched portion of a mansard roof isn’t ideal for areas receiving heavy snowfall. Mansard roofs cost more than typical roofs because of the embellishments and details that go into them.
Suggested materials: Since a mansard roof has such a unique design, choosing a unique material could make the roof that much more special. Using wood or slate shingles in a diamond pattern is a way to make a mansard roof stand out. Most materials can be used for a mansard roof, but be aware of the low slope part of the roof. Similar to mansard, the lower side of the gambrel roof has an almost vertical, steep slope, while the upper slope is much lower. Pros: Much like the mansard, the gambrel provides extra living space for a garret, attic or loft.
Cons: The gambrel roof is not recommended for heavy wind areas or regions that receive significant snowfall. Gambrel roofs also need to be constructed well, waterproofed at the ridges and maintained on a regular basis.
Note: If a gambrel roof is used in extreme weather areas, insist on reinforced trusses, especially on the upper pitch. Most people don’t consider the amount of available outdoor living space a flat roof can provide.
Pros: Extra living space on the roof for a patio, garden or partially enclose for a penthouse room. The design is also conducive for installing PV solar panels for a more energy efficient and energy independent home.
Flat roofs are easier to construct than pitched roofs and require fewer building materials, keeping costs down.
Although the upfront cost of building a flat roof is less expensive than a pitched roof, they can be more expensive in the long run due to maintenance and ongoing roof repair and replacement costs. Pros: Skillions are easy to assemble and use much fewer building materials than other roof types. Suggested Materials: Because of the steep incline, rubber skins and roofing membranes can be eliminated.
A butterfly is a V-shaped roof constructed of two tandem pieces which are angled up on the outside. The valley in the midsection of the butterfly roof allows rainwater to be collected, making it beneficial for high drought areas.

The butterfly roof lends itself to an environmentally friendly home design, as PV solar panels, water collection systems and natural light can all be easily incorporated. The open design and tall windows can make it more difficult to regulate the temperature throughout the home. Suggested Materials: Using a solid, continuous membrane with no seams is the key to keeping a butterfly roof watertight. Bonnet roofs, also known as kicked-eaves, are double sloped with the lower slope set at less of an angle than the upper slope. The overhanging eaves not only provide protection for porches, but also help to protect walls from water damage. Water easily runs off the slopes of the roof and the modified hip structure make it more durable than a gable roof. Cons: The complex design requires more building materials and it’s more difficult to construct.
Suggested Materials: Bonnet roofs can be made from most any type of material, including shingles, metal and natural stone. A salt box roof is asymmetrical in design, with one side being more of slightly sloping flat roof and the other more of a lean to, with gables at each end. Pros: The slope makes it easy for water to run off, making the saltbox roof good for areas that receive heavy rain. A sawtooth roof is two or more parallel pitched roofs in which the sloped and vertical surfaces alternate.
Pros: Windows are placed in the vertical spaces of the roof, allowing more natural light inside the home. The combination of the various slopes and use of natural light make this design an excellent choice for homes with Eco-friendly conveniences, such as solar panels, geothermal and radiant heating systems. Cons: The complex design and various building materials needed will make the sawtooth roof much more expensive than other roof types.
Suggested Materials: Depending on the style of the house, the roof can be made from wood, steel or reinforced concrete. A curved roof can be used to cover the entire home or a single section, such as an arched entrance.
Since curved roofs are designed by the architect or builder, it can be customized to be advantageous to the region the home is being built. A combination roof incorporates a design using various roofs on the same structure for aesthetic and practical reasons. For example, a house may have a hip roof with a gable roof over dormers and a skillion over the porch. Take these important factors into consideration and you’ll have the roof and house of your dreams. This actually makes no sense, as the difference in terms of labor and materials between a hip and gable roof is not all that significant unless it’s some sort of an expensive slate roof you have on your house. My husband and I have been wanting to build a new home for the past few years so we are working on the whole design process right now. With this variety of styles, also comes a variety in the degree of difficulty involved in making them. When each beam is in place, they should look like a rectangle or square (depending on the shape of your shed) frame when looking down at the shed.
Typically, plywood is used for this step, but you can use any sturdy material that you’re comfortable with.
Its 4ft x 6ft size makes it perfect for a smaller garden and its sloping roof provides additional head height within the shed whilst also preventing any water from collecting on the roof and damaging your items.
Decorated Shed is a business that brings beauty, function, and sustainable design to housing, studios, garden offices, and other outbuildings.
The elegance, beauty, function, and attention to detail found in Decorated Shed structures and dwellings extends to their website design as well.
We are the perfect solution to extend your home without having to move house or get a traditionally-built extension which will cost more and take a lot longer. This dedication to quality results in a garden annex building that not only looks amazing, but performs to incredibly high standards when it comes to heating, powering and general running.
This means that the building is designed precisely around your own personal needs, and will begin performing a life-enhancing role from the moment it is completed.
In some cases though people would prefer to work from home and benefit from a healthier and cheaper way of living but employers have not been crazy about it, even though it will reduce over heads and the companies carbon footprint.
In our previous blog this week, and the answer was yes, telecommuting is growing and eco bosses and workers are giving the carbon footprint solution a go. We build and design bespoke garden offices and garden studios which have become a popular product recently.
Roofs do more than just serve a practical purpose of protecting a house and its occupants from outside elements.
Their inherently simple design makes it easy to build them and cheaper than more complex designs. However, if the roof also contains hips and valleys, it should either be shingled or roofed with metal shingles or standing seam to help prevent roof leaks. Use a cross gable to accent different areas of the home, such as the garage, porch or dormers.
A gable roof is placed at the top of a hip roof for more space and enhanced aesthetic appeal. They also provide more ventilation and ability to make additions, such as dormers or a crow’s nest. When first designing and building a home, you can actually save money by having a simple mansard design to start off.
But, the added space and character can more than make up for the extra cost of initial construction. Using metal, such as copper or zinc for the steep portion of the roof, can be more expensive up front, but will require much less maintenance down the road, making it a good long-term choice. The difference between the two is that the gambrel only has two sides, while the mansard has four. Since the construction is quite simple with fewer materials needed, this helps to keep the cost of a roof down. It’s a good idea to have a gambrel roof inspected each year to check for damage from storms, heavy rainfall or snow. However, they can also be installed on residential houses in both high and low rainfall areas.
They are aesthetically pleasing, energy efficient, thanks to all the vegetation acting as an additional layer of insulation, with cooling properties, and help combat the urban heat island effect.

Their steep pitch allow snow and water to easily run off, which makes them excellent for high rain and snow regions. It can either be thought of as a gable roof with hipped ends (cut short with the points turning downward). This gives the home more natural light, lower heating bills in the winter and brings an open feel to the design. A downspout attached to a rain barrel or other type of water reservoir is usually installed for this purpose. Not only are the upfront costs higher than with conventional roofs, but the maintenance will also be more expensive.
They were mainly used in French Vernacular and can be seen in regions of Louisiana and Mississippi. For example, in high wind areas, a roof with a lower slope would be more durable than one with a higher slope. They are also used for auxiliary structures, such as pool houses, garages and storage buildings. Adding different pitches and roof types will require more building materials and labor costs. For example, if you live in a snowy area, a higher pitched roof that is designed to easily shed off high accumulations of snow, can be one the most practical options. It uses smaller lumber and a lot less material when you consider there is no brick wall needed up to the ridge. You can have a brand new metal roof installed for that much money, with quite a bit of money left over if we are just talking about asphalt shingles.
We aren’t really sure what type of roof would work best for us so we are weighing out all of our options. One of the simplest roofing designs is the gabled roof, mainly because it does not use a truss system. These beams need to be very securely attached, as they are the supporting components of your roof.
When using plywood, nail it to each rafter making sure to attach it securely at the top, bottom, and middle. It describes the measuring and cutting of the rafter seat and birds mouth cuts as well as the ridge cut. Our garden buildings can take as little as 4 days to build and we will handle everything for you from the planning permission to the aftercare advice.
We source our materials worldwide to get the best quality and we use top of the range tri fold door systems which provide all our buildings with high insulation in all seasons. If the unfortunate situation arises and you don’t have a boss anymore there are plenty of options and well paid jobs out there for home workers. We act on environmental issues through our high performance energy efficient insulation and our triple sealed doors and windows buildings. They can also add some additional space, make your home more energy efficient, and help bring in some natural light.
The triangle section can be left open for an open gable roof, or it can be enclosed for a boxed gable roof. Also, additional seams can make it easier for water leaks to form if a roofing system is not properly installed. While all details will add to the overall beauty of a home, they increase chances for water leaks to occur.
The most common materials used are tar and gravel, roll roofing, metal sheets, PVC, TPO, and rubber membrane. Layers are created using beneficial plant life, soil, drainage, and waterproofing membrane. They can also be used purely for design purposes to add architectural interest and aesthetic appeal. For a more Eco-friendly and energy independent home, large PV solar panels can also be installed. Early Americans realized they could add more space with less material by adding a lean to roof to an existing gable roof.
While in areas that receive more snow and rain can have more of an arch to allow water to run-off.
I had no idea that there were so many different types of roofing, we will have to consult with different contractors and see what opinions they have regarding what would work best for us. Once the two vertical beams have been securely attached, the Cross Beam needs to be installed. For a more finished look, roofing tiles can be layered on top of the plywood, starting at the bottom edge of the roof and working upwards to insure water runs off the roof instead of in between the tiles. Two side windows allow for lots of natural light to flow in during the day time, and are made from plastic styrene. You will also see how to build a jig on the shed floor to help you build all the rafters to exactly the same size. If there is too much of an overhang, winds can create an uplift underneath and cause the roof to detach from the walls. This will not only add value to the house, but it also allows homeowners to easily make additions as their needs change. It is best to create a template first for these cuts and then use it to cut each rafter, so all of the rafters fit into place identically.
The door and windows are factory fitted making the assemble of this shed quick and easy.This 6x4 shed has been constructed from high quality 12mm tongue and groove cladding giving it a strong and sturdy structure. Learning how to build the roof rafters is a very simple process when you follow the easy steps outlined in this shed building video. Our Garden Offices are built to your specific requirements and our objective is to build a eco friendly, beautifully engineered garden office with natural and relaxing interiors to enhance your new work place. In addition to rafters being spaced 24” apart, each side of the roof’s rafters should line up across from each other at the Cross Beam. The floor and roof are also made from strong tongue and groove timber which ensures that the floor can withstand heavier tools.Like all of our dip treated products we offer a 10 year anti rot promise with this 6x4 shed offering great value for money.
Although the timber has been pre-treated, we advise that you treat your shed annually to keep your shed in top shape.

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