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I guess if you used pieces of cardboard or metal you could make ones just like Alexander Calder's.
Ready to convert an existing website into a mobile-friendly platform but not sure how to get started? New York-based startup bMobilized has released a new do-it-yourself tool that instantly converts a website into a full-featured HTML5-enabled mobile site in just a few clicks.
Here's how it works: Visit the bMobilized homepage, type in the name of your site and click "mobilize!" This automatically converts the url into a mobile website, optimized for any mobile operating system or browser.
To officially link the two platforms, copy and paste the "redirection script" from the dashboard to your existing site, so mobile users who type the URL will be sent to the mobile version. Although the service is free to try for seven days, it costs $5 per month to keep it up and running. So, I came up with this easy DIY project that uses around $7.00 in materials but makes a fun impact on any space.
And its always moving and changing, so it looks different from all sides, and the color combinations are never the same. That was one of the last pictures I took of one of my garden snails this autumn before they went into hibernation. That made me think about how I missed my little friends and it was then that I had an idea for a little whimsical covered stone.
It was then that I noticed a cute little orange felt fellow sitting inside one of my shells admiring the cosy little cardigan.
I turned my head for a moment and when I looked back he had crawled out of the shell and into the little pocket.
He said the pocket fit like a glove and it was then that he decided it would be his temporary home at least until winter had passed . He ended the evening by handing me a small bouquet of bittersweet flowers , well because his favorite color is orange and its hard to find flowers in the garden in mid October. I am sure some of your were wondering what I was going to do with all those beautiful colorful felted rocks we made on thanksgiving weekend besides take photographs of them in awesome locations. To make my pillow I had to open each of the felted stones , remove the smooth sea stones, stuff each of them with ecofill and then sew them closed. Well this afternoon, I was taking a few pictures of the table and something else unexpected happened. Before the recent AT comments my daughters and I spent some time after the thanksgiving feast, chatting, listening to music ( seabear is my new love) and felting smooth sea stones with the beautiful merino roving maria ( kjoo) send to me. Over the summer I made a few crocheted over fabric covered rope necklaces and I can't for the life of me remember if I ever showed them to you. I wanted to take it a little further and try to incorporate some natural objects into the necklaces well just because that's what I like to do. That last one is a mini version of the matryushka stones I made with a wet felted stone partially encased in crochet.
For the record I want to state that no cotton plants were tortured in the making of these articles. Materials : small amounts of sock yarn , a crochet hook ( I used a size 5 american) , acorn caps , some roving or other stuffing material and a glue gun .
Step 3: With your glue gun place a small amount of hot glue on the inside of an acorn cap and then gently press it onto a stuffed acorn. Materials: orange feltable wool ( I used lamb's pride), a set of 4 size 6 double pointed needles, a darning needle , access to a washing machine or hot soapy water for felting, green felt for leaves, cotton twill tape and stamping pad with letter stamps ( optional) , fabric covered buttons ( you can substitute any button here ).
Step 2: Make as many little bowls as you want and then throw them in a hot washing machine with a little bit of wool soap.
I didn't have a picture of the small bowl's before felting but here is one of a larger version. On the topic of felt I , my lazy girl's guide to felting rocks was posted on the apartment therapy blog today ( thanks ) but I was reading through the comments and there seem to be not very many warm fuzzy felt lovers amongst them . We usually just hang leaves from the light fixture for our thanksgiving day table but this year we decided to make a mobile with materials gathered from a few walks in the woods this past week.

The materials you will need for this project are an embroidery hoop, strong thread or crochet cotton, a needle and a variety of gathered natural materials. Step 1 : Go for a walk in the forest or around your neighborhood to gather up some materials. You can see what I gathered : ginkgo leaves, acorns, feathers, other nuts, pine cones, bittersweet berries, cranberries , quince, bits of birch bark and wood. Step 2: Thread a long piece of thread on your needle and then start threading items onto it. Step 3: Tie four strings about 12 inches long to the embroidery hoop and gather them in the center of the hoop and tie a knot. I wish I had a porch that wrapped around the world so I could invite you all to share in a thanksgiving feast but sharing our day with you is the next best thing. The snails had to get ready and celebrate halloween early since it often is too cold here at the end of October . A big frustration for a lot of businesses is havingĀ  a non mobile friendly website and losing orders to the competition who do have a mobile friendly site. If we had a dollar for the amount of times we get asked this question we would have a very full piggy bank and the fact remains that there is no magic code that we can apply to make a site mobile friendly. Secondly a marketing strategy for 12 months should be implemented that ties in with the website and this could involves social media, competitions, google ads, facebook ads, SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) , print and so on.
This exciting and contemporary web design and development project for Shears and Mac was enthusiastically endorsed by our management team.
Here's where you can customize the mobile site by adjusting the design, such as editing menus, updating color schedules and running promotions. Powered by its own proprietary technology, Mashable is the go-to source for tech, digital culture and entertainment content for its dedicated and influential audience around the globe. Begin by using ScotchBlue Painter's Tape to tape off your blocks to create crisp paint lines. Choose another side of your block (not touching the first one, in case the paint isn't full dry yet) and tape as in step one.
Be sure that all of the loops face the same direction, so that all the blocks will hang evenly. It has been weeks now since I have seen one nibbling on some garden greens and last night I was searching for something in google images and came across this amazing photograph of a snail tree.
Me in my cosy bed with the warm down comforter and my friend in his cosy pocket of the woolen cardigan. My plan from the beginning was to make a felted stone pillow to rest my sometimes weary head on and to dream warm felted dreams . One of the items was a table that I had covered in broken pieces of plates and tea cups, scrounged from thrift stores , rummage sales and trash. I am planning a special little project with these but I thought they were so beautiful that they deserved to be given a little attention before being transformed.
I worked on some prototypes this past weekend when I wasn't cooking, feasting or out enjoying the warm weather. I wanted to share with you how to make them before my american friends have their celebration next month. Make a single crochet in every stitch of the chain circle, five total to make the first row. Make sure they are approximately equidistant from each other so that the hoop with hang level.
The process is to start over and work with our design team to ensure the critical elements remain in the mobile view and to also get a refreshed look and feel to the website that fits in with 2014.
And this DIY geometric mobile project combines three of my favorites: the combination of natural wood grain and solid color, kinetic, evolving art, and really inexpensive materials that come together to look like something I'd paid bundles for. It's important to be careful in your measurements here, as each need to be the same size so the mobile will balance perfectly. In my dreams everyone one is kind, considerate and respectful of different ways of living .
It took me most of the morning but I love the result and it is unbelievably soft and dreamy to lay your head on.

I would love to invite anyone who thinks this a waste of time to come and join us on the porch for a wonderful evening of friendship, fun and felting. I made these last year for thanksgiving so I don't have all the photographs along the way to making them. Today I am going to get outside to savour the artful display that nature has created on this beautiful ,warm, October weekend.
The snails were happy to trade in their cosy sweaters for some newly crocheted costumes and model their costumes for you.
For the one I made for my daughter, I used little alphabet blocks into which i sunk a tiny screw-eye (sold for attaching wire to the back of picture frames). By the time you've finished the last one, the first one should be dry enough to remove the tape. Feel free to experiment with the screw eye placement that works best for the look you're going for.
If it's right on, use the needle nose or round nose (preferably) to create loop by bending each of the sides of the wire 180Ā° to the other side of the pliers. He was so cold when i found him that he must have some kind of hypothermia induced amnesia and he can't remember his name. If you have ever laid your head on a smooth stone covered in thick lush moss you have some idea of the experience.
The last thing to do was place the oval mirror that had been left by the roadside in the center of the table with some adhesive underneath.
Next row begin your decreases.* Knit 2 , knit 2 stitches together *, repeat this until the round is done. They might not look like much but to get the pieces to fit together smoothly over the stones surface was a challenge.
These are great kinematic art project that seem to float in the air and dance on puffs of wind. For this instructable, I used tea-bags because they were handy.Next thing is to find some hanging wire.
You also worried about the sellers can’t do anything if the products are not work, We have going in business for a long time, And we have a lots of customers from all the world becoming our partner, Autumn is coming, we have opened the fall fashion door to all the customers, Would you mind making a decision to buy one or two product to have a try?
The top one will now be upside-down, that is, with the loop to the bottom of the rod, and the bottom one will have it's loop at the top.
I was very inspired by the transient beauty that was evident in my garden for the first few hours of this cool fresh sunday morning. What is really funny is that I ( the girl who has nothing better to do) felted a whole new pile of rocks with my daughter on the weekend with some amazing merino roving sent by my dear friend Maria who was in Canada with her husband for a few weeks.
I am not sure this is something I could ever produce in quantity for my etsy shop when it opens but I may try to dream up a less labour intensive version when I get a chance.
Instead of giving up in frustration I decided to incorporate the crack into the surface by slightly separating it and grouting inbetween. Last year when I brought in the plants for the winter at least one snail was a plant stowaway and wintered in our upstairs bathroom living in the gardenia pot. For smaller items, I used piano wire, which I got at a shop that sells remote-control airplanes.
The stones are fantastic and I have a very special project in mind for them but only after I have had some fun taking pictures of them. I bet you are wondering at this point whether or not I am actually going to show you the table. I probably used 40' of it for the mobile shown here.Then, you need some tools, specifically, pliars and nippers.
Crafts stores that cater to jewelry makers will have little ones, which are good to start with, but they can't do much with bigger wire.

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