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A Mobile friendly website makes it much easier for users to navigate and read the content on various mobile devices, smart phones and tablet devices. In this blog post, we are going to help you to mobilize your website, so that your business can start benefiting from its mobile traffic instead of turning it away. As the name indicates, a mobile friendly website is a site which gives the best experience for user, no matter which mobile device they use. Following are some of the tips which could help you to make your website mobile-friendly and provide your mobile users with a better user experience. Mobile users have different needs and wants than desktop users, and the design of the site should reflect that. Responsive design allows website developers to create a site that can be viewed easily on different devices.
Responsive design uses CSS3 to automatically adapt website content to the size of the user’s screen based on width, orientation and resolution.
The responsive design approach makes use of flexible layouts, flexible images, and cascading stylesheet media queries.
When responsive design is used on a website, the web page will be able to recognize the visitor’s screen size and orientation and change the layout accordingly. Bootstrap is a responsive framework for building web sites and applications, and it’s a great starting point for building a responsive theme for your website. Let us have a look at some of the Bootstrap tools which helps to create responsive interfaces and websites faster than ever. Brix is a powerful online Bootstrap tool that enables you to create responsive interfaces & websites faster than ever.
Jetstrap is a premium web-based interface building tool for Bootstrap 3 that helps developers and designers to build for all devices and allows to work from anywhere. Divshot is not only a visual Bootstrap editor, but also an application-grade hosting environment built for developers. Bootstrap Starter Kit is a Bootstrap template with a compilation of unique, professional Content Blocks, that can be composed together to develop unlimited responsive layouts to suit any business. Use the drag-and-drop HTML Builder to quickly and visually create your perfect site, or copy-and-paste your chosen blocks for greater control. Foundation is a family of responsive front-end frameworks which helps to build beautiful responsive websites, apps, prototypes and emails that look amazing on any device. Foundation is easier to style, faster to learn, modular, semantic, readable, flexible, and completely customizable, so you can easily build your responsive website from prototype to production in no time. Foundation supports Right-to-Left(RTL) languages to help designers around the world to design great products faster.
If you build a mobile version of your website, you will effectively have two websites – one for desktop and one suitable for mobile devices. When the users visit your website using a mobile device, they will be redirected automatically to your mobile website. With a separate site, you can tailor the content to the needs of your mobile readers that won’t be replicated on the desktop version of your website.
The viewport is a virtual area used by the browser rendering engine to determine how content is scaled and sized. Without viewport, your site will not work well on a mobile device, because the viewport meta tag makes each page to fit exactly inside the screen of the mobile device.
High resolution images are very important on your responsive website to make sure that your user’s experience is of a high standard. Having extremely high-resolution images will help you avoid blurry images when viewed on a retina-quality screen.
When you’re dealing with mobile devices, make sure that you design the images which have the smallest possible file size.
Smaller size images will look crisp and clear on whatever screen it’s being viewed on and it helps to load the page faster, and generally contributes to a positive image of your site. Another reason is, the bandwidth of mobile devices are much smaller when compared to desktop’s and it causes increased loading times. Always go with bigger button sizes, because it reduces the chances that the user will click the wrong button by mistake. Images and the navigation content, may not work properly using the auto-zoom feature, since they may appear too small or too large in your layout. Javascript is a widely used language and together with CSS and image files, it’s one of the backbones for a responsive, mobile-friendly site. The most popular website content management systems — WordPress, Joomla, or Drupal can make any website mobile-friendly, without adding two different versions. WPtouch is one of the best plugins for WordPress websites which likes to add a custom mobile experience.
Responsivizer and JoomlaShine plugins have simple ways to add mobile functionality to your Joomla website. Drupal offers two modules — ThemeKey and MobileTheme — that checks whether a user is on a mobile device and it automatically re-directs the theme of the website to a mobile friendly appearance. Mobile Search Engine Optimization is the method of developing a website to make it appropriate for looking on mobile devices of different screen sizes. Mobile search engine optimization (SEO) ensures that your website appears in mobile search engine results, and that users who access your website through a mobile device have an optimized experience.

A good mobile website has a responsive design which performs well on desktops as well as mobile devices. The contents of an excellent mobile website are easy to read on a mobile device without having to zoom the screen.
The Home Page of a mobile website plays the most important role in connecting users to the content which they are looking for. With minimal space on the screen, search results that include rich snippets will look more appealing. For the best user experience, ensure that the videos play perfectly, and that no image elements overlap each other. Make your calls to action highly click-able by using buttons, color differentiation, custom graphics, images, etc. Page speed is more essential for mobile than desktop devices due to hardware and connectivity problems. Using YouTube videos on your website is a solution to combat any complexities in viewing videos on mobile. No matter how elegant your mobile website is, always add “go to full website” or “view desktop version” option at the bottom of your website, because few users will always prefer to have full site experience. We hope these guidelines will help you to know how to make your website more mobile-friendly.
Hello.This post was extremely remarkable, particularly because I was investigating for thoughts on this matter last Thursday. A big frustration for a lot of businesses is having  a non mobile friendly website and losing orders to the competition who do have a mobile friendly site.
If we had a dollar for the amount of times we get asked this question we would have a very full piggy bank and the fact remains that there is no magic code that we can apply to make a site mobile friendly. Secondly a marketing strategy for 12 months should be implemented that ties in with the website and this could involves social media, competitions, google ads, facebook ads, SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) , print and so on. This exciting and contemporary web design and development project for Shears and Mac was enthusiastically endorsed by our management team. Ten years ago, no one had heard of any kind of web design beyond the then-current standard: static pages with some dynamic elements, all of them written mostly in HTML. At its inception, WordPress was a blogging platform designed to make it easy and fun for people of all races, creeds, and languages to share whatever content they thought to be important, whether that meant breaking news, broken hearts, or Batman collectibles. Plugins will obviously work if you want to take your site into the world of mobile optimization, but they’re quick, no-frills affairs. WordPress Twenty Eleven is WP’s default theme, and is adequately responsive all by itself.
Scherzo is a great theme for the minimalist crowd, and better yet, it was built specifically to cater to the unique needs of mobile and mobile optimized websites. The royal treatment for any website, hand-coding your website for mobile responsiveness is still work, but it isn’t nearly as much work as building a new site from scratch.
The first thing you need to do is define the media queries that will tell your website how to behave, visually speaking, when presented on mobile devices. This step involves using CSS to make the general layout of your website more mobile-friendly. Mobile users have a unique set of preferences, and they’re used to seeing and interacting with things in a certain, predictable way. Making a mobile-friendly website can be daunting if you don’t have the right tools and information, but with this handy guide, it should be quick, painless, and even fun!
Since you are already familiar with the importance of having a mobile website (see article: The Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Mobile Website), it is high time you have created a professional mobile website.
However, there are some certain rules of creating a mobile website based on your desktop site. Apart from a desktop website, you can have a dedicated website that will be specially designed for mobile.
As for the second option, you may have one website that is based on the Responsive Website Design (so-called RWD).
The last option that we can mention is creating a mobile phone application that would be complementary to your presence in the mobile channel. Regardless the needs of your business, a mobile site that is both, cheap and professional, is your goal.
A mobile friendly website must include the features found on a standard website, such as navigation, search options, and share functions.
Responsive design furnishes the best possible experience at the mobile level but allows for enhancements to the site’s design and functionality as it increases in screen size.
This reduces the amount of work which developers have to do when it comes to develop a website. Responsive website content such as images and text will automatically shift around to be easier to navigate, depending on the mobile device used. Bootstrap editors and builders makes it easier to prototype, test and build responsive websites.
Brix produces easily readable, smooth and well-formatted HTML, CSS & JS for use with any hosting service or other editor.
This may seem big, but instead of having your users zoom-in to read the content, this makes it easier for them by adjusting your font size for maximum legibility.

It not only reduces the maintenance of the website but also makes the content consistent for the search engines. Therefore, a good mobile website must display the most important links on the Home Page, so that they can get enough visibility. So, in-order to increase the ranking of your website , make sure that your website is user friendly.
The reason behind this is that, the embed code of YouTube is responsive already, and this will revive multiple steps to ensure that your videos are mobile-friendly. Please let me know your skype id so that i can ask my Sales Manager to get in touch with you. I want to say that this post is amazing, great written and include approximately all vital infos. The process is to start over and work with our design team to ensure the critical elements remain in the mobile view and to also get a refreshed look and feel to the website that fits in with 2014. At its heart, that’s still what WordPress is, which is where the host of WordPress plugins designed to make a mobile website as quickly and in as economical a fashion as possible enter the picture. Used by average Joes and Janes as well as luminaries like Stephen Fry, this plugin basically strips away all the bells and whistles your website might contain and reintroduces the content and a few other core elements in a mobile-friendly format. More a re-skinning device than anything, this plugin allows site owners to give their desktop website a totally different layout that’s customized for mobile users. Originally intended to help WordPress users turn their WP sites into a social network of sorts, it also makes for a great mobile optimization tool.
As such, it’s your job to make sure any menus, navigational routines, and so forth as intuitive and un-cluttered as possible. I've created this do-it-yourself guide on how to make a website to help those who are looking to make a professional looking website for themselves or a business. The magnificence of an RWD site is that it adjusts its layout and content to the current device of the website’s visitor, whether it is a tablet, PC, or a smart phone.
However, it means having a good plan on how you engage with the prospects to download the app from Android Market or AppStore.
You can try ActiveMobi – a drag-and-drop mobile website creator that will allow you a quick start with your mobile site, for only $6 a month. Having a separate mobile site from your desktop site allows you to optimize for speed, which is paramount for mobile. If your website is of a traditional, desktop-bound make and heavy on the content, the following plugins can help make it a bit more mobile-friendly.
Using BuddyPress, WordPress sites of all stripes can now be optimized for the mobile environment with just a few clicks. They’ll shove your sites into mobile compliance whether they like it or not, and the results, while adequate, can sometimes be unpredictable. WP Mobile Pack (see above) and WPTap Mobile Detector are the go-to utilities for this method of site creation. To make it simple, CSS is most of what determines how your website looks on various platforms.
You can use various programming languages to do this (CSS, PHP), or if you prefer, you can just install one of the myriad plugins designed to do the work for you, and go get a cup of matcha green tea! Without any particular IT skills, with easy-to-use creators you are able to make a nice looking mobile site.
Nevertheless, such a solution is very expensive and devoted to huge and complex mobile websites. Choosing to make a mobile website with purpose-built WordPress themes, on the other hand, will give your website(s) a makeover like you wouldn’t believe.
You’re going to want to tweak the bits of code that define how these sites appear to mobile users when they visit on their phones, tablets, or other mobile device. Now, in the following tips we are going to present you the possibilities, so that you can choose the most suitable option. Depending on the layout and functionality, cost of creating such a site amounts from $5k to even $25k.
It is a perfect start for SMBs that have no mobile site at all and that need a quick start. Additionally, while having a desktop website, you can redirect desktop users to your site’s mobile equivalent by pasting a simple auto-redirect script to the code of your site.
RWD mobile websites have their pros and cons, we will try to address that in an upcoming post. Now, though, mini-PCs are exactly what the humble cell phone has become, and with that transformation, the need for mobile websites has exploded. Keep reading to learn about all the different ways to make a WordPress based website that your phone can be proud of!

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