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The following tutorial will take you step by step through the process of setting up your own website. Your domain name provides visitors with the first and most lasting impression of your website.
It’s up to you which plan you choose to go with, but I generally recommend people go for a year or two in advance, it works out much cheaper that way.
Once that is done, GreenGeeks will setup your new domain and web host, and link them together.
In this tutorial I am going to show you how to build a website based on a free piece of software called WordPress. These features include a set of themes that allow you to build a professional site without hiring a web developer. A manual installation of WordPress is often time-consuming, especially for novice web developers.
1) Login to your GreenGeeks account manager (the link will be in your welcome email from GreenGeeks).
3) Once you are logged in, click on the Blue cPanel Login button: You will now see a screen with a bunch of icons on it. Then last but not least you will see the “Select Language” option and “Limit Login Attempts”, which you can again just leave them as they are and click the Install Button. After a minute or two you should see the screen below, which means that the software has been installed and is ready to go. This page primarily consists of links in submenus that allow you to change various features of your website such as your WordPress theme. There are more than one methods that you can choose to build a site and a particular method may work better for you than others. Note: Registering a Domain and buying Hosting are not required to be done in an order like they are shown in the flow chart. What five steps do you need to take to make your own website so that others may see what you have to say or even sell? Yep its pretty simple, just by following these 5 steps we will have your site up and running in no time. It doesn’t matter if you’re building a personal or business website, you need to have a good domain name. If your domain name is available there will be a screen that looks like this, simply press the ADD button and it will continue onto the registration process. You will be presented with a bunch of offers throughout the process, I would recommend to decline them all at this stage as you can come back at a later stage to add the different things if you like, Godaddy is a really good domain registrar but I would recommend also to try a different company for web hosting (you will see why later).
Ok now that you’ve got your domain name registered and ready to go, you’ll need to host it somewhere. We have secured a 25% discount code for all our customers so enter the words WEBSITECREATION like the picture shows below to secure your immediate discount. Fill in all the account information and once you are done hit Create Account and you are ready to roll. 5 – In the boxes named Nameserver 1 and Nameserver 2 enter the details that were sent to you when you signed up for your Hostgator account then click ok.
That’s it, your are done for now it may take some time to become active, sometimes up to 48 hours but usually its a lot quicker.
If you’re having difficulties changing your Name Servers, get in touch with Hostagor so they can walk you through the process.
WordPress is a blogging platform that allows you to effortlessly choose the design and theme for your website.
If you have successfully changed the Name Servers, you’ll get a popup that will ask for a username and password for the cPanel. D – Once this is done, go to option front page and adjust the radio button choice from “A Static Page” from “Your Latest Posts”. There are a multitude of things that can be done within the WordPress admin area and additional help will be available soon. If you have any questions, or run into any problems along the way, please don’t hesitate to ask questions in the comments section, or alternatively contact us, we are more than happy to help.
This is where the files that make up your website will actually be stored, making your website accessible for people all around the world to see online. Fortunately, web hosts such as GreenGeeks have applications that allow you to install WordPress automatically. This is your websites cPanel (Control Panel) where you can setup email addresses, or view your website statistics as well as a range of other things.

Most people will want to clear this box, so that WordPress is installed on the main domain, but if you want it inside a different directory, you can enter one here. This section of the tutorial will describe some of the methods you can use to give your website a professional appearance with WordPress. Additional features that you can configure through WordPress include pages, posts, comments, tags and categories. This submenu allows you to change your theme as well as menus and widgets for your sidebar. This submenu allows you to change miscellaneous features on your website such as the date format, description, display and name of each page. This submenu lets you modify settings that are specific to each user such as profiles, email and passwords.
This is important, because remember: putting less effort in your work is bad, but some times putting more effort than needed is not useful either.
Although they are on top in the flow chart, you can do them whenever you want without following a sequence.
Notice that you enter in a starting website, a word to find, and the maximum number of pages to search through. As described on the Wikipedia page, a web crawler is a program that browses the World Wide Web in a methodical fashion collecting information. It starts at the website that you type into the spider() function and looks at all the content on that website. Google has a whole fleet of web crawlers constantly crawling the web, and crawling is a big part of discovering new content (or keeping up to date with websites that are constantly changing or adding new stuff).
Really, there are just five simple steps you need to follow to design one easily and effortlessly.
All you’ll need to do is have a few ideas and then test them at the relevant websites to see if those domains are available. You can simply register and secure your domain name for under $12 sometimes cheaper depending on the deals they have. If you choose a domain that is already taken just keep trying until you find one that is available. Once you have purchased the domain and everything is processed you should receive an email with all your relevant info. To get your website published on the web, you’re going to need to purchase a web hosting account and then upload it to the internet. You should receive an email with all relevant information in it, keep this in a safe place as we need the details in step 3 and for your future reference. Once the Hostgator sends you the Account Login Information email, you’ll find those name server specifics, which usually begin with “NS1, NS2, NS12, etc.
Their support system is fantastic for people wanting some assistance or use our contact us page and we will be happy to assist you at any stage of the process. Refer back to the account information email you received from hostgator, all your relevant details should be in that email. Once you can log into the cPanel using the URL, head to the Fantastico De Luxe option by clicking on it. Now, choose “Finish Installation” so that WordPress will be entirely installed onto the domain. That’s it great work, when you visit your website, you’ll find the default WordPress blog page with a greeting. It’s not uncommon for a delay in WordPress showing up; it all depends on the server configuration of hostagtor. When you get to the Install Themes option, you can pick a variety of things for your website. Everything about your site is under your control so you can update it anytime you feel the need to. Sometimes it can take a few minutes to get the email, but sometimes it will take a few hours, so once you have received your welcome email, you can continue with step 3. These applications perform many additional functions within WordPress such as improving the search ranking of your website. It also lets modify the features of existing pages such as comments, page order, slug and template.
Plugins enhance the functionality of your website by making your website run faster, changing its appearance and improving the search ranking of your website. You can also specify the information that will appear with the post such as the date of the post, poster’s name and comments from visitors.

We will try to go through all steps from A to Z and try to find answers to questions we encounter. However you probably noticed that this search took awhile to complete, maybe a few seconds. Make sure you do a bit of searching around because you are bound to find a bunch of hosts that offer really low prices. If you can’t find this information, be sure to talk with them either by email or phone and they’ll provide you with the information associated with the hosting account.
To get WordPress installed on your website, you’ll need to go to the cPanel on the hosting account. Be sure you type in your email address, powerful password and any information that’s requested. If you still can’t see it, be sure to clear out your browser cookies and cache but if you have followed these 4 steps correctly you should be all good in 24 hours at the latest. Keep in mind that WordPress is extremely popular with thousands of designs, features and plugins. If you have questions regarding what to do after you’ve done the five steps above, check out the other tutorials offered.
Plus they have given me permission to offer readers of this website a special discount voucher to make getting started even easier. WordPress also has many features that allow you to customize the appearance and behavior of your website. You can also access this page by clicking the link labeled “login” in the right sidebar on your home page. You will often find more than one ways to do things, but choosing the right option that suits your needs is the point here. Each time it visits a web page it collects two sets of data: All the text on the page, and all the links on the page. It’s actually really easy, there are 2 main rules you should follow when deciding on the best hosting company to use. Bear in mind that you have to wait until after the 48 hours at the most (it’s usually sooner) of changing your Name Servers to do this.
Keep in mind that you can change these later on using the WordPress Admin panel once you’ve installed it. If you are having any difficulties send us an email anytime and we will assist you, our aim is to get you up and running as fast as we can with your own website. You can also speak with us about any problems or questions you have regarding the creation and publication of your website. If the word isn't found in the text on the page, the robot takes the next link in its collection and repeats the process, again collecting the text and the set of links on the next page.
The main thing you are looking for is a service that ensures your website runs smoothly and wont have a lot of down time. Again and again, repeating the process, until the robot has either found the word or has runs into the limit that you typed into the spider() function.
Indexing means that you parse (go through and analyze) the web page content and create a big collection (think database or table) of easily accessible and quickly retrievable information. As I also use Hostgator for my hosting, I can honestly say they are the best company to deal with and offer the best support to ensure your website runs smoothly all the time.
I would say one drive is the best backup solution for mobiles as well, we can link Camera roll and contacts with OneDrive.We should have Microsoft account to access OneDrive. So when you visit Google and type in "kitty cat", your search word is going straight* to the collection of data that has already been crawled, parsed, and analyzed. In fact, your search results are already sitting there waiting for that one magic phrase of "kitty cat" to unleash them. Dropbox is being connected with Microsoft office, we can edit your documents in a web browser itself. We can freely get publicly shared files in 4Shared by using public search, like many 4Shared also offering desktop and mobile applications to provide a best user service. Now it is also providing desktop and mobile applications, like as Google drive and OneDrive.We can share large files by using MediaFire.

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