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Well, there are two common ways of doing this, either by using responsive themes or by using plug-ins. The new WPtouch 3 uses an automatic theme that provides users with the opportunity to switch between the mobile-enabled theme and the traditional theme. WP Mobile Detector is perhaps the most versatile among the five plug-ins we have covered in this blog. Embedded with rich and advanced responsive themes and using a jQuery framework, the WP Mobile Detector provides the advantage of dynamic page loading, content formatting, and image resizing. Enriched with features supporting mobile-friendly websites, this plug-in provides the best possible solutions for responsive designs. It means that this plug-in can give a boost to your website’s ranking and it also contains social share button. If you want to switch your traditional website into a mobile-friendly one, this plug-in provides a one-step solution for your website.
This plug-in provides you the luxury to enhance the customized themes of your mobile friendly website or blog. If you know any further plug-ins of such kind, do let us know in the comments section below. 1 user rated this ebook - write a review of The Creative Person's Website Builder: How to Make a Pro Website Yourself Using WordPress and Other Easy Tools. If you are not good in WordPress, don’t worry, because this book will help you to make website fast and easy step-by-step guide. Using its Simple Step-By-Step Guide you can easily Build a Professional Website In ten Minutes.
According to the marketing website Vocus, 81% of people prefer mobile for convenience and speed. In this post, we will discover how you can convert your existing WordPress website into a mobile friendly one by using plug-ins. One of the most important characteristics of this plug-in is that it supports Google Analytics, providing free analytics.

It is really handy when it comes to customized navigation of a website developed for mobile users. The latest version, MobilePress 1.2, is out with new themes and templates to restructure your website.
Whether it is used as an online shop, a marketing tool, or a portfolio, a good website is an essential for artists, photographers, designers, and makers from all creative backgrounds and disciplines. Furthermore, Danny Brown, co-author of the groundbreaking book Influential Marketing, notes that mobile search has 48% chance of being the starting point for a mobile web user. The unique transformation that it brings to the mobile version of the website is simply magical.
It detects the type of device a visitor is using to visit a website and differentiates between a smartphone and a traditional mobile phone. If you want to toggle between traditional and mobile friendly version of a website, this plug-in will assist you to do so in a comfortable way. Our unique Apache-Varnish-Ngnix combo ensures your website operates efficiently at all times. WordPress is an open source project that means that you can take the WordPress code, make modifications in it and redistribute it openly. This community of people, in particular, needs the design and function of their sites to reflect their individuality and style. This eBook is contain very useful screenshot pictures, guide you more easy to run the administration area of your website.
This means mobile traffic now matters a lot and if you do not have a mobile responsive website, you will lose the visitor to a competitor. This differentiation helps in setting the required theme according to the compatibility of the mobile device.
It is also available in a premium version through which it provides additional support and facilities. There is no native way to do this on WordPress and hence I started looking for the plugins that would allow me to do the same. I found quite a lot of plugins, but I had to skim through a lot of them before choosing the one I was going for.

Using WordPress, it takes you quickly and rigorously through the process of setting up a website, giving you tips and hints to improve your style choices and create the look you are aiming for. It also showcases a variety of approaches to creative websites, covering everything from the online shop to portfolio sites.
And, to give you the best chance at grabbing an audience, the latest search-engine optimization and social-media techniques are explored.
PDF Light ViewerDownload NowThis plugin allows you to embed multipage PDF documents of many sizes in a flipbook kind of manner. All the pages that are embedded will have a thumbnail and the navigation between the pages of the PDF is smooth and fast.You have features like full-screen mode, lazy loading of pages, zooming, etc. This PDF viewer is based on Turn.js, which means that no matter how big the PDF is, your website will not slow down at all.
This process not only damages the quality of the document, but it also increases the server load as well as load times on the web page.This PDF viewer plugin on the other hand, allows you to embed PDF documents into a flipbook without converting them at all. You can add a PDF document of any size with any number of pages and this plugin will work flawlessly!5.
Keep in mind that the documents you are going to display need to be hosted on GroupDoc’s cloud storage and keep in mind that the GroupDoc Cloud API is a paid service. You can also host and view you MS Office files on Google Docs.This PDF viewer plugin allows you to embed these documents on your WordPress website, and PDF is supported. This plugin creates stunning HTML5 pages for your documents.The WebGL library provides all kinds of functionality to the plugin, and you can upload your PDF documents and then use a shortcode to display these flipbooks easily!This plugin works perfectly on all platforms – PC as well as mobile. Google Doc Embedder allowed me to embed PDF files from my Google account, and this saves me the disk space and bandwidth on my servers.On the other hand, Real 3D Flipbook allows me to create some stunning flipbooks with smooth amazing transitions.

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