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Many people like to DIY things like a hobby and also have the pleasure for their own creations.
Make Distressed White Kitchen Cabinets Wonderful Kitchen Ideass Distressed White Kitchen Cabinetsd Distressed White Kitchen Cabinets Kitchen Design how to make white kitchen cabinets look distressed.
The nonpainted wood picks up the stain beautifully and brings to life all the characteristics of the wood. Also, before you start, it is always a good idea to test this on a scrap piece of the same type of wood you are finishing. We have been distressing furniture for years, in fact, we always jokingly say that we distressed before it was cool. Stay tuned for a future post in which we’ll show you our finished distressed shutter. AboutWe are husband and wife team, Paul and Cathy, and we love to to put our creative talents to work together on our home and with our family. Hi, my name is Mitra Chester, and I'm at Deluxe Resale Shop in Eugene, Oregon, and I'm going to show you some techniques you can do at home that will accomplish different sorts of distress on your jeans. Denim has a long history in American, from old western movies to pop stars wearing distressed jeans. The feminine details in this outfit, such as the top and gold accessories, really downplay the ruggedness of the distressed jeans.
I wear it in many ways, bare feet at home, with heels or ballerinas, even Birkenstock (but that’s when I collect my girls from school and when no one gives a damn about what I wear).
A lot of them also wonder how they can do those amazing techniques to make a wooden furniture look old or have an Antique look. Too much of the top coat came off, so now I’m trying to figure out how to clean up the mess and start over.
I used Minwax's dark walnut, put it on a rag, and just went up and down each slat of wood until I got the look I wanted. When staining, make sure you work it in really well on the edges of the wood to pull that distressed and very used look. We are excited to say that we were away Tuesday into today to watch our son compete in the PIAA State Golf Tournament with his high school team. When Cathy and I were first setting up our home, everyone wanted wood and anything made from oak commanded top dollar. We also have very clear ideas about how distressing is most artistic and how distressing can enhance the beauty of a piece. I always apply a coat of sealer to provide assurance that the new coat of paint will stick to the old surface.
Use Chapstick or any other Petroleum Gel and apply it in small areas over the brown underpainting. Choose the general color that you would like your furniture piece to be and paint that color over the entire piece including the underpainting and the chapstick.
Using a piece of 000 steel wool, go over the entire piece removing the paint where the Chapstick was.
Further distress the piece by sanding the edges and corners of the piece, particularly over the brown underpainting. You do not want your paint to look too new, especially with all of the sanding and distressing.
Some people wax, but we always apply two coats of Heritage MultiMedia Varnish as the last step.

I agree about the attachment to all things oak, as many pieces of oak I have were painted and stripped.. Learn more about making distressed jeans with tips from a fashion designer in this free video on denim jeans. These are some examples of both home-done and factory-done distressing techniques on denim. It’s pretty ironic to think that Leob Strauss, who later changed to Levi, an immigrant from Germany, created the first blue jean.
I bought and received lots of denim for my birthday and the distressed jeans I’m wearing was one of them.
On another site, I saw someone using the side of a candle to rub the edges, and that technique might work a lot better for sloppy folks like me.
Just start sanding and remember that the wood that shows through will be holding the most stain, so if you want more brown, then sand a lot, if you want more white, then sand a little. While many of us still enjoy the look and warmth of natural wood, there has also become a widespread acceptance of anything painted, particularly when it is distressed. Of course, beauty is in the eye of the beholder but we do believe that there is a right way and a wrong way to achieve this aged look.
Pick up some darker color, usually brown, paint on a totally dry brush with no water added. There is the slashes with the frayed edges, some basically fade marks or snagging, there is patching over a hole and under, there's various types of creasing and whiskering, faded areas, and fading and fraying along the edge of seams.
To keep the look feminine and modern – I paired the jeans with a gorgeous lace top and minimal strappy sandals. There are many ways to make a wood have the aged look, and depend on the kind of wood you have and if it’s a hard or soft one. So I was going to use what I had on hand and come up with something -dark walnut stain, chestnut stain, and white paint. We’re now home after watching him play a great 18 holes and their team placed 4th in the state!! We use a certain line of products to achieve this distressed look but there are also other products that can be used. I personally don’t like shiny varnish peaking through a painting treatment that is to look distressed. So to accomplish these techniques the first thing you need to do is put the jeans that you're planning on doing this with on your body and take a piece of chalk and mark the areas that you want to do them. You might recognized these sandals from my minimal shopping post, my lovely boyfriend gave them to me for my birthday. We found  some amazing tutorials for you so that you can see these ways and decide what you like and what fits in your DIY skills. This last part doesn't have to do with the finish, but it helps :) I used 120 medium grit paper for this process. Lightly brush the brush across the surface of the piece barely making contact with the surface. So basically if you want some whiskers you're going to crease your pants at the natural whisker spot and mark the edges. Don't over sand and get rid of all the wood grain because you'll be sanding again later and need those parts that are somewhat still 'raised'.
Holes, you want to mark the hole on your body so that once this is all finished it won't look really awkward and fake when you're wearing them.

This tutorial is designed for the person that would like to distress furniture but isn’t quite sure how to do it.
I told him that looks too much like our current table, and since eventually this table will move inside, I didn't want that.
Some tools that you might need would be some fabric scissors, maybe a bleach pen, an Exacto knife or pocket knife, and sandpaper or a pumice stone, and then you take your jeans. The whole purpose of making the table was to make it a little lighter colored since I didn't like the dark brown we currently had. One word of advice, always make sure that each step is thoroughly dry before proceeding to the next step. To achieve the fraying on the edges, and basically to finalize any of these techniques, you are going to want to wash and dry your jeans when you're through applying these techniques. So I have a pair here that on one side has the effect and on this side I've actually done the thing. So this is a hole, so basically what I did was I marked a hole, you're going to cut within the perimeters of the hole with your fabric scissors, and then wash and dry them and it will fray out to this original line. For slashes you're going to basically start a cut by pinching them, and you can either cut along, but again, keep within, if you want your cut to ultimately be this big, you might want to cut it that much because it will fray out a little bit. You have a little bit more control when you're using a knife or a blade than, say, if you're using sandpaper. If you're wanting to go in a larger area, maybe on a knee or thigh, you can use your sandpaper and basically scrape across the denim within the perimeters of the area that you want to have faded. And once you do that for a while it will start to remove certain areas of color, and again, you can kind of blend the edges to make it look a little bit more natural. So maybe for the whiskers, or any kind of lines that you might want to achieve down the front of your jeans, you've marked them with chalk, you're going to take your bleach pen and basically trace along the chalk lines with the bleach pen.
Some bleach pens need to be activated with warm water, so you might spray it with warm water ahead of time or just throw it directly in the washing machine afterwards. If you want a crease down the front you can basically iron a crease equidistant between the two side hems, and once you've done that you're going to apply a bead of bleach pen to that seam. In order to achieve kind of a fraying or a lightening along the edges of a seam, again you can use your Exacto knife and scrape it along the edge.
Here, let's find a spot that's still dark, scrape it along the edge exposing some of the whites, reds, and also just kind of chopping it up, and that's basically what happens to your jeans after you wear them for a while on the edges.
And again, try to avoid any kind of ill-placement or overdoing of certain types of techniques that can make it look a little bit fake which is where some of the factory-done distress kind of falls short. Keep in mind, when you're distressing your jeans, the distress is real and they will wear as really distressed jeans, holes will spread and rip further, so if you want to have a long life for your jeans you may take it easy with the holes and slashes and that type of thing.
My white paint absorbed the stain and I had to wipe off, which gave it more of a whitewash with dirty water effect, lol. I'm wondering if maybe the pine (common board at Home Depot) just doesnt have enough grain movement or isnt raised enough.

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