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Mobile Christmas trees are the easiest way to bring holiday flair to any room in the house.
This Christmas tree on wheels is a testament to thinking outside the box for adorable holiday decorations! Contemporary yellow & black bedroom design with black & white geometric pattern wallpaper, black leather padded headboard, white hotel bedding with black Greek key trim, yellow velvet pillows, black leather Greek key bolster pillow, yellow velvet tufted bench, gold mirrored lamps with black vinyl shades and modern nightstands with ring pulls. Fabulous black and yellow bedroom with limestone fireplace and tray ceiling with black Greek key border. Contemporary yellow & black bedroom design white & black small geometric pattern wallpaper, yellow velvet pillows really pop against tall black leather padded headboard, white hotel duvet shams bedding with black Greek key trim, black leather Greek key bolster pillow, gold mirrored lamp with black vinyl lamp shade and contemporary nightstand with ring pulls.
Sophisticated, chic yellow & navy blue master bedroom design with white canopy bed, blue Greek key pillows, blue velvet bolster pillow, gold sunburst mirror and yellow cashmere throw. Stunning yellow and black bedroom with limestone fireplace and Greek key bordered tray ceiling. Chic bedroom features a gold canopy bed dressed in white and pink Greek key bedding, pink monogram bolster pillow and a black and white faux throw. Loft bedroom features blue abstract art over a yellow tufted bed dressed in white and red rope shams and duvet and a blue lumbar pillow atop a black and white Greek key rug by Jonathan Adler next to a white campaign nightstand topped with mercury glass lamps with black shades.
Chic, contemporary bedroom design with black headboard, polished nickel wall sconces, ivory tufted storage bench, spring green pillows, green monogrammed shams and white hotel duvet with green Greek key trim. Sophisticated ivory & navy blue master bedroom with white canopy bed, blue Greek key pillows, blue velvet bolster pillow with tassels, gold sunburst mirror, yellow cashmere throw, crystal lamps with navy blue lamp shades.
Gorgeous bedroom design with mushroom linen tufted wingback headboard bed , white hotel bedding with yellow gold frame, white shams with yellow gold frame, white & black Greek key pillow, vintage nightstand and bone inlay decorative box.

Learn how to turn wooden crates, galvanized tubs or children's baby doll buggies into beautiful vessels for your Christmas tree.
Designed using a metal base with wheels and a silver washing tub, it currently stands in the home's entryway, but just as easily could be put in another room of the house. Whether you’re running out to work in the morning or coming home after a busy day, you don’t want to deal with a chaotic space. You don’t need a bunch of fancy furniture, but you do need some alternative to dropping everything on the floor when you get inside.An organized entryway is important because you want to be able to grab your coat, keys, and bag and get on your way. Neglecting walls and doors.Even if your entryway is just a door and a patch of wall, you can still use the space to your advantage. Read on to avoid succumbing to these five common mistakes people make when organizing their entryway.1.
Some hooks on the back of the door – get the kind that slip over the door if you’re not allowed to use nails – can corral coats, scarves, handbags, and keys. Not organizing at all.If you think it’s silly to decorate a room that’s not really a room, or if your apartment lacks a specific entry area, it’s easy to just leave the space by the door bare and assume your stuff will sort itself out. If you’re wondering where to start, here are some ideas for how to get started with entryway organization and storage.2. Prioritizing looks over function.There are many beautiful pieces of furniture and other entryway accessories sold in stores and styled to perfection in magazines.
For more on setting up a system to hold keys, mail, phone, and other small items, read about how to organize a launch pad.A small space can also usually make room for some other sorts of organizing saviors.
A little folding table can fit into a corner and become a place to stash your bags or the glasses and jewelry you remove when you get in.4.

This depends on your lifestyle, and will differ for a single person, a family with young children, or a group of roommates. Forgetting about the elements.The entry being right past the front door means that it’s also usually the first part of your house to encounter muddy boots, rain, wind, and snow that builds up on the doorstep or your coat.
After you determine what you need in your entryway (a large surface to lay things down, some hooks for various sets of keys, a kid-sized bench for boot removal) then you can worry about aesthetics.
Every entryway should have a sturdy mat to wipe your feet and a place to put rubber boots, umbrellas, and other drippy items. Conversely, the entryway is not the place for fine upholstered furniture or anything very delicate or easily stained.5. You never lose your keys now that they’re always hung on the right hook, and you even placed a nice wreath inside the door. You put some bags in the entryway, planning to carry them out to the car the next time you leave.
You also get used to the wreath, and when it starts to look dusty and sad, you don’t even realize it.
This happens because knowing how to be organized in the entryway is as important as knowing how to set up that organized space in the first place. Just like every other part of your house, you should look at your entryway every so often to see what you can re-organize or improve.

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