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If you have a larger room, such as the kitchen or living room, that has borders around the ceiling or floorboards, you can extend those borders into the smaller room.
Sticking with the ‘lighter is larger’ concept you can replace dark carpeting with a lighter color, which will give the appearance of enlarging the room, especially if you compliment it with lighter colored walls and more artificial light. Simply lightening the color on walls, ceilings, and floors will create a brighter, roomier feeling, but it can be overdone. A larger mirror placed inconspicuously can make a room seem like it’s much bigger than it is. It may be a last resort, because the cost could be prohibitive, but one of the best ways to make a room seem bigger than it actually is, is to increase the size of the windows, or add windows, a sliding door, or a sun roof. Apartments can often have very small rooms that feel quite cramped and almost impossible to live in once you have moved furniture in. Get creative and consider using medium to light finished furniture that is smaller in scale and multi-functional for the room dimensions, ceiling height and natural lighting. Select furniture with exposed legs to allow light to pass through and under thus making the room look larger. Use a platform bed without a skirt with beautiful, light, and tailored bedding as it makes for clean lines and won’t feel as heavy in the room. Norwood Furniture is currently featuring this bedroom furniture collection at the showroom.  In addition, our drapery department has an array of unique bedding collections that would be stunning with this group and to fit most everyone’s color palette.
The Small Spaces collection is ideal for smaller living spaces like town homes condominiums, or today’s newer built smaller homes. Some of the other featured pieces in this collection are included in the following photographs.  Notice the trim dimensions and lines along the sides allowing them to be aligned side-by-side for a built-in look offering optimal storage.
Lighting for a small bedroom is best when you allow as much natural light in as possible – avoiding  heavy draperies (which diminishes the stature of a window) and is key in adding depth – the more you can see of the window the better, since it will create the ultimate illusion of space.
Position a mirror directly across from a window if possible to add dimension which will also give the illusion that your walls appear further apart. Choose a color pallette that reminds you of your favorite spa or beach scene which may include soft creams, soft blues, off whites, quiet yellows and light tans. Most of all, have fun!  If you want some assistance, take advantage of our complimentary design service.  I’d love to assist you!
The apartments we live in are generally small and look congested if add up lot of furniture and decor.
For room where the space is of premium, you must choose light weight furniture and less furniture. When you decide on the TV stands or the media consoles for the living room or the family room it will be best if you avoid the open storage style because it can cause feeling of clutter.

Chairs can be placed in room when the guests are there else you can stack them up when they are not in use. Brighten the room: if room is has less light and it seems dark it creates small room feeling.
Furniture must be making to fit that is furnishings must fit in space as it makes apartment look bigger.
Add large mirror in front of bathroom sink as it reflects light, pick the color patterns and if you place it artistically it will look awesome.
At times, you may even think you’ve got too much space, especially when it’s time to clean and dust.
A floor lamp or two in the corners will really brighten things up, and by using lamps with multiple bulbs, you’ll be able to control the light more effectively--because there may be times when you want to add a little ambiance by creating a darker, sultry affect.
If it’s a bedroom you’re trying to improve, you can use light-colored bedding on a smaller bed, which will not only give you more floor space, but will also make the room look bigger. A lighter motif will take away the feeling that you’re entering a cave, and will give the impression of a much larger room. The reflection of light not only gives the appearance of increasing the size of the room, but will actually add to the overall brightness. Consider one of these colors on your walls with white molding to also add depth and dimension to your small room. The concealed form of media center helps in storage of the remotes of TV’s, DVD players etc. Just don’t add the storage space because you have habit of keeping every old and new thing. The layers and mix of colors, decorative pillows, and prints helps in making space seem airier and also give depth in look.
More often, though, there is a kid's bedroom that isn’t very big and may be dark, dingy, and cramped. If you use a bright color, such as a light yellow or white, the room will seem to expand, while using darker colors, such as black or brown will make the walls appear to creep inward. If the chairs, couch, and other furniture in the room are too good to throw away you can cover them with a lighter material, which not only brightens the room but will probably lengthen their usefulness.
Bright, cheery scenes hung well off the floor will draw your eyes upward, which will give an impression of space. In the room move focus from lack of the space, to something which grabs attention, which stands out in room, like you add another color in room with decor or place a frame in room.

There is no need to tear down a wall or build an addition--there are other ways to make a small room appear larger.
A bright paint job makes a room shine, and by using lighter shades of blue or a light shade of purple, such as violet, you’ll soften the appearance and create a more open feel. People who live in massive cities where space is at a minimum have been making the most of their small rooms for years. Storage is incorporated into many items, as well as a clever modular system that can work throughout all the rooms in the home with dedicated media, home office, and bedroom solutions. Here are some great tips on how to make a small room look larger and feel more spacious.FurnitureWhile it may be great to have a bed, multiple chairs, side tables and a dresser in the room, you probably don’t have the space for it.
Small Spaces is finished in a rich Harvest Brown color and features Nickel cup pulls for hardware. If you replace the full-sized couch with a love seat, it will create more floor space and give the room a generally larger feel. If you try to cram too much furniture into a small space, chances are you’ll end up with a complicated maze of furniture and no floor space to actually stand on.
However, it may be a good idea to have one large-sized piece of furniture in the room, which will make the rest of it appear smaller in contrast, and provide a sense of space.
Search for specific small pieces of furniture that will properly fit the space and until you do, have nothing to fill the spot.ShelvingShelves are a great accessory to a very small room, as you can install them on the wall and take numerous necessary items off the floor.
Shelves can replace side tables and large shelves can even replace desks or house things that would need to be placed on desks. Lift your bed up a few feet, creating storage under the bed that won’t affect your floor space. Those living in cities have been doing this for years to gain more space, so it only makes sense that you should also do this with your own small room.Install Mirrors Mirrors can make a small room look much bigger if placed in the correct areas and will certainly give the room the overall feel of being more spacious, which is much better for your piece of mind. Putting a mirror near or beside a window to reflect the views and light from outside is especially effective.Add Prints and Paintings to the WallsBy adding prints and paintings to the walls of the room, it will look more complete and larger as a whole. One large painting will work much better than a number of small paintings, but this is also up to your own personal style when it comes to hanging items on the wall.How do you make your small rooms feel larger?

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