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We believe that standards will provide a better customer experience, leading to more customers for the industry overall.
The self storage industry’s first and largest nationwide cooperative, storelocal, is partnering with a number of industry organizations to standardize terminology in the self storage industry. Much like the MITS Project in the multifamily housing industry, SSSP will help reduce customer confusion and enable easier technology integration. With a large amount of business now being conducted online, standard terminology is more important to the self storage industry than ever. The progressive and forward thinking California Self Storage Association is the first state association to give its support to the initiative. About storelocal: storelocal is a cooperative of self storage owners and operators working together to solve industry challenges.
Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases. We have a wide variety of drive up and interior storage units to choose from, whether you need storage for personal or business purposes, our Irvine storage units will meet your requirements. Time is of the essence with regards to our rent discount, be sure to act now, our storage units inventory is sure to absorb quickly with this type of rental special.

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This platform will begin in alpha and beta versions as a wiki site that interested parties can edit.
The initiative, called the Self Storage Standards Project (SSSP), is an industry-wide endeavor including owners, operators, vendors and associations. Applying that thinking to the self storage industry, we believe that standards will provide a better customer experience, leading to more customers for the industry overall. All of the consumer touch points we support, including online rentals and kiosks, require some level of data manipulation to ensure an effortless user experience.
Search engines like Google rely on these standards to accurately collect and display information for search. By crowdsourcing information from participating self storage industry organizations, storelocal envisions a platform that self storage industry organizations will use in collaboration to reach an agreement on terms and standards,” said storelocal CEO Lance Watkins.
The co-op invites all organizations with a stake in the future of self storage to join this project and take an active role in shaping one of the most important issues facing the industry today. Co-op members leverage existing and new resources to provide solutions for customer acquisition, operational services and technology products, thereby bridging the efficiency gap between the top national operators and online reservation systems.

Your valued items are protected by our fully fenced facilities and their computerized gate access systems.  Entry to our properties is granted by a personalized security code, and once inside, your storage unit is secured by your own storage lock. We are very happy to partner with other industry visionaries to bring some much needed standardization to our space. Searching for storage in Irvine could be very time consuming, considering the fact that there are over 20 self storage facilities in Irvine. Everybody Wins – Our Irvine storage owners pay us a flat monthly fee, we get them tenants, and you get our high volume pricing discount for storage in Irvine.
Additionally, our facilities are under the careful watch of security cameras, so be rest assured, your possessions are being stored in a protected area. I am confident that the more owners, vendors and self storage associations learn about the value this type of standardization will have on our industry, the more will participate in the project,” said OpenTech Alliance President and CEO Robert A.

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