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Time stops for no one, and just like death and taxes, another reality and certainty in life is the filing of our annual Tax Returns just around the corner again! At Kennards Self Storage we feel your need for something robust and of premium quality to hold all these records. The Kennards Archive Box was designed for the long term – nothing worse than picking up an old box to have the bottom fall out below from deterioration! And since most large companies will need many boxes, we can provide free delivery of 50 boxes or more by simply calling any of our Kennards Self Storage locations before the end of April. Kennards Self Storage is offering enormous savings to existing commercial customers in all Australian stores on its Archive Boxes this End of Financial Year.
The Kennards Archive Boxes are built to last, using clever folded construction for superior strength, making it last longer than typical archive boxes.
The end of March in New Zealand marks the end of the current financial year, and the task of getting all the business records together to complete financial reports begins. For many of us, the bundling of papers into the nearest empty box we can find has been the normal choice in the past – be it the empty box the last printer or fax machine came in that no one bothered to throw out or the old fashioned banana box someone used to bring something to work once.
Packing up your home contents, whether it is to move house or put it into storage is no easy task.
Moving your small business or moving house can be a difficult time and the last thing you want to worry about is the quality of your moving boxes or whether you have purchased too many or not enough.
Because it’s difficult to judge the quantity of cartons you will need when buying moving boxes, Kennards Self Storage offers a great service through the Kennards box buy back advantage. For a wide range of boxing and moving supplies to help you pack, ship, move or store just about anything, visit a Kennards Box Shop. Kennards have state of the art self storage facilities across New Zealand and abroad, whatever your city or storage need, we’re proud to give you the very best! These days, in addition to photography--a blend of fine art photos and shots of work by other artists and craftsmen--Kennard devotes much of his time to box turning. Follow Fine Woodworking senior editor Jon Binzen as he travels North America in search of the best woodworkers on the continent. The new system will provide a robust and reliable wi-fi service to all Kennards customers at the centre. 100 new units, new driveway, new access control system and new gates have all now been installed and completed. The investment will improve the customer experience and significantly differentiate Kennards from other nearby competing storage operators. After acquiring the storage centre at 121 Sugar Rd Alexandra Headland (also known as Maroochydore), Kennards have just completed a significant upgrade and expansion. Now complete, Kennards Self Storage Maroochydore is the largest as well as the highest quality storage centre in the area, and will be another flagship Sunshine Coast asset for the company. The Maroochydore storage property was part of a four property portfolio acquisition by Kennards in 2013, formerly known as Depot Storage.
Construction of a new five level, 8,105 square metre building is well advanced at Kennards Self Storage flagship centre in Macquarie Park. After a tortured and fruitless assessment process with Ryde Council, Kennards was left without an option but to seek a determination in the Land and Environment Court. Kennards will invest $7 milllion in the expansion which will bring the total number of storage spaces in the whole centre to in excess of 1,000. The system at Kennards Self Storage Wollongong has been upgraded to give a more consistent and dependable wi-fi service.

Kennards Self Storage pioneered the idea of free wi-fi in the storage industry when it started offering it several years ago.
The pioneering initiative of Kennards Self Storage to offer wi-fi at all of its self storage centres has proven extremely popular.
Kennards Self Storage big orange landmark at the corner of the Eastern Freeway and Hoddle St in Abbotsford has been expanded to create 140 new storage units and 1,202 square metres of new space.
The increasing density and population of inner eastern Melbourne has resulted in growth in demand for self storage.
In an innovative integration of old and new, Kennards will be adding new buildings and converting existing heritage buildings into new spaces. Kennards have significant optimism for the Melbourne economy after also acquiring a property in Hawthorn in 2015, and are close to securing additional properties in the market. After completing the fit-out of its building in Suakin Place Pymble, Kennards Self Storage will now seek consent from Ku-ring-Gai Council for a significant extension and construction of a new building.
Kennards acquired the 12 000 square metre property in 2013, which was formerly the government drug testing laboratory.
Since opening in May last year, Kennards Self Storage at Mittagong has been overwhelmed by the customer response. Kennards is preparing plans for another 150 extra storage spaces above its originally intended 450. The amended plans will be submitted to Wingecarribee Shire Council in the next few weeks for their consent. Kennards Self Storage property at Waterloo already has just under 2,500 storage spaces and is probably the largest in Australia, but due to surging population and demand it will undergo an ambitious expansion. The company will invest $4.5 million adding 2 new levels on top of the existing 2 level eastern building.
The new spaces will also have 24 hour access for customers, and will be individually alarmed for enhanced security.
The strong occupancy at Waterloo and expected future demand from the increased population make the expansion a sound undertaking. The adjacent properties are advanced in redevelopment and Kennards Waterloo will soon have streets on all four sides – occupying a whole city block. Kennards Self Storage has successfully acquired four operating storage centres to add to its existing nine Queensland locations. The portfolio was put to market in a competitive marketing process coordinated by Urbis, and attracted significant interest by both established self storage operators and interested investors. Kennards attraction to the portfolio, was the generally high quality of development; high exposure locations and enabling the company to finally establish presence in this unserved market. Acquiring operating centres contrasts with Kennards usual strategy of developing their own new centres from the ground-up.
Trading as “Depot Storage” after separating from Queensland’s Fort Knox Self Storage, three of the properties are in the Sunshine Coast area and the other is in Brisbane’s new neighbourhood, developed by Stockland, known as North Lakes. Kennards will take control of the four assets in November this year, and move immediately to re-brand them and re-position the service to match the rest of the portfolio. The properties were disposed by the Vendor (a bus operator), after a strategic review they considered them non-core activities.
So the time is here to start collecting all those statements and receipts and bundle them up in some order for the accountant to work through. Our now famous Archive Boxes are on sale with big savings – check them out now online at our Kennards Box Shop and enjoy the limited time reduced price while stocks last.

We are so confident of our single piece fold design that gives superior strength that we give a 7 year money back guarantee! The unfortunate consequence of using these boxes is they are notoriously unreliable and in a lot of cases fall apart or buckle when full of documents and normally the bottom of the box falls out and the stress levels go – there must be an easier way. To make your life easier when packing and unpacking, or placing your treasured items into storage, take a look at the tips below. This example shows the complexity of his engravings, which are achieved with a rotary tool fitted with jeweler's burrs. Born and raised in England, where for many years he built furniture and restored antiques, he also lived for nearly a decade in France, where he turned wood and took photographs. Along the way he also built kitchens, French-polished pianos, and ran a successful business building portable tables for physical therapy and massage. In this slide show, he talks about turning and presents several dozen of his remarkable boxes.Kennard's work was featured on the back cover of Fine Woodworking #220. The property was acquired in 2013, when Kennards Self Storage bought the four Depot Storage assets. In addition, the CCTV system has been upgraded to High Definition digital and extra cameras Installed.
The acquisition provided Kennards with good coverage to the Sunshine Coast market as well as North Lakes, which it previously had not serviced.
The property is also home to the family businesses Team Headquarters where they support the operations of their 84 storage centres across Australia and New Zealand. Construction of the Hawthorn project is advanced and the new storage centre will open in the middle of 2016. The drug testing function relocated to another area leaving the purpose-built laboratory behind. There will be an additional 600 spaces, taking the total to over 3,000 spaces in the whole storage centre. The urban renewal of the area and nearby Green Square have seen a surge of apartments constructed and growth in population.
However, the existing storage capacity in the Sunshine Coast made new development unfeasible. Acquiring established operating centres is a good outcome and way for us to enter this market”. With the inclusion of these properties Kennards will boast 79 locations in Australia and New Zealand. It’s a great way to save money and recycle cardboard boxes which is good for the environment.
Taking the time to pack it right makes a big difference; it will lessen the damage caused during transit and storage and makes the process of unpacking, stress free.
In the late 1970s he bought a lathe so he could replace broken parts on antiques; within a few weeks he had turned his first box, and since then, he says, amidst the wide array of work he's done, one constant has been his passion for turning boxes.

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