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Deze buitenkast van Keter is gemaakt van duurzaam materiaal en beschermt hierdoor al je spullen tegen weer, wind en regenwater. Schrijf je in voor onze nieuwsbrief en blijf up-to-date met de nieuwste mode, de laatste trends en de scherpste aanbiedingen.
Dit doen we om onze site persoonlijker en gebruiksvriendelijker te maken, onder andere door analyse van je bezoekersgedrag. De opbergbox is voorzien van twee deuren en is door z’n formaat ideaal voor het opbergen van tuinmeubelen, een barbecue of speelgoed. I decided to get one because I didn't want the hassle of having to keep creosoting a shed, and I've seen too many cheaper wooden sheds fade and split anyway. Je kunt er zelfs voor kiezen de box af te sluiten door middel van een hangslot (niet meegeleverd).

I basically wanted an easy life!I only wanted to put low value items in the shed - an old lawnmower, half empty paint cans, hand tools, that sort of thing. It is a two person lift.**Assembly**The Keter Plastic Apex Garden Shed comes in parts, with all fixtures required and a very IKEA-like guide to putting it together. You'll need a screwdriver (I HIGHLY recommend an electric, there are thousands of screws!!)Due to having to hold walls and the roof etc whilst it is screwed, it is a two person assembly.
The instructions are clear and it is easy to follow but it is quite time consuming and it took myself and my husband just over three hours to put it together.
The plastic is corrugated and very strong, but not too hard to screw through (with the electric screwdriver).The Keter Plastic Apex Garden Shed has pre punched pilot holes and is screwed together, with some plastic caps in areas. The walls are a caramel colour (think varnished pine) and the roof and door is a chocolate brown.The great thing about the shed it's ready to use - no painting, no waiting for anything to dry.

It's totally waterproof and it's very very low maintainance.We use it with a workbench inside and with some plastic drawers (which I've actually reviewed previously).
The shed has held it's own in heavy snow, strong winds and rain, and looks as good today as it did when we bought it 18 months ago.
Of course if someone wants to break into a wooden shed they will do, but a plastic shed is, of course, cuttable (though with some brute force, it's not a thin plastic by any means) and meltable.
If you are thinking of getting a plastic shed I highly recommend the Keter Plastic Apex Garden Shed.

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