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Does it come with hooks or shelves and if not, where can I buy the correct accessories for this shed? Ita€™s a great looking combination of Driftwood Grey (Wood-Plastic Composite wall panels) and Anthracite Grey (doors and 3D tile roof). The Fusion 757 is a highly robust and sturdy shed, featuring steel-reinforced, inherently strong Wood-Plastic Composite walls, thick resin roof with rafter beam structure, and assembled weight of over 500lbs. It is recommended to construct a wooden or concrete base as a foundation.It is strongly recommended to secure the shed to an immovable object or anchor to the ground by drilling holes in the shed i¬‚oor(at the pre-marked locations) and inserting proper screws into the ground (screws are not included). The recommended base for all of Keter sheds, the Factor 8x11 included, is either cement or wood, to which you could fix the shed using the designated holes in the sheda€™s floor. The Factor 8x11 shed, is made of durable, maintenance free Polypropylene and steel-reinforced structure. The Factor 8x11 comes in Beige (exterior walls), Taupe (doors, hinges, window frame) and black (roof).
Looking for Answers about Keter Keter Infinity Premium Resin Shed with Side Cabinet, 8 x 6-ft?
I will be pushing snow off roof all winter because I think it will for sure collapse otherwise. In the end, again, it's a great shed, looks solid, and is easy to install, cost a little bit more than resin ones but I think is worth it.
The floor is only about 1" think of corrugated plastic so I would hesitate putting directly on the ground since the unevenness may cause it to warp and bend.
Stands up pretty good to the windy city of Canada.Roof is slopped nice and black so the sun melts the winter snow. We highly encourage you to update your browser to the latest version of Internet Explorer, or use another browser such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

Read the latest deal finds from Canada's largest bargain hunting community, or sign up and join the discussion yourself! Polypropylene (also known in short as PP) is a specific plastic, used in our products in general and the Factor range in particular.
The Factora€™s double-door opening dimensions are W54.5a€?xH75a€?, so you should be able to fit your cut riding lawn mower into the building quite easily. It also includes dual door bolts, which enable to fix the door in place by securing it to the floor and ceiling. This was the best solution as it looks nice on our property and keeps the critters out of the trash cans.
I'm sure that the bigger model is great also, if you have the space, but the 4 feet one is good if you have like most a smaller backyard.
Click on "manuals' tab above and keep scrolling down until you see the part about the window side of the shed. Canadian Tire does offer different hook options for many other purposes and you may be able to find something that may work for you. These tests are performed while sheda€™s doors are locked (interior latch and exterior padlock), shed is fixed to the ground, and floor is loaded with 440lbs equipment.
The shed, whose window does not open, is unsuitable for storage of flammable substances, and does not allow for sufficient air circulation or odor dispersion.
The Manor 4x6 includes metal screws, metal-reinforcements in the door frame, and metal hinges and lock. Well, it holds my two chair cushions (squished a bit) and does hold most of what I wanted it to hold for my bbq (bags of charcoal, grill grates etc). The Factor 8x11 has metal-reinforcements in some of its components, mainly, the corners and the roof system.

I was a bit worry that will need help for the roof, but it can be done by one person only , it's not heavy.Make sure you have a leveled base when you start installing it.
Not sure about a big minivan without chairs, measure it, but better get delivery for it.There is good light inside the shed #the top is semitransparent#, you don't need another light source, except you need to get in it after dark. We also recommend to keep the roof clean of snow, as heavy amounts of snow on the roof can damage the shed, making it unsafe to enter. Most pieces locked into place with little effort, though some needed some more significant force. I wish I could have wider shelves, but instead they leave a tall section for brooms or shovels or something.
To build the base was harder than installing the shed, I did a wooden one using 4x4s and deck boards on top.You need some space when installing the shed, but if you need it can be placed very close to a fence or house on the back. It is highly recommend that you construct a wooden or concrete base to use as a foundation. You need access on the back on very beginning , a few screws, but once you set the first row of walls, you can move it closer.
When you set the roof you need a little clearance (roof is a few inches bigger then the walls# but not to much. The pictures shows that you need place on the back for stairs, it's not true , you don't need so much space, the roof can be placed from inside of the shed.All components are clearly marked, and you have where necessary pre-marked screw holes on walls.

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