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Keter’s new fusion Line is superior to their old model, made of a wood and plastic composite, this shed has the look and feel of quality and durability, and will blend in with the decor of any backyard and house well. This shed as all pre-fab shed’s must be built on a flat level surface, the smallest variation will affect the structure and the operation of the doors, it is highly recommended that a base of pressure treated wood or concrete be built by a qualified professional. We cover Toronto, as far west as Hamiltion, as far east as Oshawa, and as far north as new market.
Plastic garden sheds are not what you might think if you think that a pvc shed is flimsy and poorly constructed compared to metal sheds or wood sheds.
There are many reasons to consider plastic storage sheds as a solution for your storage needs.
There are many leading suppliers of plastic sheds such as Rubbermaid, Keter, Lifetime and others who offer very convenient storage solutions in outdoor storage.

Even if your space is limited the likes of Keter, Lifetime and Rubbermaid to mention a few offer vertical and horizontal storage solutions to fit virtually any space. Plastic storage sheds have many advantages over the traditional wooden shed, not least their durability, ease of assembly, low maintenance, sturdy build from technologically advance pvc and high density polyethylene, steel reinforced doors and panels, uv resistance and a range of accessories. Accessories such as lockable doors, ramps, skylights and shelving ensure that plastic sheds can be a real addition to any property or garden.
Good, clear manuals to assist with assembly and installation combined with very competitive prices means the plastic shed can give the metal shed or traditional wooden shed a real run for it’s money. Incidentally polyethylene, which is commonly used in plastic sheds, is virtually indestructible and easy to maintain, does not require painting, will resist fungal attacks and is waterproof.
It allows the manufacturers to provide you with a warranty for a long period of time, typically 10 years.

Plastic sheds also allow you to easily accessorize your storage space with products like pegboards with hooks, extension kits if your need for storage grows, peg strips for hanging garden tools, corner shelf units and window shutters to name but a few. You will need to think about anchoring your shed and plastic sheds typically come with floor brackets and indentations in the floor to make this task easier. Leading brands that we will take a look at include the Duramax range of sheds, Keter sheds and Lifetime sheds to name just a few leading suppliers of vinyl sheds. Thanks again for stopping by and if you have any stories to relate about your experience of buying or assembling a plastic shed that you would like to share, please do so by contacting us with your experience.

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