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In the 21st century, there seems to be no limit to the bounds of human ingenuity, and storage container homes are but one example. As one might expect, cost is a primary consideration and benefit of storage container homes. Owing to the relatively homogenous dimensions of steel containers, storage container homes are also easier and faster to build. Needless to say, storage container homes offer a degree of strength and durability which is simply not possible with traditional stick built homes.
Some people may simply be in search of storage container homes for sale, choosing to forego the option of designing their own floor plan. For anyone with a flair for the dramatic and an interest in new, alternative building methods, storage container homes or shipping container home are certainly one option to consider thoroughly. You see them all the time as polished finished products, but for those looking to try the ultimate do-it-yourself home-building project, these videos will help show you how various ISO container houses were really built in different environments and at various budgets and scales. In this HGTV segment, you can get an overall sense of how the Seattle architects of Cargotecture shifted two containers to create a livable container retreat of their own. In this timelapse footage and subsequent tour, you can see a whole multistory house, designed by David Fenster (filmed by FairCompanies) for the Redwoods in the Santa Cruz mountains, coming together in a single day. Part of the building is cantilevered over one side, supported by a hollow concrete column below (that in turn also contains an outdoor shower). The Kuziel Residence consists of a series of shipping containers set around a central space on concrete foundations, taking a half-year in total to build – the video above shows photos throughout the process. Not sure where to look next for inspiration on what or how to build your own cargo container home? Shipping container homes are the perfect blend of modern architecture and sensible green building.
Gradually gaining traction and ever-increasing in popularity in the world of architecture, storage container homes are exactly that: houses constructed of large, prefabricated storage containers. Typical homes of this type are significantly less expensive than their traditional stick-built, brick and mortar counterparts.

In a sense, steel storage container homes are akin to modular homes, that is, each piece is prefabricated and simply assembled together to create a building.
In particular, storage containers made of steel are incredibly strong, as they can resist corrosion and wind damage far more significantly than other materials. Storage container homes plans are evolving rapidly with the growing demand for these unique structures. This, too, is becoming much easier in light of the number of new container homes being constructed. From timelapses and diagrams to interviews and walkthroughs, they will help introduce you to what someone attempting a similar endeavor could or should expect along the way. The result is as much an experiment and demonstration model as a working residence, and a good introduction to what is possible and what can be problematic. The structure celebrates the industrial aesthetic of its containerized components, but also reflects the difficult reality of moving building materials out to such a remote location. The layout uses the space between shipping containers to let in light and widen spaces beyond containers while also framing views. Amazingly, some containers are turned vertically, creating turret-style protrusions making the whole thing look like a modern-day castle in its early stages. After all, a container is made of metal and can require a great deal of additional work, particularly when it comes to adding doors and windows, even if it is in a location that does not require a foundation or insulation.
Here are 30 additional cargo container homes, 30 container offices, 20 cargo city and container shelter concepts, and some additional cargotecture. Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers.
While many people are puzzled by the idea, and are often taken aback by the dramatic aesthetics of such homes, they offer a number of advantages which are adding to their reputation and steadily growing profile.
The reason is simple: the basic materials required are merely the storage containers themselves, which can cost as little as $1,000 each for containers the size of an average room. However, in this case, the a€?piecesa€? are much bigger, making them easier and faster to adjoin.

The simplistic construction afforded by their cubic design also gives storage container homes an elevated degree of internal strength and stability. In many ways, purchasing a storage container home can be more economical, as they can last much longer than normal homes and may even be priced lower, too. The steel shells also make the building more robust, resistant to natural disasters like falling trees and forest fires. Unlike some of the other video series shown here, this is a start-to-finish look at a low-budget cargo home solution, including a walk-through of the modest final product. Whatever you do, keep in mind that building codes vary between cities, states and countries, and climactic demands also impact what degree of finish your shelter may require. In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois).
If you are in the market for a new home, regardless of whether you plan to buy or build, it is definitely worthwhile and educational to research steel storage container homes.
Furthermore, homes built from storage containers do not require intricate foundations as do traditional homes. Additionally, steel containers can be transported very quickly with minimal cost or risk of damage. Architects just simply have to design the home with large prefabricated rooms as the template.
In the second, he gives a brief tour of the interior and explains some of the passive and other sustainable strategies going into the design. As time goes by, more advances and customization options are sure to unfold in this new and unique housing market.

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