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If you are having trouble placing your order on our website, please feel free to place a telephone order.
The high tensile hot dipped galvanised steel is tough and very durable when given three coats of paint before leaving the factory.
A single door provides good access, and there's no stooping inside due to the generous headroom. The Total price of your Canberra metal garden shed appears at the foot of this page and changes as you select your options.
Foundation floor kit price(s) includes metal battens (illustrated) that are assembled to construct a frame. Timber floor kit price includes a fully pressure impregnated wooden floor (illustrated) consisting of pre-cut boards and battens. The Hilti Hammerscrew (for concrete or flagstone bases) is a ready to use, quick set impact fastener with high expansion.
We can arrange to have your Building, Metal Foundation Kit, Timber Floor Kit and Accessories installed on site for you.4 Installation Options are listed below.
This option also INCLUDES the installation of one single or corner shelf (select shelves below). Please tick the left box if you require additional accessories (e,g, double shelves) installed in your building during installation.

Please note, due to licensing restrictions Canberra Sheds are actuality branded TRECO by the manufacturer, which can be identified from a specific source, Oldfields, a public company based in Sydney, Australia.
There is no safe, coherent way to join two of these buildings to create one of greater depth.
Should you wish to contact us further or to place an order, please call us on 0121 355 7701. A firm stable hardstanding is always best for a metal shed as most don't come with a floor The shed will need to be secured to the floor.
You state that the Canberra metal pent roof shed will be supplied with a cut down panel to accommodate a window kit. 1st Choice Leisure Buildings is Proud to be a Family Business established in 1979 ---------- Sutton Green Display Site MANNED Every day except Tuesday.BUT Open All Week. You are using an obsolete browserthat will not display this site correctly.Please update to a modern browserlike Chrome, Firefox, IE11, or Edge. The garden centreA is visible from A3044 main road between Staines and Colnbrook just along from Heathrow Terminal Five.
The Canberra 5x8 Metal Lean To Shed is tall and slim with a reversible door and roof, so it's flexible enough to fit into most compact spaces. The installation of one single or corner shelf is included in the above installation options.

Would the construction of the shed allow for me to join 2 together with some sort of brace and beam in the mid length or does the design mean that the shed would fall down if I tried this? The joining of two individual sheds is expressly discouraged on account of the implications that such non-manufacturer approved modifications would have for both user safety and the products’ warranties. You can either construct a concrete, slabs or cement base or use a Metal Foundation Kit (which you can then flood with concrete or board over. Please contact us now if delivery time is critical.Any problems relating to the product must be reported within 7 days from receipt of delivery. We are pleased to advise that the floor boards supplied will be 125mm x 16mm Tongue & Grove, treated in a wax and water-based preservative which is a better quality floorboard. Can be removed with a cross recess srewdriver.To add this accessory to your order please tick the check box top left.

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